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As mentioned earlier, not a great area. Also, not really a hiking trail, just a paved loop around the lake, which does offer some nice views.

Easy going trail perfect for a quick and close hike. All skill levels, nice pond to sit by, trails clearly marked and well maintained.

Very nice trail, a little challenge for my 5 year old but super fun!! We always encounter wild geese and all kinds of birds!

Really nice place to hike right in the springs. There are lots of trails running throughout the open space and many cool rock formations to explore. Seems like it could be a tourist attraction but without the tourists. Iv lived in Colorado Springs for over 15 years and had been to pulpit rock but I didn’t know how much open space was available right in the same area. Lots of plants and wildlife. A small pond with fish and turtles. I saw a rattle snake right next to a trail the first time I visited and have seen several small snakes as well as lizards. I heard what sounded like a pack of coyotes howling. Saw a white tail deer fawn run out from behind a bush as I walked past. There is a lot to see and explore here.

Beautiful trail with great views. The trail does run along private property lines and signs are posted throughout to stay on the trail. Great trail for mountain biking and hiking or those who don’t want to walk far to see gorgeous views.

2 months ago

Nice easy walk. Not the best area, must be aware of surroundings. But there were a lot of kids and dogs and families. I also really appreciated the monuments and memorials, as well as the bell that chimes songs around noon.

2 months ago

This is a reverse style trail. You drive up the mountain a bit to park at the trail head, then hike your way down and back up. You have to watch out for bikers.

Easy and beautiful!!

3 months ago

Nice walk through Austin Bluffs with a little elevation gain near Pulpit Rock. Nice views. There are places where the trail is not clear, but cell reception was good the whole way.

A bit confusing, but fun none the less. I took my dog running on this trail and had a great time. Beautiful views of the city and Pikes Peak halfway through.

This lake is in the middle of town. It's entirely flat, good for a stroll in the park. Usually pretty populated. There are plenty of geese, ducks, and other birds around most of the time.

Decent hike while it was well-marked. It’s very easy to get off track toward the end, and you’re better off following one of the better marked trails. Some elevation here and there makes it a fun trail, though!

I recomen keeping your dogs and maybe even your kids on a leash. There are alot of bikers in the afternoon and they wont slow down for anyone.

Beautiful view, great ride.

If this is moderate, then I need to go back to easy. There was a lot of ascending and descending over rocks and tree trunks, and 300 foot descent and ascent overall. In a few parts, it was very difficult to tell where the trail was supposed to be. I cut off a big part of it and only did about 1.6 miles. It was lovely, though.

5 months ago

We took the downhill section of the Chutes after tackling Columbine and a few others. Very nice trail section.

A very nice area to hike in the middle town a in back of UCCS. Lots of side trails can take you in unexpected directions. Still, pretty and you can’t get forever lost. Beware that the entry point on this map is not quite right. The entry path is at a bump out circle on the Main Street, Rockhurst. The point indicated on the map has been closed.

Very good trail, a little elevation gain going on but it’s nothing too bad. It is rocky though.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great downhill section. The last 1/3rd of the loop is shut down, but there’s an alternate route that is a little longer.

6 months ago

good walk

7 months ago

Beautiful scenery. Not the best area of town.

8 months ago

Be ready for downhill mountain bikers...they'll be coming in hot. But that's honestly not a big deal. You just HAVE to pay attention. Besides that, the hike is great! Plus, once you get to up to Gold Camp, you can continue on to other hikes down the road if you'd like.

9 months ago

It was a very confusing trail......and very little visibility from the bike riders along this trail. Be cautious

10 months ago


It's unfortunate that this walk isn't in the best place but I always feel safe when my husband carries his gun

11 months ago

The area isn't the best. But if you are with someone and have some mace go for it!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Not a very nature like hike and short. Would be good for an after work quick hike. Be aware of your surroundings not the best area.

mountain biking
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Very awesome it was so fun but short and very easy after that I wanted more harder that I expect or long but it was worth it fun for my first time.

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