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Gorgeous! Easy walking trails with stunning views!

off road driving
1 day ago

Went to pull out the "sunken treasure" on 311A after hearing about it from a buddy, but I found that I was beat to the punch. The obstacle is still in the area, but it is no longer blocking the trail. Some parts of this trail were pretty narrow, but a full-size Titan with a 3" lift and 33" tires made it fine. Most of the loop is simple, but be careful and take it slow on 311A.

1 day ago

Such a beautiful and easy trial! It can be hard to find where to go from High Drive. After a while you will find a clearing with large boulders around it. There will be a metal fence to the right, and when facing that metal fence, the trail continues on the VERY end of the right side of the metal fence. If that doesn’t help I had service the entire trail (I have Verizon) so you could use the map in this app!

2 days ago

Nice hike and beautiful views at the top. Very rocky and slippery coming down; not too much to see on the way up. Overall a good day spent out not sure if I would go again.

Great nature hike! Not too crowded for being so close to Denver, and it was so quiet, beautiful scenery, and peaceful! I take away a star because it was a little difficult to follow the trail once you get away from the road.

OMG great hike

The direction takes you to the entry point, but you need to follow the signs in Mesa Ave to the free parking where a shuttle will take to the entrance. Tickets are purchased at the entrance - $14.50 per person. If you don’t want to climb the stairs (stair 1 is about 185 step or so and 2nd stair is 204 steps) there an elevator for a price of $2.50. Once you’re at the top of the falls take a hike to Inspiration point to get beautiful views and even see people Zipline.

going down it is a little bit slippery. And going up it's quite steep. But the view at the top is absolutely worth it.

6 days ago

Very beautiful scenery. All the going up was well worth the amazing and breathtaking views

Love the trails here. None are very challenging. There are many many trails to choose from, you can walk right among the rocks, out in the open flat grassy area, or under the tall trees near the stream. The rock formations are large and impressive and from several trails you can see a beautiful view of Garden of the Gods. Dogs are allowed and there is a new, large, and fully fenced off lease dog trail. There is also a very nice area dedicated to mountain biking trail practice. It has several obsticles and ever a teeter totter you can ride over. In the morning the trails are frequented by horseback riders and rock climbers. The only real drawback is that due to its being so easily accessible as it is right in town, Red Rock Open Space is usually very busy. However, the further you get from the parking lot and especially as you get on the back trails by the stream you see fewer and fewer people.

Loved this trail. Me, two kids and a dog took us about 4 hours with a break at the top. Note: the cover photo for this looks like Helen Hunt Falls, NOT St. Mary's
We will definitely do this trail again.

8 days ago

Beautiful and peaceful! A Steller’s Jay flew branch to branch just ahead of me on a significant portion of my return hike.

Nice easy trail. The area is beautiful. We even got to enjoy some light rock climbing.

Great hike with kids.

Great trail. One of the more difficult trails I’ve been on simply because of the loose rock that covers a lot of the ascent. The views were absolutely stunning though and worth every bit of the hike.

Great trail. Steep in the beginning but levels out for a nice, moderate hike

10 days ago

Very nice hike, it is a little longer than stated, but lots to see and many places to sit, rest, and take in the views.

A little more traffic than I originally expected on this trail but it was beautiful and the hike wasn’t too strenuous

11 days ago

Great hike to get your blood pumping. Beautiful views.

Couldn’t find the entrance. I used the GPS It took us to an apartment building. The trail next to the apartments was full of trash and a homeless person’s camp site.

on Rock Island Trail

11 days ago

Easy. Just a simple trail- not much to see but easy for a quick walk or a longer stroll. Great for everyday!

North (main) lot to Trading post stitching parts of different loops together. Had to hustle back with an almost dead phone so used some road too. Very touristy. May be less busy other times of the week. I was there on a Friday afternoon. Starting at 5 stars I'll minus 1/2 star each for traffic and amount of people rating it a 4 star overall.

Visited back in early December. Busy area and more of a walk then a hike but it is truly stunning. Quite a busy area so best to get there early.

on Mount Cutler Trail

13 days ago

I took my kids and our dog. The trail is easy, but uphill. This is definitely an “older kid” friendly trail. I have two toddlers and this trail has a sharp drop off, which can be dangerous for little ones. The gravel path is easy to slip on in a few areas so my toddlers fell a few times while holding my hands. But all in all a great trail.

15 days ago

Too much loose gravel in some parts for my liking, but the views were great and the foot traffic light (didn't encounter any bicycles). It's 3 miles from the middle trailhead to the end at the upper trailhead. I ended up taking the road back down, which worked on a weekday but which I would not recommend on the weekend when the park is busier.

15 days ago

Intense and rewarding hike. Blodgett trail to hummingbird is where to start, the trail has a lot of 2 way splits after hummingbird but it’s not hard to find the summit. Just keep going up! Watch out at the top though, there’s ALOT of bugs. Definitely bring bug spray

trail running
15 days ago

It’s a good run uphill. Coming down was a blast!

15 days ago

This is a very short and easy hike. I was disappointed to find someone smoking at the top :-( This makes a good little side trip to take on your way to Garden of the Gods from points north on I-25.

The previous reviews, in my opinion, are way off the mark. This is a fascinating area, and the remaining public grasslands of North America are scarce, and that's even more reason to appreciate Blue Stem Prairie Open Space. The reservoir was dry (May 7), and Spring is just starting out there, but there is still plenty to see. Pronghorn, prairie dogs, prairie rattlesnakes (nice!), all sorts of birds, and the spring wildflowers are peaking through...in another few weeks this place should blow out in color. And, of course, the views...enough said!

The hike itself is super easy with what amounts to a rolling landscape - the inclines are barely noticeable. You have to watch your step from time to time along the dirt/gravel/grassy path, but difficult terrain is not an issue here. I only saw one other person there (early Monday afternoon) and they didn't hike at all from what I saw. You are surrounded by traffic on Powers Blvd. to the east, but it's off in the distance from most of the hike, and I only saw one plane take off in the 2 hours I was there

I'm more worried about the folks who can't read the signs that say dogs aren't allowed, and then proceed to let their dogs poop all around the first part of the trail. And then you have the other person or persons who left a giant pile of cat food out there. I'm hoping it's not that irresponsible "Nip and Release" program for cats that operates all over the country.

In regards to the prairie dog plague - there is a sign that tells you it's present - it's not a concern to humans unless you get close enough to a prairie dog to kiss it (good luck with that!) or get bit by the fleas it carries (you shouldn't be near active dens). Transmission to humans is unlikely even if you are exposed - most people get it from rodents around their homes, not in wild areas. The word "plague" invokes an irrational fear in most people.

Do yourself a favor and visit this place before it gets too warm, or as it cools later in the year. It's the type of habitat you don't see often these days - give it a chance!

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