Gorgeous hike. We intended to only hike to the mill and then back but decided to continue with the loop and didn’t regret it. Beautiful Aspen groves, bubbling streams and fantastic overlooks-this trail didn’t disappoint. Be prepared to share the trail with a lot of mountain bikers-wasn’t a problem though. Get there by 8:30 to get a parking spot in the lot-as it gets crowded after that.

Hike 5/31/20. Wonderful trail! We loved the mix of steep inclines and level trail. Hiked when it was raining and the trail did not get washed out and did not see too many areas with standing water. We will definitely be back to do this one again when it’s not rainy. Views when rainy were not that that great, but it is neat to see the valley below.

Honestly one of my favorite trails there is. The first mile or so is all incline but I promise, the view at the top is absolutely worth it. If you want less of an incline go clockwise when you get to the loop, if you want a stunning, “awe-inducing” view, go counter-clockwise.

This is a great, moderate trail with amazing views at the top. We went mid day on a Saturday and it wasn’t crowded but steady. Took us about 2 1/2 hours with a dog.

Pretty walk - wouldn't say it's moderate, more so easy, but picturesque and not too crowded even on Sunday morning. There were lots of songbirds out this morning and we also saw four elk and two mule deer.

19 hours ago

Largely shaded. Great view of Pikes Peak from the top. 5 cars at 7:30 AM, full and parking on the road by 10:00.

Great hike, well marked trail. Went to Elk Falls and Elk Falls overlook. Very pretty. From main parking lot was 13.6 miles. Looks like a great trail to mountain bike. Will be back

Great trail. Not too crowded. If you do the loop counter clockwise the first mile is quite steep.

1 day ago

Steep at times, but lovely with creek flowing along the side. There’s unfortunately a closure and detour about 2.5 miles in, which will take you to Bear Paw- the detour is honestly about the same length as the rest of Mason Creek trail. Apparently there is very active wildlife and a couple trees down. Really beautiful views, so it’s an okay option. With the detour, took about 10.35 miles. Don’t let the closure scare you away. Go early to avoid crowds.

I got here at 8 am and had no trouble parking. nice hike

Reynolds Park

You will cover 500ft of elevation gain in the first .6 miles. Gorgeous view! Went this morning and by 9am the whole parking lot was full.

2 days ago

Great trail with lots of shade. Hit snow patches 5 mi in with some way finding but then you drop back down in elevation. Only went out 10 mi more down trees the further out I went.

I went counter clockwise as the reviews suggested, which did give a much better “ahhhh” view at the top. Whereas going clockwise would have made it a more gradual defining view. I got to the trailhead at 7:20 on a Saturday and there were lots of people on the trail within an hour and a significant number within 2 hours.

3 days ago

Arrived around 6:15 a.m. on a Thursday and essentially had the trail to myself, only one car in the parking. Only did about half the trail, elevation really challenged me as I'm only on my second hike of the season. still tons of gorgeous views. by the time I left around 8 there were 10 cars in the lot.

One of my favorite places to hike about. I was there weekly in the winter as it's so peaceful, and today I finally went all the way to the top. Glorious views!

4 days ago

Great trail to start the hiking season. Easy moderate I would say. Took the Staunton Trail to service road to Bugling Elk (shorter distance to pond). Total of 9.9 miles. Mostly shade, some sun on service road. Shared the road with bikers, hikers, kiddos (in the first mile of trail), horses and pups. It’s Wed. Started at 9:00 am, trail head parking full when we got back. Love this Colorado State Park of ours. Brought a mask, used when passing if not able to distance. This trail system is very well maintained and marked. Enjoy!

Beautiful day. Went about it a little different then prompted, and sooo glad we did. The overlook is worth it and doesn’t add too much mileage. We got there at 730 on a Wednesday, and it wasn’t too crowded. Chipmunks are also VERY friendly!

Stunning trail! The falls is beautiful you have to scramble to get to the base of it but it is totally worth it. Take the cliff loop trail too and you will see some incredible views of Evergreen! The only reason why this trail isn’t a 5 in my opinion is the people. So much trash at the base of the falls and dog poo bags everywhere. In addition, people did not understand the concept of social distancing which was frustrating. We can do better humanity! Let’s take care of our beautiful places!

Beautiful day in a park that isn’t overcrowded. Easy walk, lots of trees and the weather was perfect!!! One of my favorite quiet walks despite several tree being down secondary to mitigation.

Ran the trail with our dog, arrived prior to 8am, plenty of party at trailhead and few people. By the time we left it was much busier with large groups and dogs. Overall rocky for running, great elevation gains, and some decent views for Evergreen.

A section of mason creek is currently under restoration, requiring you to take the bear paw trail that is an additional 5 miles round trip on top of the original 8. This is in order to still make it to the old mill totaling 13 miles. I personally loved the additional challenge, the views at eagle cliff are surreal. Can’t wait to come back!

5 days ago

The trail starts rocky and a great workout, halfway through the loop the path is much smoother. There were a good handful of people out at 9am but not crowded on Monday (Memorial Day). There was a great balance of trees and open space. The day before it rained so we expected the trail to be muddy but it was only muddy in two small areas of the entire trail. It was a good challenge yet relaxing at the same time.

6 days ago

Great hike with the kids. It’s steep at the beginning but a gorgeous view at the top and good place for a PB&J.

Awesome trail! Not too strenuous and a beautiful view when you get to the overlook

Arrived at around 11. The trail itself wasn’t super condensed with hikers until about the last bit (around 1pm). Beautiful sights. Would recommend having a light jacket, as there’s still a touch of snow on the ground.

Got to the trailhead at 9am and the parking lot was full and had to park along the street. Dog friendly trail and also very busy. Easy hike and great views at the top!

Nice easy trail! Perfect for families!

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