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Make note: this trail isn’t 6.3 miles one way. I clocked in at about 8 miles one way and I didn’t even get to summit due to bad weather. I was about 700 ft from the summit when it started snowing and hailing. I also heard several other talk about the trail being longer than what is stated on AllTrails. Very beautiful hike, regardless! Will attempt again soon.

was a beautiful hike. lots of wild flowers along the way and the view at the top was awesome! well worth it..

Super easy trail if you’re a regular hiker and used to elevation (around 9k feet). My only complaint is apparently a lot of people bring their dogs up here and don’t clean up after them.

Amazing trail! Totally underestimated the beginning though it kicks butt. Fortunately the steep incline really one lasted about three quarters of the first mile after that it mellows out some. It does have lots of small loose gravel so bring something with traction and watch out on the way down. The waterfall itself was gorgeous and you can get up next to it if you’re willing to climb up some. Only took us about an hour and a half to hike there and back by we spent probably an hour around the waterfall taking pictures and exploring.

5 days ago

Great little hike for great views!

Elder-Fehn including loop is 6.5 miles. App is wrong!! Views in first 1 1/2 miles. After that it’s
trees. Well maintained. Good signage.

7 days ago

I love this trail. I used to hike the Crags often in middle/high school (2002-2007 ish) and this was the first time I've been back since. I was very surprised to see how much the trailheads have changed - nothing like what I remember. This led me to make the mistake of starting out at the Crags/Devils Playground trailhead - don't do that. The first quarter mile is suuuuuper steep. Instead, keep driving past that trailhead til the road dead ends - this is the trailhead you want. Unless you enjoy the steepness - in that case, you do you. Once I met up with the original Crags trail, it was exactly as I remembered. Amazing the whole way with the finale at the top. I clocked 7.1 miles on my fitness tracker on my phone but we did explore off trail quite a bit. It was a Wednesday so we only saw about four other people the entire time. Enjoy!!

Wow...you definitely know you’ve accomplished something when you summit America’s Mountain! It’s a great hike but you definitely want to be in decent shape before attempting it. The majority of elevation gain is on the trail through the forest on the way up to Devils Playground. The views and landscape are breathtaking at that point. The trail evens out a bit on the portion that follows the paved road. The boulder field on the push to the summit is a challenge but some very fun climbing! Our hiking crew was my husband and I (we’re in our mid/late 40’s), and 2 of our kids ages 16 and 19. We summited in 4 and 1/2 hours. We grabbed a cold drink, refilled our camel-backs, and the kids enjoyed the donuts at the summit house. This climb is tough but way worth the effort!! (And in my opinion better than the alternative of 24 miles on Barr trail).

Hiked this trail yesterday, the short version is that it’s a challenging but extremely rewarding hike. It’s important to keep in mind that this trail is especially hard on ones knees and ankles, as the trail is at a near constant and increasingly steep incline on the way up and a sharp decline on the way down. The last stretch of the trail before the summit is arguably rock climbing, make sure you physically and mentally prepare yourself for a tough climb. It’s also a good idea to dress in layers, it will likely be colder outside if you start before sunrise and it will most
Definitely be cool and windy as you increase altitude. I started this trail wearing a jacket and gloves and finished in a tank top and shorts, as it was hot by the time I got below the treeline on my down. Be sure you are in good physical shape before you hike this trail, and enjoy the view!

on The Crags Trail

8 days ago

Love this trail! Not my first time here. Even though the first section is quite steep, the smells of the pine forest are rejuvenating! Our FitBits gave us 6 miles round trip but maybe we wandered around a bit...

This a great hike with amazing views at the top! There are some steep inclines at various points, so it will get your heart rate up. About half the trail is shaded and half not. We went on a Saturday and we only saw about 20 people total and the parking lot had spots open. Easy to get to and the trail was well marked the whole way.

mountain biking
8 days ago

I really like this trail system for a quick bike ride. Scenic, not populated, close to home and several options to jazz up the ride.

Did this with two other relatively fit folks. We added 3 miles to our trip because the initial 4x4 road was closed for tree spraying. With the extra distance, took about 6 hours to get to the top. The way up has some steep sections, but is moderate most of the way. Beautiful, green trail and we only saw a random bank of snow here and there towards the top.

Very weird to only see 6 people on the trail and then summit and see hundreds of people milling around the observation deck and gift shop. However, we gave in and got a donut at the gift shop and it was amazing. Probably the hardest part is the way back down as the trail is 50/50 rock and dirt and landing on rock while descending is rough on the knees.

Final thoughts: VERY pretty views, bring sunscreen, refill your water at the top, eat a donut, bring poles for the way down, enjoy!

9 days ago

Great trail! We took it slow and enjoyed the views of Pike's Peak! We had lunch in a meadow. We didn't see a soul on the trail. It was nice and peaceful. Lots of wildlife. We saw elf, squirrel, chipmunks, and several different birds. The Ranch was really cool!

This one is tough for hikers not from the area. We are from no elevation and definitely experienced some altitude sickness combined with exhaustion. Took us 6hrs/45 mins to the top of Pike's Peak and we had to get a ride back down. I think the average is only 4 hours so we may have just been ill prepared. Luckily our friends were able to get a ride back to the bottom of Devil's Playground and then hike back to our car to then drive back up and pick us up. We were too exhausted to make it back down ourselves.

Also beware the you are not getting the trail reviews mixed up. We thought this was just the 8.5 mile hike that's titled "Devil's Playground from the Crags". Nope! Definitely 12.5 miles. There is rock climbing for the last 1000 feet or so but nothing too bad. They are big boulders that you climb on top of until you reach the summit. In retrospect I would have done an easier one first, especially since I'm not accustomed to the altitude. But now that we've done it I am proud we did it. It was the coolest thing we did for sure. Be prepared for high winds and some snow!

Great short-medium length hike with a SPECK-TACK-A-LAR view.
Gain about 800' in elevation over about 2 1/2 miles going up.
Pay attention to the trail at the very top as I had a little trouble catching it coming off.

13 days ago

Beautiful hike, especially prior to sunset provided you can move fast enough to make it back down before the sun gets too low. As noted by others the toughest parts are at beginning and end, and overall this is an easy to moderate trail with fantastic views and photo opportunities.

on The Crags Trail

14 days ago

Loved this hike. So pretty and a fun one for the kids!

I arrived at the trailhead around 0715 on a Sunday and had the parking lot and trail all to myself for more than half of the way! The trail starts with some switchbacks and then levels out more until the last climb to the top. I like how there are some hills throughout the trail so you’re not just going straight uphill the first half and downhill the last half. It makes for a decent leg burn all around. The trail is well marked and wide enough to hike side by side with a partner most of the time. It’s also shaded throughout except a small patch through the meadow. I definitely recommend it!

scenic driving
16 days ago

Just a great hike with really amazing views from the top. I have it clocked closer to 5.8 miles. I would rate it easy/moderate. The elevation is at the beginning and the very end.
Today there were quite a few really slushy areas that at times were a bit difficult to traverse. I would highly recommend poles or light crampons. A lot of people in sneakers that were regretting their decision. Wet feet are not fun.
The road was fine. I appreciated my 8 in clearance but it was not necessary.

Starts alittle steep from the trailhead, but levels out into a great valley.. my 8 year old and I had a blast on this hike.. lots of things to look at and enjoy colorado.

17 days ago

Went on New Year’s Day and would love to return in the summer - only complaint is that it’s too short in my opinion. ;)

Beautiful meandering hike through meadows and pastures. The trail is a bit confusing at times, bit the app helped keep us on track. The view of Pikes Peak is spectacular and the trees are lovely.

Some steep switchbacks at the beginning to be aware if for out of state visitors not used to this elevation. The rest of the trail is pretty flat and ends with a beautiful overlook.

The first half you gain about 2700 feet. Getting to Devils Playground area is a nice stretch before hitting some more elevation at the end. Trail is easy to follow and Cairns are well placed

19 days ago

We hiked this while visiting in Colorado for the weekend. The initial hike up is intense but doable. For someone not acclimated to the altitude it was a bit tough but by pacing myself it was fine. The trail does level out close to a mile for a short distance, then continues up to the falls.

The trails are well marked and easy to identify the turn offs for the alternate trails to Pancake Rock and Horsethief Park. The trail had individuals and groups hiking with dogs and small children but was not crowded.

The entire trail up and back is close to 3 miles and took about an hour and a half. We took one large bottle of water each and that was good for our hike.

Will definitely do this hike again.

Very relaxing and beautiful trail. The last mile is straight up but once you hit the rocks at the summit you just gasp at the spectacular 360 degree views all around. We sat at the summit and ate snacks and watched hawks soaring right below us. Truly beautiful. Well worth the hike up.

GREAT HIKE!! The road to the trailhead is rocky but passable. Drive slowly as it does narrow at spots.

The trail is well marked and the description on the site is accurate. Early and late elevation gain make it challenging. The views are very rewarding! It’s a little slick with loose rock on the way down.

Lots of happy doggos on leash and two people on horseback.

Wife and I just finished the trail today. Great trail. Pretty easy access. Cars typically run slower due to rocks but not a 4x4 trail by any means. Trail itself is a good hike some steep areas at higher elevations. The last mile is pretty much all uphill. Well worth the hike because the views at the top are freakin awesome!

You DON’T need 4W drive to get to the trailhead. My tiny car made it fine the dirt road is pretty well maintained. Hiked this 5/27/18. Almost no snow left at all. The hike to Devil’s Playground is tough gaining all the elevation. From there you’ll cross the toll road and follow the cairns. The last bit of scrambling up the rock to the top of Pikes Peak isn’t bad as long as you follow the cairns. The views before you get to Devils Playground and right around there were my favorite of the hike.

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