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6 days ago

Pack it in, pack it out- including dog poop bags. Follow fire restrictions- no fires if there is a ban. Hard trip but peaceful destination.

Clean up after yourself, including dog poop bags. Pack it in, pack it out. Put out fires and DON’T have a fire when there are bans! Beautiful but challenging.

It’s a very enjoyable hike providing panoramic views in certain places. Not too rocky and the insect factor has been negligible on the two I’ve done so far. Classic high desert flora with a few short inclines to get the blood pumping. Stay alert for riders in both directions.

Started from the road. 7 miles up to Lake and back. Definitely not for the novice but worth it. Lake is small but beautiful.

17 days ago

We started from the LEDE reservoir end of this trail and after about a mile the trail became very overgrown and nearly impossible to follow. After wandering around in the meadows we finally came across part of the trail that had lots of downed trees laying across it. It might be better from the opposite end, but starting from the LEDE end sucked.

This hike is moderate to difficult. I used hiking poles today for the first time and was SO happy that I did! Some stretches of the trail are very steep and have small rocks that move and there are a few boggy spots to traverse, so the poles were helpful. The lake is gorgeous, but be certain to continue past to the overlook (about 100+ yards more. It is very cold at the lake so bring a warm jacket. Going back down was rough on my knees. Should have worn my brace.

24 days ago

The first part of this trail is relatively easy, but somewhat overgrown. Definitely recommend pants. The last 1/3 or so is more strenuous and has a lot more elevation gain. We were missing our hiking poles on the way back down due to some steep loose sections. Overall a fun, scenic hike with several nice waterfalls and a beautiful lake at the end. It took us just under three hours at an easy pace.

Absolutely amazing scenery. Lake Charles is an amazing alpine lake surrounded by some pretty staggering peaks. The lake was pretty much frozen over, except at the shoreline. Breathtaking (and that's not just the cold).


There was comprehensive coverage of knee deep snow on the ground, starting about two miles below Lake Charles. This made an already hard-to-find trail nearly impossible to follow. So we were pretty much postholing for those two miles (and it took us about three hours each way). If you've got snowshoes, bring em (at least until things warm up). And bring your GPS. That was key.

1 month ago

Great hike with a beautiful ending. One of my favorites. Mt Holy Cross overlooks the lake. Did this hike May 24th and there were still several stretches of knee deep snow, but you can mostly work around them with no trouble. Also, trees are down near the lake so it took a little creativity to get to the actual lake. We didn’t need microspikes or poles.

Redneck Ridge was awesome and not so busy, my few minutes on Boneyard we’re full of moving over for bikers.
I went straight up to the right of Boneyard at the bottom, met up with the road for a bit and then hopped onto the inner trail to the top. Took same trail down and stayed left at “detour” onto ridge. Only 2 runners and 2 bikers passed me on the way down, nice and quiet.

Would love to come back and bike the ridge!!

No watering points so not really a great dog hike.

This trail was really nice! Definitely seems more suited to mountain bikers so if that's your activity of choice, this is a great place to do so! I hiked it and Boneyard has a nice gradual incline with lots of switchbacks. You get some nice views to the east and south/SE but a lot is in the little forest. The parking lot at the bottom is pretty small (maybe 7 cars) and no facilities. I also caught a glimpse of a sign that mentioned something about maybe no parking on street but didn't see exactly what it said. A great little afternoon outing though!

One of my favorite alpine lake in CO. Just beware the iron side trail... trail markers are not maintained and can be very difficult to follow. Bring your GPS!!!

5 months ago

This was a great challenge with a huge payoff!

8 months ago

Great hike, great views from high up. Some snow as you get into the high elevations.

9 months ago

first time backpacking in Colorado. very scenic hike that follows a stream for a good portion. lake was really relaxing and stunning with the snow capped mountain in background.

10 months ago

Beautiful hike but wouldn't consider it hard. Once you start up the road the trailhead will be on your left approx 1/4 mile up the road be vigilant the sign is easy to miss. Abundance of trout in the lake

Awesome hike! Had a yellow belly marmot come right up to me while sitting on a rock overlooking the lake.

Great fishing

Up, up, up to a beautiful lake. Very pleasant hike. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

10 months ago

Not a bad hike. 6.2 miles round trip. Wish I would have had all day to fish and walk to the other lakes up the valley. Lots of brook trout. Nice places to set a tent. Good shelter/coverage of storms come in. First half of the hike is relatively flat, 2nd half a steady climb. Definitely worth the effort!

Great for lunch and a comfortable and beautiful hike.

Loved it! 14 miles total, me and my friend started at 8:30am and had Lunch in Mystic island lake for about 1 hour.... Then we hiked down and we where done at 3:45pm.... Beautiful scenery.... Both lakes beautiful as well...

11 months ago

Great hike, well marked trail. A few backpackers & day hikers. In and out in 7 hours with an hour at Mystic Island Lake. I would rate it as a hard hike. Had a great weather window then a brief hail storm hit while at the top.

One of the best we have been on in this area. Great variety of terrain and great scenery. A bit overgrown in areas, but not too buggy. Nice gravel road to trailhead. Did not see many people.

Really pretty lake with pristine waters . There were so many bugs which detracted from the walk quite a bit for me.

I'm not sure where people found a lake on this trail but there isn't one.. unless there's some unmarked trail that takes you down to a secret lake that's not on this map. No, those 2 bodies of water along the way are not lakes, those are marshes. Anyways, got up to the parking lot around 645am on a Monday and was pleased it was empty. Gorgeous trail that's well maintained, had lots of time to take everything in and explore. Ended up getting almost to the end when I realized the lake was not on this trail and turned around, still went 12.8 miles total so I made it pretty far. Lots of wildflowers right now and it's a nice change to be hiking in mostly covered trail. Looking forward to exploring this area more!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Super beautiful. Honestly one of the nicest trails I've hiked in Colorado. The whole thing is gorgeous.

2 things to note. The trail is only 5.5 miles and is not difficult as stated in the description. It's medium difficultly at worst. There two really pronounced ascents, but the rest is really steady uphill. My comparison is to other trails in the area that are way harder.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Amazing hike and majestic lake!! Take bug spray!! Not hard hike at all!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

This hike is more of an adventure! Moderate Difficulty. Slow and steady will get you to the lake IF you pay special attention to the small signs. If you find yourself on a double track trail? Turn around you missed a sign. This is a single track trail that will bring you to a beautiful alpine lake. Start EARLY because weather will come in the afternoon. Not too many insects are up at the top. No cell service 95% of the way up. Limited cell service at the late near the waterfall. It's a all day adventure few people on the trail. Cheers!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

June 16th -lakes are spectacular, partially covered in ice. The trail in is a bit of a mess- lots of dead and down trees to maneuver around. On upper 1/2 of trail still lots of snow patches that were firm in the morning but softened up quite a bit by afternoon. With the warm weather lately snow seems to be melting quickly and there were patches of snow we used as snowbridges in the morning that were melted by the time we came back through. The runoff is flowing down and covering large sections of the trail and there are a lot of stream crossings.
Be prepared for water, mud, and snow. All that being said, this was still a fantastic hike and well worth it for the views once you get to the lakes!

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