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Very nice trail, very easy, beautiful. A little steep at first but then real easy. I would do this trail again.

The hike from Crags to Devils Playground is a great one. From Devil's Playground to the summit is just average. You spend a decent amount of time next to the road, which is a negative. I was a little worried because some people mentioned losing the trail. I found it to be really well marked and did not have any trouble. I was looking forward to the donuts at the top, but all they have are plain- yuck!

Great one to bring out-of-towners on. Has good shade for most of it to help you on a hot day with reasonable elevation gains. And the view at the top is fantastic.

Amazing 360 views from the top. Beautiful trail with a steep incline, levels out then another incline.

great trail, inclines a bit rough but overall not too bad. view is awesome at the top, not too much rock scrambling

Great hike - like most people my biggest complaint is that you hike a significant distance next to the toll road. Dealing with traffic while hiking a 14er takes a little bit away from the "nature" experience. Still an enjoyable all day hike that should be taken seriously. A few things to keep in mind - other than an hour or so in the beginning you're exposed throughout and the final stretch going up requires scrambling a boulder field. I passed a few people who were visibly struggling. Just watch for the carrions and take breaks if you need to. You're almost there. Also, as others have mentioned - my round-trip mileage was just over 16 miles. On the other hand - I started later than was advisable and hiked it with my dog so if you have the physical abilities and are prepared it's an easy 14er to scratch off your list. If you have time - I did the Incline the day before which was a fun warm up.

This one is all about the views at the end, a worthwhile reward for (what feels like) a lot of up and down along the way. Know that you absolutely must scramble up the rocks at the top to get the full experience - we brought our toddler in a carrier and it wasn't an issue to climb up with an extra person to lend a supporting hand. I think I might have convinced my parents to make the move to Colorado after this one :) On a Monday morning, the trail was plenty empty - we only encountered two other groups along the way. Enjoy!

We hiked on 7/1 it was a gorgeous day! No afternoon thunderstorms, which worked out well considering we were not the most experienced with such long hikes (we are from Nebraska and this was our first 14er) and we wanted to really take our time and not feel rushed to get back down. Hands down the toughest part is from the tree line to the top of the ridge (3/4ish miles). For someone looking to do a 14er for the first time I would say as long as you pace yourself, stay hydrated and take frequent breaks...this one is definitely doable! And the views...AMAZING!

Perfect day for a perfect hike. I’m a 40+ year old from the “flatlands” of Nebraska and I am in OK shape, so most people should be able to complete this trail. The AllTrails app is excellent! I would suggest good shoes with aggressive tread to prevent slipping on the rocks/gravel. A hydration pack comes in handy - I went 3 16.9 oz bottles of water in the way up and 2 more purchase at Pike Peak on the way down. Once to Devil’s Playground, I went ahead and took the free shuttle to Pike’s Peak (instead of walking beside the road) - since I had already experienced the most scenic views (my opinion) - except from the top. I was amazed to look back down at the trail/valley and see the elevation gain over the rock formations that seemed so gigantic at the start of the trail! I will definitely be completing this hike again.

A good challenge but nothing too intense - the perfect balance. Stunning views at the top! We took family here that lives at sea level and it was the perfect hike for them to start with
- nice and steady. Definitely bring a jacket for the top, it’s quite brisk!

We came hiking here with two five year olds and two out of towners not fully adjusted to elevation. Hike was a lot in the first bit of the trail but we made it up in a little more than an hour with down in close to 45 mins. Very doable for all types of hikers.

We hike on 18-0705. We started at 7am from Crag’s TH and summited at 12:50pm, with roughly an hour of stops spread out along the way.

Starting at Crag’s TH to Devil’s playground and to the summit, without getting lost, AllTrails & Strava both recorded this trail at 7.3 miles, one way. (Maybe they’ve altered the trail a bit for rehabitation.) The trail begins with a medium climb for the first mile or so. Once you get to 11,200 (+/-) the climb becomes more strenuous and stays that way until 12,900, a mile or so before Mile 16 parking lot. From the parking lot the trail has some climb but is mostly very enjoyable as it follows, somewhat, the road. Then, once you reach the boulders the last mile plus is straight up, about 800’ +/-. Overall, a great hike for the novice to experienced, but not for a beginner.

Went up 26 May 18. no need for spikes. beautiful views on your way to the tree line, just don't forget to look behind you from time to time. took 7 hours total with a 45 minute stop at the top. last 600 feet is all boulder climbing.

Just had an impromptu hike while driving to Cripple Creek. Was easy and fun for 5 year old and 6.5 year old boys.

15 days ago

Nice trail, only downside is that it merges with and runs alongside the road as it approaches the summit. We were surprised at the distance remaining once we got to the shuttle stop at Devil’s Playground.

A great July 4th hike up America’s Mountain!

This was such an amazing hike!! Tough in the end but the views are off the carts of Pikes Peak, Catamount Lake and a 360 view of teller county!! Amazing

I would say a little more difficult than moderate although we added on the 5.5 mile hike to the summit of pikes peak which was the most difficult part.
The top of this stretch was quite steep but had breathtaking views throughout and at the top. Go slow and steady and you’ll make it up pretty quickly.

Should be listed as an Easy trail. my 6 year old had no problem with it. Great for the family.

Don't listen to people that say this isn't 6.3 miles one way, and that it varies widely. I hiked it today and my Garmin said it was about 6.7. I think these people get lost. My main piece of advice: FOLLOW THE STONE "CAIRNS". Once you clear the tree line you'll start to see them and they will be a life saver on the final summit - especially if you get caught in dense fog like I did. Very beautiful hike if you're lucky to catch some rising clouds.

PS: It took me and a buddy 5 hours exactly to summit. The weather was so bad we took the shuttle down to the Devil's Playground stop and finished the hike from there. All in all, it took us 7 hours and 48 minutes.

WARNING: There are a bunch of fallen trees that block the trail on the way down about 30 minutes into the tree line. We got lost! Thankfully we knew how to use GPS/compass. Be aware.

Fantastic, strenuous hike to the summit of Pikes Peak. Bring a jacket. It may be hot in Colorado Springs but it was down in the 50s above the tree line. There are two steep sections: one is about halfway right before Devil’s Playground and the second is a rock scramble to the peak. The rock scramble is very challenging. Consider taking the road back or a shuttle from the summit to the devil’s playground.

Definitely much harder than moderate

Make note: this trail isn’t 6.3 miles one way. I clocked in at about 8 miles one way and I didn’t even get to summit due to bad weather. I was about 700 ft from the summit when it started snowing and hailing. I also heard several other talk about the trail being longer than what is stated on AllTrails. Very beautiful hike, regardless! Will attempt again soon.

Super easy trail if you’re a regular hiker and used to elevation (around 9k feet). My only complaint is apparently a lot of people bring their dogs up here and don’t clean up after them.

Amazing trail! Totally underestimated the beginning though it kicks butt. Fortunately the steep incline really one lasted about three quarters of the first mile after that it mellows out some. It does have lots of small loose gravel so bring something with traction and watch out on the way down. The waterfall itself was gorgeous and you can get up next to it if you’re willing to climb up some. Only took us about an hour and a half to hike there and back by we spent probably an hour around the waterfall taking pictures and exploring.

Wow...you definitely know you’ve accomplished something when you summit America’s Mountain! It’s a great hike but you definitely want to be in decent shape before attempting it. The majority of elevation gain is on the trail through the forest on the way up to Devils Playground. The views and landscape are breathtaking at that point. The trail evens out a bit on the portion that follows the paved road. The boulder field on the push to the summit is a challenge but some very fun climbing! Our hiking crew was my husband and I (we’re in our mid/late 40’s), and 2 of our kids ages 16 and 19. We summited in 4 and 1/2 hours. We grabbed a cold drink, refilled our camel-backs, and the kids enjoyed the donuts at the summit house. This climb is tough but way worth the effort!! (And in my opinion better than the alternative of 24 miles on Barr trail).

Hiked this trail yesterday, the short version is that it’s a challenging but extremely rewarding hike. It’s important to keep in mind that this trail is especially hard on ones knees and ankles, as the trail is at a near constant and increasingly steep incline on the way up and a sharp decline on the way down. The last stretch of the trail before the summit is arguably rock climbing, make sure you physically and mentally prepare yourself for a tough climb. It’s also a good idea to dress in layers, it will likely be colder outside if you start before sunrise and it will most
Definitely be cool and windy as you increase altitude. I started this trail wearing a jacket and gloves and finished in a tank top and shorts, as it was hot by the time I got below the treeline on my down. Be sure you are in good physical shape before you hike this trail, and enjoy the view!

This a great hike with amazing views at the top! There are some steep inclines at various points, so it will get your heart rate up. About half the trail is shaded and half not. We went on a Saturday and we only saw about 20 people total and the parking lot had spots open. Easy to get to and the trail was well marked the whole way.

Did this with two other relatively fit folks. We added 3 miles to our trip because the initial 4x4 road was closed for tree spraying. With the extra distance, took about 6 hours to get to the top. The way up has some steep sections, but is moderate most of the way. Beautiful, green trail and we only saw a random bank of snow here and there towards the top.

Very weird to only see 6 people on the trail and then summit and see hundreds of people milling around the observation deck and gift shop. However, we gave in and got a donut at the gift shop and it was amazing. Probably the hardest part is the way back down as the trail is 50/50 rock and dirt and landing on rock while descending is rough on the knees.

Final thoughts: VERY pretty views, bring sunscreen, refill your water at the top, eat a donut, bring poles for the way down, enjoy!

1 month ago

Great trail! We took it slow and enjoyed the views of Pike's Peak! We had lunch in a meadow. We didn't see a soul on the trail. It was nice and peaceful. Lots of wildlife. We saw elf, squirrel, chipmunks, and several different birds. The Ranch was really cool!

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