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Wandering through the ghost town and up to the summit was wonderful.

11 days ago

Hiked 9/12/18, 30 hours after spending a night in the E.R. due to a kidney stone. Best scenery of my week in CO. Tons of yellow willows to contrast with the pines, water and mountains. The trail is easy in terms of elevation and length, but muddy and rocky in places. I recommend walking clockwise (southeast on the north shore) so you're looking toward the mountains.

The 3 seniors in my group, 79, 83, 83, rate this trail moderate mostly because of the many rock slides we had to cross. The views of the mountains across the reservoir I was spectacular.

I would highly recommend this trail, loved it. Amazing views from summit. It is a bit of a slog thru lodgepole pines initially and I started to wonder how it would be but after about 20 min. it opens up to lovely views. I would recommend taking trail on right to summit, past gate. It is a bit of a climb but wait till you see the views, what a reward. I had a hard time leaving the summit. So beautiful!

1 month ago

Great hike! I thought the main attraction would be the mining camp, but the views from the right hand trail summit were even more amazing. It’s a tiring but short climb to the summit from the mining camp. The fall colors are amazing right now and will only get better over the next week— definitely a great time of year to check it out.

Easy walk to main mining camp - nice views.

This is one of those great hikes that requires minimal effort for maximum views and is great for tourists. I genuinely love love love this hike and love sitting on the bench just staring up at the mountains.

Although there is almost no vertical, the trail is narrow and very muddy, with multiple small creek crossings. I managed with tennis shoes but I’ll definitely wear waterproof boots next time.

The first snow was breathtaking too.

Hiked from the trailhead to the Mayflower Gulch ghost town. 6 miles round trip. Easy Jeep trail to get up to the log cabins. Saw a marmot at the log cabins. It lightly snowed in the higher elevations but doesn’t look like it will last long.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Would rate the trail as more moderate than easy thought. I lot of rocks and narrow trails

Favorite place ever!!!

Definitely worth it.

Amazing views the whole way! Once you get above tree line, the valley and mountains are incredible. I recommend going to the right once the “road” ends for the best views if you’re picking one direction. Great view from the top! Then you can explore the old cabins.
A few cars were able to make it all the way up almost 2 miles, don’t recommend it without high clearance 4WD.

Beautiful views and only took a little over an hour to hike the entire loop. Some uphill slopes but nothing extreme or difficult. Super peaceful and relaxing!

Really enjoyed this hike! From the parking lot we ended up covering about 6 miles. The view from the top is worth the difficulty. If you have a 4wd you can drive up a good portion of the trail and take a few miles off the hike. Highly recommend this hike!!!

Our family enjoyed this hike. Lots of beautiful trees, flowers, and scenic views. In my opinion, it is between easy and moderate. A little rocky and wet in places, with some tree roots to step over. A walking stick is helpful! It was not crowded on a Friday morning, and we had fun looking for fish in the lake. We took a leisurely pace and finished in about 3 hours. Our kids said it was their favorite hike so far--they are 12,13, and 16.

2 months ago

The trail itself is relatively easy. The high altitude is its greatest challenge for most. Beautiful scenery in all directions!

The trail itself wasn’t super exciting, but it was a pretty casual stroll to a beautiful open space. I imagine this is a great snowshoe. I’ll be back in the Winter.

Mediocre hike but really neat camp and views

Loved it! Great for kids, although there are a few rocky/muddy sections that our 4yo needed help with. Stunning views!

Love for winter activities.

Basically an old mining road with majestic mountain views and cool Boston camp. Visited with marmots up higher.

went 7/5 incredibly crowded with cars by mid day but still well worth it if you get there early

Have hiked in June with lots of snow and have hiked in July with lots of wildflowers. Both great experiences. I think a lot of people only hike up to the mining ruins, but if you keep hiking past that (to the left or to the right) the trail has amazing views. There are amazing views from the ruins as well, but continuing on is well worth it. The panoramic views from the top of the trail to the right are amazing. In July we only had one patch of snow to get across. Last year we went in June and couldn’t even get past all of the snow near the top, but still managed to get high enough to see marmots and continue on. Beautiful hike both years though. Definitely a favorite.

We loved this trail, even though we didn’t do the entire loop. Ended up walking along the lake shore, skipping rocks and enjoying the afternoon. Not a super crowded spot. Fun place to end the day or take kids/friends to hang out outdoors.
Something to note though: we spent our afternoon on the left side of the trail, but heard a few very disturbing screams from the woods on the other side around 4pm. Couldn’t tell if they were human or cat like (or both), but they were a little bit haunting...just something to keep in mind when in the area.

My boyfriend and I did this hike yesterday with more of an intention to mushroom and wildflower forage so we were off path a lot. At the very beginning on the left side of the path we went down foraging and stumbled upon a fresh deer kill. Please bring protection or be very aware that a large predator is close.

I loved this place! I drove about an hour and a half to get here, and it was worth it! I took both my dogs and they loved the water. I arrived 9am on a Monday and there was no one around. The trail was not super obvious in some places but I felt like that was good - it wasn't trampled or run down. It was a good trail to do with dogs not used to longer hikes, and the views were amazing! very pleased.

Beautiful trail from start to finish. Definitely go all the way up to the old coal mines. It took us about 5 hours round trip with frequent breaks and extending the hike all the way up to the coal mines.

Excellent trail. Wierd that you share the first couple miles to the high mountain mining camp with licensed vehicles but no bikes or offroad 4x4s. the mining camp is at tree line and then the trail rises high up to the source of the creek and a mine. The full length from trailhead park to the mountain mine is about 3 miles one way. The upper portion is very interesting with the mining ruins and fields covered in wild flowers with the cold clear running creek. Well worth it.

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3 months ago

we had the best time on this hike. we didnt do the full loop but walked to the middle of the valley and back and it was stunning views the whole way! it was nice and cool by the water and there were many others out on the same walk. we took friends who arebt accustomed to the altitude and it was manageable for them and easy for my husband and I. I highly recommend this hike

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