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good views, laid back hike

Had a lot of fun with our dog (kept her on leash). Went past the 7th bridge up a bit more towards Jones park but didn’t quite make it. Will definitely come again.

mountain biking
6 hours ago

A very good trail for a north/south route to cycle through the city safely while avoiding traffic. Pretty well maintained, though the further south you go, the more numerous the homeless camps become. For the most part, a side from their trash, I've never had any issues with any of the transient population. A big improvement would be if there were a connecting trail from the Greenway Trail to the Centennial Campus of PPCC. The only ways there now involve dangerous traffic on roads with minimal shoulder space.

7 hours ago

I will fully agree with other reviewers on the crazy hard to find branch-off! I must have stood in that clearing a good 5 mins trying to find the dang thing. It’s unmarked, while the other main trails are all marked. However, it’s difficulty in locating made it nice and unoccupied for the most part part...only ran in to one couple with a pup. The peak has some stunning views of the Springs, with peeks at the Broadmoor and Will Rogers Shrine on the way up and from the top. Fairly easy, some loose gravel here and there, so watch your footing.

off road driving
15 hours ago

Great course for beginners to experience easy to moderate trails. There is just enough traffic to feel safe if you go alone, but also spaced out enough to feel like you are the only one in the world. The recording is spot on and the notes along the way help a lot. Highly recommended.

off road driving
19 hours ago

Great moderate course for beginners improving their skills. Some very technical spots and some nice easy spots. Very well balanced.

As far as scenery... very very nice. Some really cool rock formations, great views, and if you do the hardest portion of the loop to the north, you’ll get a nice view of the Air Force Academy

It was a really nice trail but came across several Prairie Rattlesnakes on the path. So I would just be careful and vigilant. Took 2 of our dogs and they had a blast!

Great little workout

2 days ago

Nice family friendly trail with lots of wildlife. The views are beautiful. There is a nice picnicking area about half way through, though there are no tables, but plenty of boulders to sit on. I saw woodpeckers, deer, a weasel, and some bobcat tracks.

there are a couple trailheads and I had trouble finding them. there are a few that have a small parking lot and then there's one at the end of a street. So there are a few ways to enter. The trail leads all over the place and it's hard to determine which way to go but if you follow the map you should be able to get there. There were only a few people there when I went and nice views.

Overall a great place to hike; not too difficult and early in the morning it's not crowded. There are some people who don't keep their dogs on a leash and who don't pick up after them.

nature trips
3 days ago

It was child friendly. Especially, playing pokémon go. Many species of beautiful birds to see. Mountain view is beyond words.

I absolutely love this trail.

Definitely a moderate hike, I was a little out of shape when we went but it was a blast. We went at 6:30am and there was plenty of parking and it was a beautiful trail!

3 days ago

Loved this hike. Amazing views.

The views were amazing, but the sheer number of people was huge drawback. Still, I don't regret braving the crowds. Lots of great photo-ops. Fun Jr. Ranger program available for youngsters.

Breath-taking views at several points along the way. Was a bit of a steep scramble at the end but worth it. The overwhelming quiet was what struck me the most.

not really what i would consider a hike, but a nice pull off to a cool spot.

Easy peasy fun loop with rewarding views and awesome photo opportunities.

Guys, DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH SEVEN FALLS! For one, this is free. Also, I had much more fun here.
Keep going up the mountain/road after Helen Hunt falls and you will see a huge parking lot. Go west through the gated dirt road and then after 0.7 mi (according to GPS/Fitbit) you will see the 622 post. My husband and I had fun taking pictures at every bridge we hit. I really enjoyed this hike. From the parking lot to the end of bridge 7 and back, my Fitbit clocked 3.47 mi.
There seems to be paths everywhere, but remember the whole path is along the creek. If you think you’re getting too far away from the creek, you probably are.

6 days ago

Trail to mt Cutler is lined with very cool rock formations once you near the top. definitely worth it!

6 days ago

make sure to get there early! also we had some trouble finding the signs haha but it overall was absolutely gorgeous and very nice.

Great trail. Lots of scenery, wild flowers and birds. Quiet.

Fun, easy hike with good views. Trail and area is highly populated.

on Gray Back Peak Trail

7 days ago

Pretty hike with very good views from the top (particularly given the short length of the trail), appropriately rated as moderate. My GPS tracked closer to 4 miles though.

Beautiful waterfalls.

Easy hike with kids (ages 4-7), fun rock formations for them to check out, lots of folks with dogs out and about.

7 days ago


Fun, pretty

Love the coolness of the trails through the forest. The bridges are pretty well maintained. The views are amazing.

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