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Great people watching location and interesting history behind the park. Decades ago it used to be a cemetery and when they were repurposing the land for park use they weren’t able to find about 1,000 unmarked graves. As you walk on the park soil you are probably stepping over someone’s remains so tread lightly!

Short nice run. I went by the river on my way back and it was so nice and cozy with snow falling.

Great place for a relaxing bike ride

favorite part of my run in the neighborhood. It’s about a mile. Lots of hills near by to add to your run too :)

Nice day to take a walk with the kids.

1 month ago

Trail was open and a pleasant walk. Surrounded by the expanding city but lots of prairie dogs, rabbits, geese, ducks, kingfishers, and many other kinds of birds. Good stroll for little kids.

The dog park is amazing!!!

Cheeseman is a nice area. Lots of people out walking, playing games and walking/playing with their dogs. The large grass field is awesome, and has much less goose poop than City Park.

Best park in town!


3 months ago

This trail is not a hiking or mountain biking trail. It is a city park trail that is mostly paved and well-maintained. Plenty of trees. It is great for bikes and roller blades with some really nice bike lanes separated from the walking lanes. It is a great place to run or walk, to ride bikes within city limits. There are two small lakes (looks like maybe paddle boarding is an option) and a fishing pond. Plenty of grass for volleyball or other activities, and some tennis courts. If you are expecting mountain/hiking this is not what you'll want. But if you want a great area within the city to get some exercise, it is a good choice.

Loved this trail it was 4 miles out and back. There was a nice look out point at the end (2mile mark). The trail was pretty decent, there were a couple of prairie dog holes. Turning trees during the Fall = great colors. We went on a Wednesday morning and the trail was pleasantly unoccupied

Very busy in the afternoon.

I enjoyed the part of the trail from York to Colorado. The portion between Colorado and Summit Grove is densely pack housing, and wasn't as enjoyable. I enjoyed the railroad theme, it was a beautiful day, and not taxing at all.

Nice urban park

4 months ago

Great to walk, jog, or sit in the park by the water.

Great trail for running. Mostly flat and below street level so it stays relatively cool. Lots of bikes and runners on the weekend.

5 months ago

No climbing here, its mostly flat except for a decent from the parking area where you can either take stairs or a gradual decline ramp down. There are nice views of the wetlands but when we visited, maybe a 1/4 of the loop was closed. Most of the loop is unshaded and you can see houses nearby. A little unsettling fact is it appears to be next to a jail. You can see some of the fence while on the trail. Maybe that's why it felt abandoned. There were also tons of traps on the hillside for meerkats so that ruined some of the nature feel to it. We sat and watched the little guys hoping they would stay away from the traps. I understand they're a pest and all but it just seemed strange to be trapping them in a park? Overall, this spot isn't ideal if you want to get some quality nature time.

Short but good for a quick loop

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