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Highly recommended. We only walked to Union and back. Lots of traffic, but it was a holiday weekend. Paved to Union and well maintained gravel on north side of creek.

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Loved it! Our dog enjoyed it also!! One side is pavement, and the other is nice trail with lots of side trails! There is an option to cross the creek or go up to a path on the road. Everything was clearly marked. I will definitely be coming back!!

Excellent trail! Beautiful rocks. Trailhead is a good bit away from the visitor center parking. Near the end the map directs you to a trail that isn’t marked well. Some decently shaded areas but mostly unshaded. A few very cool rocks to take pictures next to. Guide said 3.7 miles, but with the parking lot and a time or two off the trail, we wound up hiking over 5 miles, making this a bit harder/ more like a moderate level. Good for kids and dogs.

Very crowded, hard to park if you get there by mid morning. Nice views but prefer more secluded trail. Also to many trails so you really need to follow the app if you want to stay on your route.

2 days ago

This is an absolutely gorgeous trail. Not overly hard but there are some rocky areas. Scenery is gorgeous. Parking is definitely a problem.

Hot trail beautiful views

Nice trail. Pretty views. Not too steep or rocky in any one area. Great little three miler to get fit. The parking lot is super close to the trail head. Bathrooms on the other side of the parking. Dog friendly.

After reading the reviews and speaking with locals, we stayed on the north side of the trail. Not a great deal of restroom opportunities along the part of the trail we experienced. But, nice smooth trail for a road bike.

Was a great trail, all paved easy for my gf who has asthma. Hot. Not a lot of shade. Definitely go again!

Obviously, it’s extremely busy so get there at 9 (when the visitor center opens) or earlier

So I’ve spent the last week at the Rocky Mountain national Park and decided to take a day trip to Manitou Springs to hike pikes Peak and I would say that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. This was by far the best hike I think I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed it! I’m a solo hiker and I started around 5:30 in the morning. A lot of people said that the first 3 miles were the hardest but it wasn’t too bad honestly. I would like to say that I didn’t think that the incline was too intense at any point of climbing pikes. I will say that once I got a couple miles from the top it was a little bit more challenging just because of the altitude but make sure to do deep breathing exercises take your time and I had no issues at all. I will say the construction at the very top with a little frustrating just because they require you to take a mile detour down to the road and then finish hiking your way back up on the road. I did convince the construction workers to let me walk past towards the right though and it brought me right to the summit house. Also after this trail you have to try their donuts as a reward for getting your butt all the way to the top of the mountain! Do this trail! I did read that this trail has the potential to be slightly miserable if the weather isn’t nice and I really lucked out because it was chilly, not too hot, not too windy and no storms.

Was great but I actually think in the heat with a six and eight year old, it was more moderate than easy. We took short cut back through garden loop which was lovely.

Great family trail

Limited (however descent parking) fairly busy even on week day. soso views, lot of shade. lot of loose ground. it will give you a little work out.

Really nice and easy hike. Great acclimation check for someone like me who just flew in today from Florida.

5 days ago

Pretty nice trail. Shaded,very beautiful. We didn’t finish the hike towards the peak the gravel was too loose and the trail sort of faded as it got steeper. I didn’t feel too comfortable continuing so we turned around.

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Trailhead parking did not have sign showing which way is 7 Bridge Trail. It is the trail opposite the entrance of parking lot. Hiked on unsheltered sandy wide road for about 0.7 mi till see the sign 622. On your right. Take that trail and you will come to the North Cheyenne Creek Trail. Follow that, cross first bridge, then turn left at top of stairs and you will come to second bridge. The 3rd bridge you just keep going up on the trail with the creek to your right. Beautiful hike. Turned around before the 3rd bridge. Not too many people as we went after 2pm.

no shade
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Very beautiful once we got into the actual bridges trail. The larger trail that leads to it is gravely and wide and marred with dog poop and graffiti and cigarette butts. Once in, though, it is really beautiful. Nice climb up but all relatively easy and well developed. Crowded on the weekends, though, and few people know how to pass or let you pass with any kind of social distancing. Not quite as trashed and crowded as lower in the canyon but still.

All protected trail. Crossed traffic twice.with crosswoalk. Beautiful scenery mostly creekside, some residential and through Cottonwood Creek Park. Met some great folks along the way! Starting at the park was all downhill. Coming back...well it was up hill but worth it. I am visiting the area and read to hydrate before attempting to ride. That was the best advice!

Beautiful trail to do with your dogs.

Did the upper half of the loop. A lot of this trail is out in the sun, so be sure to bring plenty of water and sunblock/hat. It’s a beautiful trail and very easy to walk/hike.

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I didn’t make it to the actual trail but enjoyed walking along the pathway just east of the trail on a well marked path along the creek. Took about an hour and a half to loop the 3 miles

Great morning hike at 5am must see

9 days ago

Really cool trail, once we found it. You have to walk down a dirt road to get there at first. The dirt road bends back to the left and the creek runs right under it. Follow the creek up, and you will see the first bridge (unmarked). Every bridge after that is numbered. There is a trail marker labeled “622” which is where you need to pick up the start. Highly recommend getting a drink from the creek, it’s better than the bottled water we brought!!

Great walk for kids. Only did half the loop because two of my kids were little. The first half is paved, the other half I wished I had a better stroller for as it was a lot of gravel. Not impossible though, and nice shade along the route. The creek had some water so we had lovely sounds to listen to. Nice little escape in the middle of town for a walk!

10 days ago

Great trail that winds around the creek. Super popular with kids and dogs. After the 7th bridge it gets less crowded and more beautiful.

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