Perfect for a walk today. Paved trail. Loved walking through the “garden” area as well. Lots of benches to relax and enjoy the view of the reservoir.

Good for a mostly shaded walk. Lots of plants and birds

no shade
3 days ago

Very nice trail. Decently populated, even though I walked it at 7:00am. This is a good one of you need something quick and easy. Would be great for kids.

mountain biking
no shade
4 days ago

Late morning weekday only passed a few people. Not too busy but bring water because ITS HOT.

Made this into a short lollipop loop with the wetland trail. A bit buggy, but enough shade to make this doable on hot days.

Went yesterday at around 11am and it was fairly empty. Great hike!

The best place for a picnic! Very beautiful and not elevated much!

5 days ago

Beautiful trail around the lake with mountain and city views! Though beware of the blackbirds - one bird did 2 dive-bombs on my head! Lol

Really nice little park with a great view. Wish I’d known about this sooner.

no shade
5 days ago

It was a fun walk around the lake, surrounded by lots of trees and flowers. Many walkers, runners, dog walkers and rollerbladers. 05/31/2020 #24

Clean, good city park with loop around lake. Good mountain view and near I-70 There is another lake loop about .5 miles away from this location.

Empty parking structure at Cherry Creek Mall.

5 days ago

I saw horses, birds, critters, and loved it. This trail was light, breezy, and a great loop. Wore sneakers and y’all socks, can be muddy patches if it was raining. Not a lot of shade, would wear a hat.

mountain biking
5 days ago

Personal trail

Not very crowded for a warm Saturday

Always enjoy Green Mountain, but... Only about 5% of users were wearing masks today when passing others, on a Saturday on a very narrow trail. It’s infuriating how few people are following guidelines designed to stop the spread.

bridge out
no shade
off trail
over grown
private property
washed out
6 days ago

I like it

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