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Just amazing!

Trail not well maintained... very steep and slippery for kids. We had to turn back midway. Lake super busy on a weekend.

The initial climb is steep with sloping easy-to-slide terrain. Sadly I went up 3/4 of the way and decided there was no way my husband could habndle any distance on this kind of path. So, we gave it up. Wish we had studied it further because we might have been able to do and out and back longer easy hike using the road. I chose it because it was rated “easy”. I am a very strong hiker and found the beginning to be challenging.

on Lower Loop Trail

1 day ago

Great bike trail with kids as there was great single track and not too much uphill. Wonderful views and a river to cool off at.

Short hike to the falls. You can park on the main road and there are two additional small lots closer to the trailhead. The hike is short enough we found it easier just to park in the main lot and hike up. The hike to the falls is pretty rocky. More climbing then I expected given the reviews. For anyone used to hiking this won’t phase you, but if you’re not a hiker just know you will get a little out of breathe. We saw several people taking breaks. I would defiantly recommend continuing on towards the lake as we found this part of the trail much better. Less people, less rocky, and beautiful views. We turned around at the river crossing which was maybe a mile or so past the falls. Our dogs don’t handle heat that well so unfortunately we couldn’t push on to the lake.

2 days ago

Took my dogs, very pretty, fairly easy trail. Falls was beautiful. Trail has everything, great photos of wildflowers, mountains cross the way. Nice restroom at head of trail.

Great trail to become acclimated as it is short. Saw a family trying to hike this in flip flops and that is not smart . The trail is rocky but the waterfall view is spectacular.

6 days ago

Short hike to the falls. You are standing above the falls looking down. Nice for those not able to hike more than a couple miles. The trail is a little rocky. If you have the time, continue on to Copper Trail and on to the lake, which is an additional 4-5 miles (one way).

trail running
6 days ago

This is my fav, easy and dog friendly trail literally “in town”. It skirts the Slate River and has mildly different terrain from open meadows, forest canopy and aspen groves. Very mild climb connecting the loop back to town w great views of the Butte. Hikers watch out for bikers. Great trail run. Also note it connects to other trails so you can make it a longer trek if you want.

Not sure what the fuss is all about. granted we stopped at falls because we were just looking for a short hike after hiking all morning elsewhere. I would call this more of a moderate trail due to all the loose rocks and it has a pretty steady climb. Not hard, but i wouldn't take grandma or anybody not used to hiking. I guess I expected to be closer to the falls rather than looking at them from 300 yards away down a cliff. An ok hike but there are much better trails. Maybe if you keep going it gets better.

7 days ago

Love it! My husband and I chose this as our first hike with our 6 month old baby in a backpack...definitely worth it! Falls at the end we’re gorgeous.

trail running
8 days ago

This is an amazing trail. Not much climbing so a nice way to get in 7+ miles and enjoy the views. Through trees, open fields, water and mountain views, this trail has it all

mountain biking
9 days ago

Worth the effort for the views, wildflowers in July and fun trail. It is rated difficult bike trail in some guides but is very do-able for an advanced intermediate rider in relatively good shape. I spend 4 to 5 hours a week at gym or on bike at 100 feet altitude and I did fine. I gave myself a couple of days of hiking to acclimate to the 10,000+ feet altitude then rode the uphill very slow not letting my heart rate get out of control. The downhill was ultra fun with just a few technical spots that I walked for a few feet. I did slide out once in a tight curve and there are places where you might fall on the steep hillside but if you are careful it's not gonna happen. I did the 8 mile loop starting a Rustler's Gulch, climbed the DUSTY road 3 gradual miles then right to trail at top. Climbed/pushed 1.5 more miles on trail to another top but the flowers and views were fabulous during the climb. Then whoopee downhill rest of the way (there is one difficult curve that is steep and washed out but can be walked). Back at Rustler's Gulch there is a very deep creek to cross but if you go upstream about 50 feet and cross by big tree it's only a few inches deep then a push up semi-steep short hill on other side to get back on road. This trail is very popular and narrow, please be kind to other bikers and hikers which may mean slowing down for hikers and letting faster people pass you.

10 days ago

1st mile is *very* steep, but wildflowers were gorgeous! The first slope had a lot of purple fireweed, and as we progressed we saw loads of larkspur, mule’s ears, Indian paintbrush, silvery lupine, broadleaf arnica, and bluebells. Some columbines, but not a lot. A few shallow stream crossings (which our dogs loved as a chance to cool down).

10 days ago

Amazing wild flowers!

High elevation gain at first, but then beautiful rolling meadows. Fun hike!

Beautiful views and hike is relatively easy until the last mile or so which is up and up. But so worth it!

14 days ago

MEDIOCRE.... If you like bugs, dust, and baking in the sun - this is your trail. First mile is steep incline, be prepared for a 187 bpm heart rate. It’s clear this trail is more for biking than hiking. Trail is narrow, maybe 1.5 foot wide and verrryy rocky. Wear pants because the plants, flowers, weeds destroy your legs as they are grown over into the trail. Wildflowers are just okay. There’s no “true” summit. Also, DO NOT take the “Getting There” description. Worst dirt road I’ve ever encountered. Won’t do this trail again, wasn’t impressed.

The last mile is very challenging but worth the effort! Beautiful wildflowers, wild life and nice paths. Creek crossing an adventure! We weren't able to keep our feet dry! Unable to stay long at the top due to thunderstorm. Definitely recommend!

19 days ago

beautiful falls but keep on going to the lake if you have time. My GPS kept taking me to Judd Circle, a street in Crested Butte, so just put in Gothic Road and follow to Gothic and you'll find it no problem. Pack water shoes a couple of creek crossing nothing difficult but if you don't want wet socks take your water shoes to walk across.

Loved this trail.. It was steep at first until you get past the cement creek caves. Then it was beautiful meadows on the hills with a forest feel at the end. It was easy enough and beautiful!

22 days ago

Fun, leisurely outing. Heavily trafficked with walkers and bikes. Plenty of places to stop and look around. Perfect for a casual stroll.

Amazing views, wild flowers all over, but the last mile before reaching the lake was quite difficult.

Short and simple. Good for kids. Has great overlook of Gothic road, mountain, and Crested Butte. Ends at a nice spot over the falls.

Long slow incline followed by a good mile rocky climb. Be ready to get your feet wet a few times as the trail crosses Copper Creek a lot. No bikes allowed and only saw a handful of people. The lower area is full of wildflowers, pine, and deer. Well maintained wide trail with a few fallen trees. The lake has a great alpine lunch spot. Wanted to continue to Maroon Pass but rain and a touch of snow swept in. Wonderful Colorado trail.

nice trail. easy enough for kids. beautiful sites.

26 days ago

It should also be noted that this trail under the same name (FS designation) continues up to Democrat basin and over O-Be-Joyful pass onto first Swan then Buck basin. While the Blue Lake area is beautiful, I would highly recommend making the trek up to the higher country! (Actually I take that back, stay away and leave it untouched!). Just kidding this land is for all of us to enjoy. There are some wonderful alpine lakes and waterfalls up in Democrat and the relative difficulty of access into Swan and Buck make them absolutely pristine.

As for the main trail out of the BLM campground, it is a nice and I would say a moderate hike. You’ll run through conifer forests and open Meadow. Be sure to checkout the waterfalls along the way. Also know that the last mile up to Blue Lake is the most difficult as the trail is rather steep and often covered in several feet of snow late into the year. A mid summer weekend can be a busy time in the drainage so be prepared to share the trail.

You are also for the most part in the Raggeds Wilderness. It is therefor very important to follow LNT principles and not hamper the experiences of others. Also please keep your dog on a leash as is a rule in all FS wildernesses unless they are very well behaved (You can be fined for having a dog off leash).

28 days ago

Too easy=too many people. Could not go 20 yards without people everywhere. Pretty but was not the escape we were looking for.

Great hike, lots of trail running opportunities. Easy to the top, would take my kids on this one.

Awesome hike, awesome views! Good to know there are creeks you have to cross so be prepared with shoes that can get wet or taken off! We just walked through in our socks and shoes, not as bad as it sounds haha.

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