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The views were amazing! The trail is above tree line, so be prepared for strong winds.

nice side trip after skiing. lots of snow already this time of year and the lake is mostly frozen over. walk out a little ways from the lake to get some good views of the surrounding mountains.

Great for novice hiking with great views!

Hiked this in spikes on 10.21.18. Great workout and spectacular views from the top. A hidden gem that isn’t heavily trafficked in off season.

1 month ago

It's a short hike and I did it in the afternoon shade meaning at that altitude it is freezing. Its ok to check out but don't go out of your way.

trail running
1 month ago

was hoping to trail run this and loop it twice. not quite enough in shape to get the initial uphill at a run. ended up looping the lake three times and running down. That was perfect for my usual 3 mile run.

Nice out and back. Great views

Good trail to take to get acclimated- views are good. Have taken 4 yr old grandson up to have s picnic. Don’t let the short uphill climb keep you from going. It is not too bad

Such cool trails. Amazing views, nothing super technical but good all around. I'll just let the videos speak for themselves.

Deer Creek:


Saints John:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars

Great hike!!!

Spectacular hike for Lake Dillon and Aspen tree views

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail for the views, and the off road challenges. In my side by side the Webster pass road was a lot of fun. Radical hill and Red Cone , not for the faint of heart or un skilled drivers. Had fantastic day and only had time for half the trails in the area will definitely return again and again.

Nice, well maintained trail with some great views near the top. Great for beginners or children.

A couple good lookout points and overall great hike. Went with 5 children (15,13,10, 2 and 6 months old).

Beautiful trail especially the aspen grove. The views of Dillon Lake are unmatched .

Great place to view leaves and the lake. Easy enough to bring kids 6months to 2 years old( in a pack).

nature trips
2 months ago

simple and beautiful!

All above treeline tundra. Pikas, marmots, chipmunks. Cool 50F and no snow yet on September 4. Clear sky. No people on the trail contrary to Sniktau trail.

Gorgeous views without roads or towns.

2 months ago

Like Brian said a few days ago- this hike sucks. Do something else instead ;)

2 months ago

Without wildflowers, this hike is a dud. I'm sure it would be spectacular when in bloom, but in late August, everything was brown. Otherwise, there was nothing interesting to look until we crossed the Divide and ended up at the top of Loveland Ski Area, but that just made me yearn for ski season, nothing more.

The trail is beautiful and easy. When reaching the top it can be quite windy. Stay to the right on the trail the other fork takes you to a service road.

2 months ago

Nice very wooded trail. Beautiful. Definitely not hard. To me hard is lots of up hill. Little to no climb here. You do have to navigate a lot of downed trees, and remember from whence you came.

2 months ago

This is a great trail to see some beautiful views, gorgeous mountain stream, and a turquoise lake. The trail follows an old dirt road and gets decently steep with some loose rocks and gravel, but is easily manageable with some good hiking boots and a steady pace. The area is full of old mines and you can see some remains of the old rail lines and even some entrances to the mines that have since been filled in. To get there you can drive down the dirt road (Peru Creek road, which you can access off of Montezuma road) up to a gate about 5 miles in, which serves as the trailhead. There is a small parking area, but the dirt road is very bumpy and requires you to drive across a couple small streams, so you definitely need some clearance to get out there. This is the same trailhead as the Argentine Pass trail.
As for the trail itself, its basically an incline all the way up to the lake, with a couple long switchbacks. It climbs the wide valley in between several high peaks (choose the Argentine Pass or Gray's peak trail for those) and more or less follows the stream. The lake is at the foot of Gray's Peak, which is a 14er, and the lake sits at just below 13k. The hike is out in the open, with no trees or anything to block the sun or the views. The lake is serene and beautiful, and a great place to stop and rest before turning around for the trip down.
There are several additional trails that shoot off from this main road (the Argentine pass being one of them) and we followed one of them on the left-hand side on our way up that took us to the filled in entrance to one of the mines (Peru mine I believe). However, the trail to the lake stays straight, except for one fork in the road near the top - where it goes to the left, perpendicular to the hillside, and follows the ridge. There is no sign or marker showing this, so at first we guessed incorrectly and stayed right, which continues up the hill. But I could quickly tell this wasn't headed in the right direction and we went back the correct way. The lake sits behind a large bump/hill at the top of the hike, so the trail makes its way around it by skirting the hill to the left. By choosing the right-hand fork you would be headed up and over this extra hill, and I am unsure where the trail would lead you.
Choose this hike for a beautiful day in Colorado!

Awesome hike for those that are getting used to the altitude. The scenery is amazing.

Great afternoon hike. You can cross the creek at one point which takes you farther away from the I-70 that leads up to a few log cabins. 4 year old pit did the hike with ease

We hiked this after a Lake Dillon kayak trip. It was the perfect trail to get a good view of the whole lake and range, as well as impending storms. Wildflowers and awesome views the whole way.

Our family of 5 (parents and kids age 12,13, and 16) hiked this trail our first day in Dillon. We live on the east coast, at sea level, and this was a great hike for us as we acclimated to the altitude. Beautiful scenery and surprisingly great views/ scenic overlooks. I'm not in great shape, and stopped occasionally on the steeper parts of the trail for some water, but this trail was perfect for us!

3 months ago

Delightful moderate hike above the treeline. Outstanding vistas. Last cairn is a throne!

3 months ago

I was blown away by the views of this hike! There’s actually three ponds, if you go out a bit past the first one and the views from there are amazing! It’s super short and there’s not really any hills. Good for families with kids and for those not able to do much hiking but still want to see some crazy good views.

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