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First week of May it was still very cold, windy, and snowy. Couldn’t really find the trail. No restrooms. Stunning views though even just from the beginning of the trail off the road. Was worth the drive and view, but bummed we couldn’t really hike.

Be ready for intense winds and still crossing a few snow fields. The view from the ridge line is beautiful if you can handle the gusts. The parking lot is heavily used by back-country skiers, so get there early if you want a spot. There have also been many recent spring avalanches along Loveland pass, so keep your eyes out while driving as well.

The old reservoir trail has amazing views and a quick 0.8 mile trip uphill. Very easy but the views are wonderful!

I've lived in Frisco for years and never knew about this walk. great place to take guests.

Nice quick trail nearby my house. Good for my small elderly dog. Route options between 2-4 miles, looped, so you can choose to do more or less based on your mood. Steep switchbacks climb to moderate ridge through the trees. Connecting with woods road that heads downhill, back to the main waterfront trail and rec path/parking area. Watch for bikers when you connect back briefly with the rec path.

Conditions 4/25 are very muddy and wet; with some snow still present in shady places. Beware of mud slicks, soft snow and steep edges climbing switchbacks. Thankfully I didn’t fall and make a mess of myself!

1/30/18 Hiked this trail with some friends from the East Coast(I’m local) and we all enjoyed the views. Half of the trail is covered in snow and the other is paved. I’m glad I was recording because at one point the trail split and we went the way where the snow was most packed(assuming it being most traveled), which ended up being wrong. We had to find the trail by cutting across untouched snow which was up to our knees. It was all worth it. Not a lot of people on the trail and got some great photos.

You know how the previous reviews mentioned “don’t sleep on the wind?” Yeah, well, do not! Staggering views from the start that keep getting better. No protection from elements, which only adds to the fun.

Great hike to bring your furry friends along! The views are wonderful, especially from the ridge trail. The gravel road was mostly clear of snow, but once you turn off on the ridge trail, the snow get a little deep. Great views!

great scenery. part of the ridge was closed but there is light trail that works around.

Outstandingly beautiful trail, but seriously gusty/dangerous winds at the summit. I do not recommend hiking it alone, as I needed to hold on to someone to make sure I was not blown over. Microspikes not needed.

trail running
6 months ago

Gorgeous, fun Winter trail run. I wore Kahtoola micro spikes for sure footing. Pretty views on a runnable Winter trail.

We wanted an “easier” trail close to Frisco and we chose this trail. We went up the ridge trail and it was STUNNING. As for easy it would probably be more like easy to moderate because there is some incline and a few rocky areas. We laughed because we were the only hikers without dogs! It took us 2 hours with stops along the way to take in the view. Loved it. But I am easy to please.

6 months ago

Wife and I hiked every inch of it...every overlook and side trail. I would stick to the ridge trail and go out and back rather than getting on the gravel path near the reservoir. Views from ridge trail are great!

off road driving
6 months ago

it so beautiful up there I loved it, it was amazing

We did the wide 3 miles from the trailhead straight out to the reservoir. It was cool, windy and an easy walk. We went mid-morning and there were very few people out there. The views are amazing. Perfect for out-of-towners looking for a good view and an easy hike.

Great views, but make sure you layer up. HEAVY winds and temps below freezing now

7 months ago

Just challenging enough for my skill level and age. Gorgeous scenery

Beautiful views!

7 months ago

Very quiet trail, great views.

Nice easy hike, but not one that stands out as amazing. You get some nice views of the lake. We finished it in a little under 2 hours and that was with stops for pictures and a quick break to relax and enjoy the view of the lake.

Great hike, amazing views looking west over Dillon Reservoir towards Breckenridge. Hiked this with my 81 year old dad.

Nice easy trail hike with some great views of the lake. Trail was easily marked and took us 2 hours to complete. You can hike the trail a lot quicker, but we stayed and took in some of the gorgeous views of the water. You won't be disappointed, enjoy!

8 months ago

Nice spot to get a little fresh air.

8 months ago

Truly a 5 star trail. On a Wednesday afternoon in September, I literally had the entire trail to myself. One thing to note, I clocked it at more like 9 miles than the 7 miles listed.

Incredible views all the way to the top. It was pretty windy though, so it would probably be a good idea to bring some earmuffs.

I really liked this Trail as a resident of Summit County. This is a great Trail to bring a friend who's visiting town and likes to hike.
Take the first right turn after passing the lake to the right. You will be driving Hwy 6 south alongside Lake Dillon Reservoir to the right. Begins at the bike path so beware of bicyclists. Leads to a dirt road to the left and leaves the bike path which curves to the right. Lots of people walking this relatively flat stretch to the water treatment facility and then head back to the parking lot. I walked to the water treatment facility and let my dog play in the water. Then heading back we found the trailhead for and followed along and every .5 'mile there was a little path leading off the main path to various outlooks. This trail has numerous viewpoints and one has a few benches to sit on a view in an inlet on the Reservoir. Eventually the trail opens up to a big meadow where you can either go north and meet the main trail we took to the water treatment facility, or go southeast and about 1.5 miles further until you come out on the west side of the parking lot.

9 months ago

Beautiful and easy trail. Great for bringing out of town family members.

Amazing views! The first .5 mile is pretty steep but it levels out after that. Worth every step.

Bloody boring hike
Alltrails please take this hike down. Paths not as shown on map, but that is not the biggest issue. After 0.5Ml of path you join landfill rd, hike right by the landfill, past the gun range and around the huge power transformer farm. Beyond that the hiking paths have been converted into 4wheel and enduro bike trails, and thus the hiking is boring and peppered by diving into the bushes to avoid getting swiped.
In all the trail is longer than shown, and some of the paths have been abandoned making it difficult to do the loop as shown.
In summary this is probably one of the most boring, ugly hikes i have ever done, and i woul dnot recommend it in summer at all

Beautiful views all around! There were some steep inclines, but nothing too hard to make it.

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