Del Norte

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on Penitente Canyon

19 days ago

We only hiked the Penitente Canyon Loop, a pleasant 2-mile hike. The map/track for this hike is misleading regarding the southern leg. If you follow it, you leave the main trail to head east down a little canyon and about halfway down you have to scramble around a drop in the canyon floor. (The track does, too.) If you stay on the main trail heading southeast and bear left at each intersection, you go past Point 10 and soon end up on the Blue Loop. Within 100 yards, the marked Penitente Canyon Loop trail heads north and down toward the main parking lot, coming into the little canyon, now more a shallow valley, below the dicey spot. (Point 10 and Blue Loop are shown on the map displays and map handout available at the trailhead and along the route. Sorry I did not make a track.)