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Amazing trail! I really enjoyed it. It definitely is a challenge and very steep but it’s not miserable coming down! I highly recommend!

This was pretty strenuous for me compared to most non-14er Colorado hikes. The final stretch up the Fancy Pass side can take it out of you, but what a reward at the top. Definitely pair it with the Missouri Lakes trail to make the 8 mile loop. You get to walk along side beautiful lakes for 2 miles and it’s not harder at all on that side, just a bit longer.

Warning: Part of the powerline that follows the trail unhooked and fell crossing the trail. I didn't see any exposed wires, but I wasn't keen to find out if it was active or not. Easy enough to step over.

Great hike with amazing views!

One of my favorites. This hike has it all. It’s a good workout with steady incline in beginning and end. Lots of wildflowers, trees, meadows, water and views. My GPS said 7 miles. Ends up above tree line. Get there early if you want to avoid people, even on a Tuesday.

8 hours ago

Fun first hike for this family from Michigan.

9 hours ago

This is a really nice moderate hike. I completed it in about 4 hours with lots of stops and a long break at the top. There is a steady incline at the beginning and very end that can be tough. Hiking poles are recommended. There are lots of people (parking hard to get), but everyone was friendly and I didn't find it a nuisance or like I wasn't in the wilderness. the views at the top are spectacular! This hike is good if your looking for a bit of a liner hike with great views. The wildflowers are in full bloom, and conditions great. Highly recommend and a new favorite!

Great trail! Worth it to find the wildflowers and waterfall.

After 3 miles of off roading you arrive at a very clearly marked no trespassing, iron gate with 24 hour sercurity camera. Directions are way off.

I did this mountain biking. I had never been mountain biking before so this trail was very challenging and overwhelming. This was just because I was inexperienced. I was exhausted at the end but mostly because I was working hard and was also scared. Saw some experienced bikers pass us having a blast through the trail. Had some great views of the mountains.

First 14er I ever did. Trail was easy to follow, lots of other hikers going up that day. Had to stop often to catch my breath.

did this hike last weekend and was surprised how really beautiful it was!! wildflowers for days and gorgeous views at every turn. The top (3rd) lake is the prettiest and not as many people. Took my Rav 4 up the 4WD road to the trail head....not too bad. :)

13 hours ago

This trail, while hard, was one of the most rewarding ones once you got to the top. I believe for backpackers this trail should be rated hard. The trail itself is pretty easily marked and stays really busy, so if you start to get lost, you’ll run into someone that can help you. I would recommend parking and hiking the road to the trail head (it saved some distance). However you will miss some of the smaller ponds by doing so. If you want to go to the upper lake hug the trail to the left and don’t cross the river once you get to the lower lake. Going the four upper lakes is beautiful if you stay on the trail you will miss most the waterfalls as well as the river. Overall a fantastic trail and would recommend to anyone up for the challenge!

We don’t know as went with our dog, since it says dog friendly on All Trails and it’s not. It’s posted that no dogs are allowed.

Couldn’t actually find the trail. The trail head was easy to find but the only trail we found was the Sallie Barber mine trail. Also a nice hike but not what we were looking for so that was frustrating.

Hiked the trail this morning. The wildflowers are spectacular. The only thing that detracts from this hike is the view of I-70 and the Eisenhower Tunnel on the way back.

Easy to find, actually found it by accident. It’s really a dirt road leading up to an old mine. The mine was interesting and we actually took the Trail of Tears back towards the start. Good for families and dogs. The area around the hike is pretty wooded so the views are somewhat obstructed.

14 hours ago

Gorgeous wild flowers, good steady incline. Mix of shaded areas and open, sweeping views. Very dog friendly. A must do!

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14 hours ago

This trail is an easy hike with a very gradual incline. It's mostly shaded with a few flowery meadows along the way. There are some great spots by the river for photography and bird watching!

15 hours ago

Fun and easy. Very cool waterfall. Great views!

16 hours ago

most beautiful backpacking trip ive ever done. would do it again. spend an extra day at lake como, its worth it just soaking in its beauty.

Hmm... all trails is off!!
1. It’s 10.53 miles
2. It’s not hard, more moderate. If you’re out of shape, then it’ll probably be a little hard.

18 hours ago

Very awesome trail, but, as others have said, also extremely challenging. This is not a trail for beginners!! It took me, an acclimated & active 21 year old, two hours of pretty intense climbing to get to the top. The view is absolutely worth it! There were parts where I had to slide down on my butt when descending. It gets very slick in some spots, so I highly suggest hiking poles! There were also parts where I had to carry my dog up/down due to the steepness. As always, watch for bears & mountain lions! A fellow hiker told us he was about 20 yards away from a massive black bear on the trail the same time we were there. It’s really easy to get off trail, too. Keep left & look for blue/brown marks for reassurance. There aren’t many marks, but there were enough for us to know we were still on the trail.

19 hours ago

Really beautiful! I thought it was a tough hike up to the 2 lakes. Really worth the effort to get to upper Mohawk. We rushed to stay ahead of weather. Wish we had more time. Definitely go early...before 7.

For everyone looking at Stephen Fisher's review, He did not actually do the Palmer Loop. He got lost and went up High Drive, which is a dirt road. If he had paid attention to the signs, maybe done a little research he would have enjoyed his experience and actually hiked the Palmer Loop. Its unfortunate when people get lost and can't write a proper review, but look at all the others under his and you'll see that is a great 5+ mile hike/walk. Great scenery throughout the ascent and at the top.

Beautiful! My fiancé and our 3 children hiked to the ridge line at about 13,200 in the early afternoon and turned around...the hike is wonderfully scenic, without a ton of traffic.

They have done some major work on the road to Capitol Creek Trailhead. I saw a Prius at the trailhead yesterday. We have a truck with good clearance and 4 wheel low and we were able to continue 1.2 miles past Capital Creek to the Hell Roaring Trailhead. I WOULD NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITHOUT 4 WHEEL LOW AND SOME SERIOUS TIRES! It has some incredibly steep grades and without the right gearing you could get stuck and have to back down a terrible situation. The trail to Williams lake is great and the round trip from the Hell Roaring Trailhead is 4.5 miles. When you reach the lake go left and you can get to a big rock and the deepest part of the lake. Lake is shallow and temperature is reasonable we will be back with swimsuit later.

It was 90f today so a shaded walk was ideal. Found it the top end of moderate but perhaps it was the heat! Well worth getting to the bridge/river where we had a pleasant lunch and snooze..

Amazing hike!

Definitely a workout (step-style over rocks and roots in the canyon), but worth the views! Also quite easy (once you’re up there) to shoot over to Bear Peak. A lot of sun on the meadow trail area until the ascent, which is shaded for most of the canyon until the switchbacks leading up to the crest splitting the trail between South Boulder Peak and Bear Peak. Had to push myself a bit, but loved the vistas! Best to do on a weekday. I can see how it may get crowded. Barely anyone around today (Monday).

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