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One of my absolute favorites. Day before Thanksgiving hike with my brother and nephew, a bit icy in some spots but FABULOUS

Good for escaping the noise and commotion of the city, but can have a fair amount of foot traffic. I encountered about twenty people on this Saturday.

A bit of traffic and city noise to contend with, but easily accessible with nice views and opportunities to see wildlife.

Nice views going up the switchbacks, but unfortunately it comes with traffic noise. The synthetic noise pollution doesn't dissipate until you get back into the canyon a ways.

Easy/Moderate trail that is kid friendly!
We had a great afternoon exploring the gulch. It’s busy . Be aware of cyclists as there are lots ! Everyone we met on the trail was super nice and there were lots of pets on their leash .. will definitely come back !

I had the mountain to myself today and it was wonderful. There were a few muddy & icy spots, but overall the trail was in good condition.

off road driving
1 month ago

Drove up to the Notch and hiked down the east side past the crashed Bronco. Good drive also hiked to Taylor Lake.

Great hike with an incredible view at the top. Ice and packed snow in a few spots towards the top. Mostly clear as of 11/17

1 month ago

Popular in town trail shared with mountain bikers resulted with poor quality hiking. Otherwise great trail with views and nice gradual gains.

1 month ago

Moderate ascent with some great views of Durango and the valley to the north on the east side of the loop. Full loop is 6 miles, so it makes for a good 3 hour hike. Also a pet friendly hike. If I do it again, I’ll just do the east side up and back as it offers great views and terrain. The west side is a straight descent through the forest with little to no views.

Great hike to top of Castle Rock with the stunning views. Recent horse and cattle hoof ruts on the lower part and snow/ice near the top. Be careful.

This was a great trail to hike! I’m in town for work, had a day off, and loved spending it on this trail. The trail itself was in good shape, the people I encountered were friendly, and the views were 100% worth the trek. No dogs were on leashes, but they were all amazingly well trained. There were a lot of cyclists, but 95% were polite and careful around us. The one small group that wasn’t was a bit scary as they came around a hair pin turn a little too quickly for me to be able to get out of the way comfortably.

I’d recommend this trail and just suggest you watch the cyclists and the horse poop.

Lovely walk in the woods, gradual steepness. Highly recommend for a 1.5- 2 hour walk or trail run. Shaded so it stayed cool even though the sun was high. Bench at the top to rest and enjoy the scenic views. Can keep going up the colorado trail or turn back after Gudys Rest.

A good trail close to town with fantastic views up the Animas valley. We took the eastern loop which branches often to the right towards viewing places. The view at the top is fabulous. We opted to come back down the same trail as locals on the trail mentioned the western section is steep, rocky, and limited views. Overall a great 6-7 mile hike.

2 months ago

Great hike with awesome views.

Did with baby and dog - challenging but doable.

2 months ago

I took the recommendations below and went counterclockwise which I think was a very good idea. I started early on a Tuesday, and saw just a few people with dogs in the first mile and last mile, but no one on the rest of the trail. The views are spectacular, but beware that the trail is very rocky. Easy to lose your footing if you are not careful. The trail is adequately marked but found it helpful to have the map on my phone as well.

2 months ago

Nice trail! I would definitely do this one again. Just getting used to altitude. It was perfect for that. Lots of people on the trail for a Monday morning.

2 months ago

Great trail! Beautiful views of Durango and hard enough to get your heart going. Only one caveat, there are quit a few cyclists and one has to be careful.

I enjoyed!

The trail is 3 miles from the parking lot to the top. The last .8 miles from the fork is really steep. Beautiful views when you get there.

3 months ago

It was a challenge but it was worth it. Wow it view tho!

Steady climb up but the view at the top is more than worth the effort. Great short hike with lots of brilliant yellow Aspens. RT was ~3.5 hours with plenty of time at the top for lunch and water for hiking companion, Daisy the Wonder Dog. Trail is shaded ~75% of the hike. Recommended hike near Durango.

One of the best hikes with a views near Durango.

Spectacular view from the top. Good workout going up the trail.

Nice hike for kids and dogs. Lots of trees and shade.

One of my favorite hikes in the Durango area. We did it today and were thrilled to see very little fire damage. You’ll work to get to the top but the views are well worth the effort.

I do enjoy a nice loop with a view. If I were to go again I would probably stay right once I got to the main trail as it is pretty steep for about a mile and a half. You get to the top at about 2 miles and it is a little over 3 down. If you stay right it is easier going uphill then the downhill will be steeper but quicker. It can be quite rocky on the trail but it isnt the whole trail and it didnt ruin the hike for me. I gave it four stars because there are definitely better hikes around with better views but it was a great morning hike, and not having to drive an hour to get to it is definitely a plus.

Trail is open as of 09/01/18. Great hike! Easy to navigate. Great views! Took us a little over 3 hours from start to finish including stopping for photos.

Great area and we were the only one on the trail on a Sunday. I didn't even know that was possible for the Durango area. There are a few delta's the trail is very poorly marked so your going to get off path due to all the alternate paths made by the cows. The other thing is where there are many cows blazing trails there is a huge amount of bullshi* all over the paths. The views and lack of traffic made it all worth it however. I don't know that I would rate it as hard maybe a moderate my 12 year old and Jack Russel made it easily.

The app says it is a loop but there are so many forks in the road we ended up just wandering through the woods and not getting anywhere. There are no signs to indicate which path the "loop" is on. It was still a nice hike but definitely better ones around.

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