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mountain biking
11 days ago

This trail is accurately rated “hard.” You start with a 14ish mile, steeeeeep in places, climb up a gravel to dirt road. It is hard. As you ascend, the views are absolutely stunning. I recommend taking your shoes off to cross the pretty little creek! By the time we got to the trail, we were totally exhausted. I am a strong intermediate rider and I was ready to throw my bike off the mountain! The 5 mile DH has sections that are fast, fun, and flowy and more amazing views. There are also sections that are the hardest and most technical that I know of. A lot of the DH was treacherous and very hard! Long travel bikes and years of experience are recommended. Overall, this trail could possibly be fun if there were a shuttle up.

What an amazing hike! This was very challenging yet very rewarding once you finally get to the lake.
There is a lower parking lot which is where most folks park. Getting up to the trail head is not that daunting and I could have made it in my Forester(or any vehicle with 8 inches or more of clearance). Compared to the drive up to Grays and Torreys, the road up to there is a cake walk.
The overall trip is 12 miles as listed here but there is a sign about a mile in that says the lake is 4 miles away. The last 2 miles of this hike is where the incline sets in(and you ascend over 1k ft) while the first 4 miles are fairly flat as you go through the valley.
Overall, this hike is manageable and the lake itself is beautiful. It is covered most of the way with a few river crossings that you do not need to remove your shoes for. It would be amazing to camp at one of the spots right next to the lake and have the views looking over the valley be the first thing you see in the morning

13 days ago

Route shown does not go to Mt Emmons. To do so, continue across Gunsight Pass and climb to the top.

Stunning and not too hard at all. But rocky in parts

Great climb - actually
Longer than listed - you can connect into other trails or reverse for a nice long downhill.

mountain biking
17 days ago

This is a great way to dip your toe in the water in the crested Butte area. The trail is short, not very technical, the down hills are quick but not blisteringly quick. The scenery is pretty. The climbs are long but not impossible. The problem is they show the distance on this trail being one thing but the reality of it is to get back to your car it’s about a 14 mile ride.

mountain biking
17 days ago

Wow, interesting trail. It is a 14 mile climb. All on some form of road. I could kill this thing on my gravel bike but riding an 140 mm travel bike up the road for that long is quite exhausting. Not physically as much as mentally. It is beautiful, it has great views. Once the downhill starts it’s a little tricky to find your way at first but not a big deal. Then you come to the middle section of the downhill which is incredibly smooth and ultra fast. You can jump from turn to turn. It is absolute just pure fun. Probably one of my favorite sections of trail. Then you come to the third part. It is super technical. I do not advise it for anybody that is not truly and accomplished bike rider. I did it with no problem on my longer travel bike but my wife had quite a bit of issues on her hundred millimeter bike. I don’t think that the trail is really worth the climb. It would be a really fun shuttle trail. With that said, most rides in Colorado are this way so take that for what you will.

We loved this hike. It wasn’t too bad at all. The road getting up to here after Judd Falls parking lot is rough and you should have AWD/4WD and some clearance. The incline up isn’t too bad. The last mile or so is steeper but not too bad. When you get to the lake make sure you hike up the rock in the center of the lake for some amazing views! One of the best hikes I have ever taken!

Great views! Sadly, weather stopped us about 300 feet from the summit.

Trail not well maintained... very steep and slippery for kids. We had to turn back midway. Lake super busy on a weekend.

29 days ago

Beautiful views—I imagine it’s even more beautiful in the fall. Lots of horses on the trail.

The initial climb is steep with sloping easy-to-slide terrain. Sadly I went up 3/4 of the way and decided there was no way my husband could habndle any distance on this kind of path. So, we gave it up. Wish we had studied it further because we might have been able to do and out and back longer easy hike using the road. I chose it because it was rated “easy”. I am a very strong hiker and found the beginning to be challenging.

I prefer this for an early evening stroll after the horses are put up. Great for dogs. Gothic and the valley never get old to look at - flowers were strong but starting to fade a bit. Prefer to take in the fall as the aspen change and the bugs are gone due to cooler weather. This this is more of an easy moderate.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Worth the effort for the views, wildflowers in July and fun trail. It is rated difficult bike trail in some guides but is very do-able for an advanced intermediate rider in relatively good shape. I spend 4 to 5 hours a week at gym or on bike at 100 feet altitude and I did fine. I gave myself a couple of days of hiking to acclimate to the 10,000+ feet altitude then rode the uphill very slow not letting my heart rate get out of control. The downhill was ultra fun with just a few technical spots that I walked for a few feet. I did slide out once in a tight curve and there are places where you might fall on the steep hillside but if you are careful it's not gonna happen. I did the 8 mile loop starting a Rustler's Gulch, climbed the DUSTY road 3 gradual miles then right to trail at top. Climbed/pushed 1.5 more miles on trail to another top but the flowers and views were fabulous during the climb. Then whoopee downhill rest of the way (there is one difficult curve that is steep and washed out but can be walked). Back at Rustler's Gulch there is a very deep creek to cross but if you go upstream about 50 feet and cross by big tree it's only a few inches deep then a push up semi-steep short hill on other side to get back on road. This trail is very popular and narrow, please be kind to other bikers and hikers which may mean slowing down for hikers and letting faster people pass you.

Beautiful views and hike is relatively easy until the last mile or so which is up and up. But so worth it!

1 month ago

MEDIOCRE.... If you like bugs, dust, and baking in the sun - this is your trail. First mile is steep incline, be prepared for a 187 bpm heart rate. It’s clear this trail is more for biking than hiking. Trail is narrow, maybe 1.5 foot wide and verrryy rocky. Wear pants because the plants, flowers, weeds destroy your legs as they are grown over into the trail. Wildflowers are just okay. There’s no “true” summit. Also, DO NOT take the “Getting There” description. Worst dirt road I’ve ever encountered. Won’t do this trail again, wasn’t impressed.

There are much nicer trails in the area. I would avoid this one and leave it for the bikes and the horses. Lots of horses.

The last mile is very challenging but worth the effort! Beautiful wildflowers, wild life and nice paths. Creek crossing an adventure! We weren't able to keep our feet dry! Unable to stay long at the top due to thunderstorm. Definitely recommend!

Amazing views, wild flowers all over, but the last mile before reaching the lake was quite difficult.

Long slow incline followed by a good mile rocky climb. Be ready to get your feet wet a few times as the trail crosses Copper Creek a lot. No bikes allowed and only saw a handful of people. The lower area is full of wildflowers, pine, and deer. Well maintained wide trail with a few fallen trees. The lake has a great alpine lunch spot. Wanted to continue to Maroon Pass but rain and a touch of snow swept in. Wonderful Colorado trail.

Great hike, lots of trail running opportunities. Easy to the top, would take my kids on this one.

Awesome hike, awesome views! Good to know there are creeks you have to cross so be prepared with shoes that can get wet or taken off! We just walked through in our socks and shoes, not as bad as it sounds haha.

mountain biking
2 months ago

My most favorite MTB trail I have every done!!!! Views to die for, literally if you don't keep your eyes on the trail. One tricky spot where the trail kind of drops off and we had to carry and jump our bikes over. The end of the trail was flooded and had to carry our bikes through knee high water. Epic climb and Epic descent! Well worth the effort! A must do!

Incredible views! The snow is gone. It doesn't get much better!

Brilliant wildflowers!

initial climb is ridiculous! The rest of the hike was nice. not much to enjoy walking back on the roadway. But no way that we would down the vertical section.

Amazing hike with spectacular views. This was a great one for the start of summer season. It is fairly long but not steep. The last mile ish is where you gain a majority of the elevation. Note that at this time, the last mile is almost all snow. We were still fine in just hiking boots but it is starting the melt. The lake was almost all frozen but insanely beautiful

Up one way down the other. Well established trail, lots of bikes on it though if that’s a thing for you. Not the greatest view at the summit but the views in the middle are quite amazing.

Wanted to jump in lake it was beautiful

Hiked on 11/04/17. No parking where All Trails begins. Have to park at the Brush Creek TH 1 mile prior. So add 2 miles RT. Some snow, rain, fog, and a little sun made for a very pleasant November walk in the woods. Never saw another person! Didn't know there'd be splendid views of Teocali, as it was too foggy in the morning to realize it should be visible from the parking lot. But near the end of the big descent, the weather cleared and the peak showed itself. Magical! Would recommend this hike in the winter, but wouldn't waste a Summer day in CB doing measly little this one. Besides, in the Summer it's probably crowded by bikers.

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