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I love this trail. It's great exercise and it's beautiful! It's hard, don't believe moderate!!! But so worth it!

This hike had everything! Challenging parts, easy parts, a high view of the mountains and the city, and even a creek with a small waterfall. Completed the hike in 2 hours however I did run down the mountain since it was very easy decline. I’m exhausted but feel very accomplished.

I have to agree it’s unfortunate that Stephen had a rough go of it. This is one the best trails in red rocks. Yes the first mile or so can be hot but after that you are in beautiful woods that are shaded and yes it is steep. The run down the back side is a perfect elevation gain up or down. Yes you do hit a dirt road at the end for about a mile but it’s still a beautiful road and well worth it.

My mom and I hiked this loop today in about 2 hours and 40 minutes comfortably with some stops and for pictures and water along the way. It was a great walk with wonderful views every step of the way!

I stand by my review written for folks not familiar with the area. Specifically #3: "Nothing along the route will tell you where to go or how far you've gone. The trails are labeled with numbers not names which if are not familiar with the area are not terribly helpful." Note the trail map attached to this page also does not use #s. If I got lost so easily, others out of towners may as well. Compare to the Columbine trail I hiked the following day which is well marked, easy to follow and much more interesting.

Good trail with great views from all directions of the Garden’s rock formations. There are lots of other trails that cross this one, so having this app was very helpful in keeping us on track.

For everyone looking at Stephen Fisher's review, He did not actually do the Palmer Loop. He got lost and went up High Drive, which is a dirt road. If he had paid attention to the signs, maybe done a little research he would have enjoyed his experience and actually hiked the Palmer Loop. Its unfortunate when people get lost and can't write a proper review, but look at all the others under his and you'll see that is a great 5+ mile hike/walk. Great scenery throughout the ascent and at the top.

Trails were pretty washed out. Ended up losing the trail many times. Despite that it was a beautiful hike.

5 days ago

Other reviewers have mentioned trash; I didn’t notice a problem. I love any hike that has you clambering over rocks!

This trail was amazing. Challenging just enough. Definitely very unmarked and I had to use the app map a bunch. But my dog and I will definitely be back.

It was ok. I think I like red Rock canyon more

Terrible. Thought this would be hike with some woods and nature. NOT. At all. For out-of-town hikers the following advice: 1) Over half of this route is over gravel or paved roads with no shade. 2) 1) The first two miles is quite a climb with NOTHING of interest to see. All wide gravel road. The traverse in the middle is nice. The last section you can get same views simply driving Good Camp/Skyline Road. 3) Nothing along the route will tell you where to go or how far you've gone. The trails are labeled with numbers not names which if are not familiar with the area and trail numbers are not terribly helpful. 4) Either the distance shown is very wrong or we hit Skyline Drive at a very different location than shown. From where we intersected Skyline Drive/Gold Camp Road it was 3 miles (an hour walk) back to the starting point over two miles of which was along paved road. Awful as first hiking experience this trip to Colorado.

I’m a beginner but in great shape at 60. It was challenging being steep for about a mile. But I rested and was rewarded with spectacular views at the top. Soooo rewarding. Hung out up there and had lunch. Saw a couple of beautiful birds at the top. Red and yellow but couldn’t get the camera out in time! Loved this hike. I was alone and it was pretty well marked and a straight forward loop. Bring map and compass. Really nice gradual decent made it easy going down. I recommend counterclockwise and get the steep out of the way. At the very end go left to the parking lots. Not right. Great hike.

Getting to the top was a challenge. It was a beautiful view and with it once we made it, but it was definitely not easy.

One of my favorites in town. So many different trails and loops for a short or long hike. Stroller friendly on main paths; up until the climb to the top. Child carrier preferred for this location. Happy hiking!

Not too hard not too easy. Lots of incline. Dog friendly. Lots of bikes moving very fast so be careful.

Great trail took my dog with me it wore him plum out. beautiful views. will definitely go again.

Challenging trail with a great reward at the top with the views. I liked it counterclockwise to climb steep first and then the gradual decent coming back. Have a seat at the top, T intersection and you may see the beautiful birds I saw. Great overall.

Quite a climb through the forest, but so worth it! The views are gorgeous coming down.

Beautiful trail. A bit of work required on the first third then all flat or down hill after that.

Climbing portion is somewhat difficult if you are from sea level. Beautiful and rewarding views!

mountain biking
16 days ago

The trail is rated as easy so we thought it would be a good trail to get back into mountain bike riding since moving to the area. The first mile may be easy, but after that, the trail is not for novice mountain bike riders. Lots of loose gravel, switchbacks, and heavy climb on loose gravel. We’d absolutely go back and hike it, but not
bike it.

I walk this trail all the time . It is a easy walk , very beautiful take your camera . You never know what you will see there ,bear ,deer ect . . The veiws are worth the trip

off road driving
18 days ago

Took my 2017 JKL Hard Rock and had FUN. Great trail - mostly just bumpy. Narrows were not all that narrow (doors off - added mirrors) The ‘fun little area’ after the Academy Lookout looks way harder than it is - the jeep didn’t even break a sweat! but I did. Saw maybe 3 other vehicles

mountain biking
22 days ago

Bike this clockwise! Start on High Drive instead of Gold Camp Road. It’s an amazing downhill ride, but you should have intermediate skill level before tackling this. As long as you watch out for other people on the trail, you should have an awesome ride :)

Great hike. We made it within around 50 steps of the summit and heard what sounded like loud growls nearby...never saw anything but it was apparent there was something within the vicinity. Just a word of caution, especially to those hiking this trail alone.

The map is not accurate; the northern loop is not actually a trail. After I descended down towards Trail 666, I was stopped by a park ranger and notified that the trail is currently closed, so there is no access to the Craigs from this trail. Other than that section, the loop was great. Lots of good views over Cheyenne and Colorado Springs

Smaller and much more crowded than expected. All trails are paved unless you want to climb on the rocks.

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