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Great hike. Nice view.
Not very busy for a Sunday.
I hiked along with my 12 year old daughter she loved it.

6 days ago

I wanted a medium length trail to hike at Staunton to kill time but unfortunately for me, basically all of them are pretty lengthy. I’ll just have to go back! This loop was prettier than I expected especially after passing the ponds. It was nice to get up and moving for a bit if you’re looking for something short & easy.

Nice, pretty easy trail. Good for when you want to get out in the woods but aren't looking for anything strenuous.

Nice steady incline up. My kids 9 and 12 were not impressed. They thought it was boring with not t much to see since you were in the shade. The views at the top are beautiful but at that point my kids were done and wanted to head back

Pretty hike as the aspens are just starting to turn. Quick incline at the beginning but it evens out and then it's downhill from there. Short hike for when you are short on time. Parking lot was busy on Monday morning but the trails were basically empty as people were spread out.

Beautiful views, aspens are just starting to turn!

Beautiful Trail with a fantastic view at the top. Would definitely do this one again!

Not too steep going up or down, a nice view west near the top. Unfortunately it was marred by the wildfire smoke, but if you go on a clear day I’m sure it’s beautiful. Nice amounts of shade.

13 days ago

Had to make this hike a quick one because the sun was going down. Finished in 2.5 hours with short stops at Catamount Overlook, Pikes Peak Overlook, and Eagle Cliffs. I’d say this is probably a 3-4 your hike if you’re moving at an average walking pace. Solid views and nice trails throughout. A little rocky or slippery in some spots so watch your footing. There were a few rock climbing spots that seemed to be just off the trail toward the beginning.

on Meyer Ranch Park Trail

14 days ago

Good place to walk the dogs, certainly not peaceful despite surroundings. Highway noise entire hike, crowded.

14 days ago

Nice hike with a decent climb to the top which has a great vista. Walk though the wooded area was peaceful and cool. Easy to get to from 470 using 285 S. Well marked. All Trails worked great.

Nice loop trail with plenty of open space and good views. Good climb if you do it counter clockwise but the view is worth it.

If you choose to do the full loop, go clockwise.

Great little hike. Got there about 8:30, lot was mostly full. Hikers, runners, a biker, some families. Mostly empty on the trail though as everyone was spaced out. Very shaded in the trees. Aspen trees are still green. I liked that you can take a longer or shorter hike depending on skill level (or a baby’s attitude). Lot was completely full at 9:45 when we left. Will definitely do again. One con, you can hear the road noise at points.

Loved it. Nice even path with few rocks thru trees. Got heart rate going a couple of times, otherwise idyllic forest walk/hike. Very lightly traveled on a Thursday morning. Saw some deer and lots of adorable Chip & Dales. Would do this again.

Raven's isn't the prettiest service road turned trail, but the counterclockwise route with the "surprise" overlook that others describe is definitely cool. Really liked the beauty of Oxen Draw on the way down. Not hard for frequent hikers - just enjoy.

Well-worn path for easy hiking. beautiful area. We went on a Sunday afternoon, and although there were plenty of cars in the lot, we encountered very few people on the trail. saw a full-black Abert's squirrel and a possible marten. Many wildflowers still in bloom.

26 days ago

I love close by to Staunton which makes this the perfect loop to take my dog too when looking for a quick hike! I would rate it on the easy side! Quickest trail at beautiful Staunton!

Great lookout midway. Mostly shady and not too busy on a Sunday mid-morning. Slightly challenging for beginners, kids or those not too steady on their feet (small amount of rocks and some steep downhill spots) but there are lots of great areas for a rest along the way and just about the time the aforementioned might be getting tired you reach halfway and can go downhill.

I would highly suggest going counterclockwise on this trail – the switchbacks going up really intense but coming down they’re very delightful going counterclockwise means much more gradual ascent.

Amazing views at the top! You can see all the way to pikes peak. I don’t suggest going up via eagles/ravens side. It’s super steep and not well shaded. The oxen trail is a much better way up.

Great hike! Plenty of shade especially on Oxen Draw. No dead horse insight.I want to go back and check out the other trails, especially Eagle View.

Great day hike. Not technical at all, easy trail to walk. Lots of vertical up and down, almost no flat except at the top. Great scenic view at the look out.

I brought my golden retriever and had a fantastic time. A gorgeous setting lots of little animals here and there. The ponds were more man made than I thought they’d be. But it was a nice place to sit and watch the water for a few. I’m not sure how stroller friendly it was but people were making it work.

Great hike with lots of parking, restrooms, and a variety of inclines and beautiful views. Highly recommended. Not too far from Denver and great for late morning hikes. Dead horse is just remnants, not smelly at all but sort of creepy.

1 month ago

I did the Davis Pond Trail and added a couple side trials to make it around 4 miles. It’s a fun little trail, not drastically difficult if you’ve hiked harder trails, and the mountains act as a nice backdrop.

Seven dollars to park. Well kept. Very peaceful. I saw one person leaving as I was entering, and a couple people as I was leaving. Very quiet. Very peaceful.

1 month ago

The day was hot. We probably should have started sooner and avoided the heat, but overall this was a nice hike. To be fair, I should probably go again on a cooler day to better rate it. Good sized parking lot and vault toilets at trailhead. Some shady spots, water crossings, lots of wild raspberries.

on Davis Ponds Trail

1 month ago

This was more of a stroll than a hike. Still, the scenery was relaxing and the ponds were pleasant. The interpretive signs along the way would make for a great educational enrichment opportunity with youngsters and nature lovers. I would highly recommend this trail to moms who want to break-in their kids' hiking shoes/boots and begin nurturing a love of the outdoors.

1 month ago

Awesome place with amazing views. We ran into a black bear on the first 1/4 mile of the hike. Poor guy must’ve been lost, Park rangers said we were the third sighting (one was on the road) . We went early afternoon and there wasn’t a crazy amount of people. Apparently the park rangers just cleaned up a dead horse but the smell is still there. Overall a good find and great hike. ( I had my 7 month old puppy with me too)

This instantly became my favorite local hike when I came over the hill & saw the view at the end.. fantastic, so many layers of mountains, so peaceful (I went at 6pm on a Sunday and I saw no one the entire time). The first mile is no joke though, very steep, otherwise easy.

Next time I'll make this an out-and-back rather than a loop by taking the left fork to the overlook & then turning around, that's where all the scenery is.

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