Very very nice trail. Great condition and a very comfortable hike. Went out just past 6 miles and it was all great. Amazing panoramic views once u get at elevation. Mix of aspens and pines were spectacular in spring. I save the 5 rating for Grand Canyon, Bryce, etc.

on Ryman Trail

washed out
18 days ago

Nice hike, trails washed out on lower creek trail #732 about 3.1 miles in, but nice for a in and out 6 miles hike. Recommend parking in large field across from the highway, then climbing up south side of the hill and walk along the top edge of the cliff until you see a dirt road. Climb over the wire fence and follow the dirt road about 0.25 miles until you get to the trail marker. Well marked after that.

1 month ago

We really enjoyed the hike. We didn’t do the loop but rather went out and back along the same trail. Things were just starting to green up and blossom, no snow. This was a very easy trail through the forest, more like a nice walk than actual hiking. The rock overhang was really cool! Lots of bikers in the trail.

Went over to hike this trail this morning. However, the access road is closed. So, I hiked the boggy draw trail instead. A local person I saw in the parking lot told me that there is an alternative trailhead for the McPhee trail at the very West end of Dolores near the cemetery. Will give that a try another day.

8 months ago

This was a beautiful trail in late September with the fall foliage in full splendor. Not a difficult hike - most of it is pretty flat - but the view of the reservoir is breathtaking! And the cliffs come around a blind corner so for me it was a total surprise. You can stand on the cliff and look over the basin. It’s more like 15 miles total if you start at the trailhead parking lot, and if you go clockwise the last mile is steep and pretty tough on tired legs. I definitely needed my trail map gps to keep me on track since there are so many branches off this trail and it’s easy to go the wrong way. Definitely one of my favorite hikes so far in this area

We did the Calico trail up from the parking lot, to Priest Gulch cut off, to Priest Gulch to make a loop, counter clockwise. All Trails recorded it at 4.6 miles. Calico trail is steep and rocky for first 1.5 miles or so. Then it levels off before you make steep descent into Priest Gulch. After cross Creek pretty easy trail for last mile. Pretty hike, wild flowers still out and a few meadows that are beautiful.

off trail
over grown
washed out
9 months ago

We started out on the right side of the loop trail at the bifurcation. It was a pleasant hike though the trail is not heavily used and sometimes difficult to see. We managed the vertical as the traction was good. We relied on the download to tell us we were off trail once here. When we arrived at a trail junction there was a sign that was unhelpful. “Lower Ryman trail” without any arrows or indication what the other trail was. Our download misled us indicating the expected left turn was higher up. We scrambled up another 200 ft vertical until we concluded we had missed our turn. The GPS was not consistent. Once we returned to the junction and headed down there was no longer any ambiguity. This was a slow difficult descent at the steep parts due to the washed out trail with loose rock and no switch backs until near the end. Our difficulties were, no doubt, compounded by arrival from sea level 38 hours prior making uphills at 10000 feet challenging in spite of being in good physical condition.

over grown
9 months ago

Completed on Aug.20, did loop in clockwise direction , well marked and difficult almost until you reach junction at the top,than you will need a good app and map to make sure you are heading right direction,trail is overgrown with bushes and not visible at times,our two Weims helped us to stay on the trail,..not a many views,..if you are looking for space this might be a hike for you.

10 months ago

Hiked up from the trailhead on the road to Dunton to the second meadow at the top of the mesa, totaling an elevation gain of roughly 1,600 ft. The vegetation around the trail is overgrown in some stretches and the trail may become almost invisible. Watch out for the cow herd that might be hanging out at the first meadow you encounter.

11 months ago

I decided to try this trail and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the trail was. There was quite a few people hiking and biking.

this Trail has a shorter Loop version. We hiked up the ridge overlooking the Highway. And then up into an Alpine Meadow. at about the two point 4 Mile Market, there is the cutoff trail that went back down to the valley and to the priest River Valley Trail. There is a large down log the crosses the creek just above where the traditional Crossing happens. the total distance was right around 4.5 miles.

Great elevated views of the lake, challenging workout, lightly trafficked. Better than the monotonous, nearby Boggy Draw trail system. Don’t know why it doesn’t get more love on AllTrails. Could go past 7 miles, but I turned back.

I’m trying to understand the 351 feet of elevation indicated. It’s closer to 2400 feet of gain to spring.

I feel like i would enjoy this more during summer months. The remaining snow from winter is blanketed across the top 6 miles of the trail and it makes what would be a hard trail more severe. Still very beautiful and peaceful. Maybe i’ll try again in the fall.

17 miles roundtrip from my campsite at priest gulch campground. I did it clockwise. I did this in a day with a 40lb pack as a shakedown hike for an upcoming trip. This was pretty tough to do in a day with 40lbs but would have been more enjoyable with a daypack or It would make a good overnight trip. I was here in September and there was water about the first 3 miles then everything was dried up. First half of the trail is mostly wooded and uphill. Second half is mostly meadows with views of the mountains near telluride I think, downhill, and a lot of cows. I saw a few deer, pheasant, and three bears. Trail was in good condition and I saw one other day hiker, a group of backpackers, and a group of guys on dirt bikes.

not near canine, off of the West fork of the Dolores road.

Beautiful trail with great views.

Mon Sep 04 2017

To access the trailhead go to mile marker 42.7 om hiway 145, about 3 miles south of Rico. On the east side of the road is a nondescript dirt road entry. Go 0.2 miles up the road to an obvious wood trail marker for "Ryman Creek Tr #735". The first mile of this loop trail is quite pleasant and has a vertical rise of about 300'. It ascends through a beautiful valley adjacent to the creek. At one mile in you'll come to a trail bifurcation for either Upper Ryman trail or Lower Ryman trail #734. We chose Upper Ryman trail as we wanted to do the "climbing" part of the hike first. Well, we were not disappointed!! For the next 3 miles it's nothing but up on a severely eroded trail that lacks switch backs and flat goes straight up the mountain. The 3 mile grunt had us topping out with another 1,500' vertical. However, what a beautiful hike through coniferous and Aspen forest. We knew we had topped out when we came upon another wooden sign saying " Lower Ryman Trail 734". It was very confusing what trail the sign was referencing as the Upper Ryman trail, which is well worn, continued on past the sign steadily gaining more altitude. We were using the AllTrails app on our iPhone and it pointed us down the hill BEHIND the sign, even though there is no distinct trail here unlike the Upper Ryman trail. We saw several rock cairns down the hill so we took the apps advice and headed down the hill. As we made our way down the hill the lower Ryman trail occasionally appeared, so we kept on tract with the AllTrails app. The next 2 miles of descent were basically bushwhacking since the trail was severely overgrown with flora, a testament to the very wet spring and summer in this area. We were fortunate in that several horse back riders had been through the area and had trampled down the vegetation and had left horse poop "cairns" to mark the path. The forest and vegetation were very thick towards the lower part of the trail near the creek so it was slow going but manageable. After the 2 miles of bushwhacking the trails finally emerged and we were headed back to the trail bifurcation. This is a difficult hike but very worth it. We saw absolutely no one else the whole time we were out there, unlike in Durango where we had to share the trails with multitudes of other hikers, loose dogs, and mountain bikers! Alltrails app was awesome in keeping us on the trail and kept us from getting lost! Highly recommend it! In that vein if you decide to do the Lower Ryman trail first the AllTrails app will be instrumental in guiding you the the junction with the Upper Ryman trail. We hiked for 5 hours for 8.1 mile round trip on this beautiful, secluded loop trail with about 1,850' of total vertical gain. Don't miss it, you will really enjoy it. Cheers.

Trailhead is across the road from Priest gulch campground

mountain biking
Sat May 18 2013

This is my favorite loop at Boggy Draw. It has a few mildly technical spots, but mostly fast and twisty singletrack through the forest.

This trail is not near Bayfield it is near Rico!

8 days ago

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