Since the hiking trail doesn't come up easily when looking for hikes near Creede, but the road does, I wanted to include my review here too. This hike is 16 miles. The trail portion is 5 miles. It then connects to the road for another 2. After 7 miles you reach the information area about the eroded rocks. It's another mile to walk anywhere near the rocks. The forest is dead from beetle kill. The trail is not hard, just long. But having to hike 16 miles just to see the rocks made me think I would have rather backpacked in so I would have the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll around the rocks whose views is obscured by dead trees. Or in a day, I think it would be better to rent a RZR or horseback. If the forest weren't dead, perhaps I would have enjoyed the hike a bit more. I've hiked the whole CT so its not about not enjoying the scenery, it's just with a particular idea in mind, the rocks aren't visible for some time. More info and pics at