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12 hours ago

Today was a perfect day for this 10.7 mile hike around Dome Rock! This was my second time to hike the loop – beginning on the northside and continuing on around Dome Rock to the southside for completion of the hike in four hours and 30 minutes. The creek crossings were more fun this time with water shoes – last time simply had flip-flops! There were less blooming wildflowers on this trip compared to last time – two or three weeks ago I’m sure the valley was bursting with color. Still looking for a Big Horn sheep but again saw none. This is a great training hike in preparation for summeting a 14er. The elevation gain and multiples difficult accents make this a great cardio workout in preparation for low oxygen levels and muscle stamina – all required to comfortably summit a 14er. As stated in my previous post on this hike – I look forward to returning when the aspens are turning – it will be like a new hike!

Very nice trail with good views of mountains and forest. Wide well maintained and marked.

29 days ago

Arrived at the parking area on a Saturday at 0630 and only one other car was there. Hiked the trail clockwise and it took right at 5 hrs and clocked in right at 11 miles. Plenty of creek crossings but water was low so no need to take boots off. I do wish I had brought long pants, you will be hiking through a lot of shrubs. Some of the trails were poorly marked and wasn’t sure what direction. Just pulled out my AllTrails app and made sure I was headed in the right direction. Unfortunately only animals I saw were turkey, woodpeckers and chipmunks. Beautiful hike though!!

2 months ago

Great trail! We took it slow and enjoyed the views of Pike's Peak! We had lunch in a meadow. We didn't see a soul on the trail. It was nice and peaceful. Lots of wildlife. We saw elf, squirrel, chipmunks, and several different birds. The Ranch was really cool!

Great hike, had a lot of fun on this trail. There are parts that are well marked, but once you get to the back end of Werley Ranch, it's easy to follow abandoned trails, which I didn't mind. Took the trail the goes by the ponds first. Last couple of miles in this direction it is an incline the majority of the way. Will hike again going in the opposite direction.

3 months ago

Nice hike, well worn smooth trail with not to much elevation change in it. For those you are not used to those longer trails, be prepared for this trail. It takes time to finish it. Ran into fresh lion and bear tracks on the back side of this trail.

7 months ago

Wonderful views and great hike.

This was a fun trail. It has some good views. The trail itself is in good condition, clearly marked, and never very steep. I saw quite a few mountain lion prints in the snow, but I didn't get to see a cat. If you take the loop clockwise, it can be a little tricky finding the trail when you cross Hay Creek. If you can't find the trail, just walk in the direction of the cabin until you pick up the trail again.

9 months ago

Fantastic hike. I always pack a filter whenever I'm out, so glad to have had it on this hike!

10 months ago

Nicely marked trail this time of the year. If you're going in July when it first opens pay close attention as the trail gets overgrown and it's easy to miss a turn. Bring plenty of water and some snacks. The elevation gain is steep at parts but levels off for awhile.

Quick steep trail with a great view at the top, would suggest it at the end of another trail.

on Cheesman Ranch Trail

10 months ago

Beautiful hike to see the Aspens!

10 months ago

Really nice trail with some awesome views. Of you go at the right time the aspens are gorgeous.

An easy fall hike. Nice views at the out-and-back spurs. Take a photo of the trail map at the trailhead for ease of navigating. Colorado is so beautiful.

11 months ago

Did the loop counter-clockwise and echo the sentiment below about wishing I'd brought a little more water (or a water filter). What a beautiful and varied loop hike though! There are five or six creek crossings that require a removal of your boots, unless you want them to be soaked! Dome Rock wouldn't be out of place in Yosemite. Very striking feature. The aspens were changing color in a lot of places on September 18, not quite turning in others. Overall, a very peaceful and beautiful outing with not too many people on the trail.

11 months ago

Holy crap. Bring enough water to do the entire loop. I've done it previously on horseback...consider myself a pretty experienced hiker.. moderate hike. I went through the canyon first and went counter-clockwise for a bigger challenge. I got it!! Beautiful aspen/rock photos.

11 months ago

Hiked 9/8/2017
First time hiking this from the south trail as a loop. There is a lot of uphill at the start through a beautiful aspen grove eventually flattening out on a ridge before turning into a steep descent into the dome rock canyon area. I spotted an adolescent black bear on the trail close to the dome rock, scared off easy. Starting at the dome there will be at least 5 water crossing, i slipped into flip flops each time but plan on getting wet. My gps had the trail around 9 miles as a loop. Spotted no big horns. Plan on going back in a couple weeks for the aspens.

Beautiful area to hike with some really awesome views. It was easy to get sidetracked on other trails so if you're looking to do this exact trail you have to really follow the map! I got off track but the trail I ended up on was beautiful so I didn't try to get back to the outlook ridge loop. Mueller State Park is awesome and worth the $7 and not being able to bring my dog!

Was tough for this flatlander. I need to acclimate a few more days, try again.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Loved it. Wildflowers were AMAZING. Did anyone see any Big Horn? We didn't.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Gorgeous views! The elevation gain is greater than listed here, but I don't have the stats. It's a must do if you are in the park.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Black Bear Trail is not a loop, it is an out and back trail that can be made into a loop by branching off onto a series of other trails. Specifically you can start on black bear (#13)and then branch off onto homestead trail (#12) and then onto Revenuers Ridge (#1) approximately 2.5 miles total. The hike is easy and wide, with an uphill section about 3/4 of the way in. My 6 year old hiked the whole trail with ease and my 2 year old did most of it on foot as well. A carrying pack should be used to do this trail if hiking with young children as trail 1 is not wide enough for an off road stroller. Super beautiful with lots of flowers and views and changes in terrain! $7 dollar car entry fee too!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

This trail was all and more than expected! With a variety of terrain and level of difficulty- it has something for nearly anyone! The wild flowers were amazing and the stream crossings fun. This hike (the complete loop) is for anyone with good cardio fitness as the south half of the loop is nearly all incline- beautiful, but constant uphill. I arrived at 8am and finished at about 1:30pm with time to stop and photograph and have a quick lunch! I will do this trail again in September when the Aspens turn!

We only took the Lost Pond trail in early July It was short but a bit steep. Not great for young kids (5 and under). The pond was full of wildlife though- snakes, salamanders, and water bugs- fun for the kiddos.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

A casual easy tread thru woods and fields. The Ranch was a nice place to hold out while a rain storm comes thru. Only hikers and rather sparse @ that, one of the reasons I love coming to the Park, you and nature. One of my favorites out of Mueller State Park.

a lot of sun

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/xt1dxR

Monday, May 29, 2017

This trail is challenging, with five points along the trail where the creek runs across the path, sandal shoes are recommended for the first half of the Dome Rock trail loop. The return loop after passing Dome Rock will take you up a series of seven steep incline sections, and then offer a level northwesterly view of Pike's Peak from 10,000'. The return path to trailhead guides you along a birding valley before completing the loop.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A pretty mellow hike, with some great views of Pike's peak along the way. The roadside section wasn't wonderful, but there was still plenty to see. We saw a large hawk, a doe, and plenty of bear scat and tracks. This trail has a lot of potential for short or very long version, as the park is spiderwebbed with trails.

Friday, May 19, 2017

awesome hike but wish I could take the dogs with

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