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Denver, Colorado Map
3 days ago

This is a nice paved walk in a local park. Nothing great to see here except for a nice view of a river the path crosses over. Great place for the family.

5 days ago

The best family park!!!!

road biking
6 days ago

I take it to work from Washington Park. Really great way to bike into the city.

This is a beautiful hike around a lake with lots of wildlife in the area (ie rabbits, waterfowl). The scenery is beautiful and it is easy to forget that you are in Denver. Well worth a stop.

Beautiful quick run or walk for your lunch hour if you work close. Only took me an hour to get there, walk the route and get back to work

I have cycled this trail many times. it follows Hampden from Bear Creek Park all the way to Santa Fe. If you ride westbound toward Bear Creek Park past the golf course, there's a lot of uphill. Most of the trail is shaded by trees and there's a nice sitting area by the Mexican hat park. This is an all-around good trail to ride or walk.

10 days ago

I have jogged and ridden this trail many times. just make sure if you ride it, you stay in the bike lane! Otherwise pedestrians will yell at you!

Good for a run in the middle of the city!

Perfection in the city

I wanted to take my two dogs for a walk... this walk ended up being well over an hour maybe even two. Washington Park is large, great location, a beautiful lake and a lot of activities and action going on.

Excellent inner city graveled walk/run option.

27 days ago

I wouldn't say this is a hike by any means as it's all flat. But it's a great walking trail and excellent for strollers and dogs. There's also several playgrounds around the lake so if the kids wanted to get out and play for a bit...it's an option.
Only downsize is already mentioned from other folks, but there's tons of Geese and their droppings, everywhere. Which actually sometimes would make certain spots smell.
But overall....easy walk, great views, fun location.

Awesome park to run in, especially if you are just starting out at higher altitude because its flat! I run by myself so I was happy to see many moms with kids and older women on bikes around the lake, especially for 10 am on a Monday. It looked like park services had cleaned up most of the goose poop but there are geese everywhere throughout the park. And as a minnesotan whose used to running around lakes, it made me a little sad to see such poor water quality, because there is nothing better than jumping in after a hot summer run.

Beautiful park overall, with superb views of the mountains and the Denver downtown skyline, especially at sunset! The major downside, however, is the goose poop...it’s EVERYWHERE!

Good for a jog as well as guaranteeing seeing animals. The abundance of wildlife makes the 1 mile track interesting

Just the facts... If you are concerned for your physical and emotional health - avoid Crown Hill Lake Park.
It is currecntly disgusting and as a visitor for over ten years I don't forsee it improving.

Yes, the sunset views are great but being in the park subjects you sometimes to violent and barking dogs that some pet owners can't or won't control. Only a few pet owners are responsonible for destroying this park by allowing their dogs to pee and poop anywhere.

The sidewalks are now riddled with poop from both dogs and geese and Jefferson County doesn't have the budget or management skills the keep the pathways clear or to penalize the few that ignore the law and park rules. When you consider that hundreds of dogs visit this park routinely, the disrepectful add up. It's not a people park anymore, it's a dog waste park - yesterday I witnessed a man dumping the dog poop he brought from outside the park. Not only do you get poop on your shoes and drop trace amounts into your car and home, you now smell it when walking past every trash can.

Some horse owners contribute too by leaving a mountain of horse pie on the cement walkways. Also, more and more people are smoking marijuana in the park even though there are posted signs prohibiting it. What a violent risk this poses and an overall dissappointment.

1 month ago

Super easy and flat. Great way to stretch your legs in town.

1 month ago

Nice trail around the lake with great city and mountain views. Downsides: disgusting goose poop everywhere and “toxic” algae in lake so no dogs or swimming.

Grew up on this green belt. Will always be a favorite.

Good easy city walk

1 month ago

This lake is beautiful with a ton of activity. Lot of people use the area for a huge variety fo activities so it is quite busy. The path is paved and of course plenty of Geese so great for a family stroll.


Great Trail.

1 month ago

The lakes here are pretty and there are plenty of fowl. The surrounding traffic is quite noisy though and it is hard to escape the feeling of cars being on top of you.

With Boba- no shade but nice paved walkway for miles and miles - directions were unclear so park at a meter and bring water

An easy loop with a near by dog park. Beautiful Mountain View’s especially at sunset.

Nice and easy trail. I had the blessing of a rain cloud above. Temperature was about 70. Great trail!

Great neighborhood walk. The paved portion was perfect for walking with a stroller and the (optional) gravel portion would be great as well for a little stroll. Not too busy on a weekday morning, good amount of shade and benches to rest at. The playground at the end was perfect for my 3 year old.

trail running
2 months ago

It really isn't a "trail" but around the park in the middle of the busy streets and apartments.

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