Arrived about 10am on a Saturday, still plenty of spots in the parking lot. I would say it was light to moderate hiking traffic, there were times you wouldn’t see someone for a while so it was nice! Definitely more of a moderate than easy level hike simply because of the elevation gain. The Oxen portion of the trail had a dead horse on it according to some signage so I re-routed and went up to the right, up Ravens, and up to Eagle, then cut across to ravens again to avoid the horse and any potential predators etc.

The View from the top of eagle was amazing, way better than I expected, and when you come up from the right you don’t see it until you are at the very top so it’s more shocking and aw-inspiring that way!

Not a ton of shade from the trees but enough to take breaks in. Basically until you get to the top of Eagle it is uphill so be prepared for a workout. Would definitely recommend