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Had a blast doing this trail today with the wife and son in my 2015 F150, with a fox coil over leveling kit and 33 inch Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws (similar to KO2s).

Did the whole 9 yards, through the whole loop and even up to the academy overview.

Before you get to the loop the trail is just loaded with big dips in the ground, my toddler was cracking up the whole time going through those he loved it.

Once you hit the loop it starts to get narrower and narrower, definitely a handling challenge if you're in a full sized truck. I had to pull in my rear view a couple times and definitely had some pine tree brush, nothing intense enough to scratch the paint though. No good rock crawling spots but definitely some bumpy and steep grades to keep you on your toes.

One of my favorite hikes!! Makes you work for it the first couple miles but definitely is worth it because the rest of the loop is so beautiful. Took a solid 3 hours with some breaks in between. Will definitely come here again. I recommend this trail if you are moderately in shape, but if you aren't don't be discouraged because this hike is worth it.

16 hours ago

Love this trail - great views and good exercise. Took us a little less than 2 1/2 hours. We both clocked it on our fitbits at about 5 miles round trip. DO go to the end for the best view!

20 hours ago

It’s a fun hike close to town. The trail isn’t well defined in spots. The loose scree is miserable climbing down. Be very careful. Had to slide on my butt in places to get down.

Has a great payoff at the end - beautiful spot for a picnic! Some steep spots but still pretty family friendly.

Totally awesome!!! Trail can be a little hard to follow right where it breaks off of seven bridges and up to the summit, but fairly easy to find your way. Definitely read the reviews below in regards to the last intersection. You’ll want to avoid the marked trails straight and to your left and head up the mountain where you can see a small trail peaking through the trees to your right. Started from the parking lot at 6:20am and was at the top by 7:45am. I was lucky enough to have the summit all to myself! Definitely recommend going early in the day to avoid both the heat and the crowds at seven bridges.

Great scenic multi-trail. Conveniently located and surprisingly beautiful.

Nice trail. Even though the loop is about 4 miles, you can easily get from the trailhead to the top of the Pulpit Rock in about 30-40 minutes. The last 100 yards is a little challenging for kids but doable. Great views.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Really nice trail. Tons of hills and turns. It has bathrooms and playgrounds for the kids. I would recommend driving to the top and then start down. Chipmunks are all around the ponds. I had my kid on the back of my bike and did just fine. Heart rate peaked around 165.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Short loops but tons of good terrain for mountain biking. Bent my rear derallier hanger on one of the rock formations but I still managed to have a great ride with some low gears that still worked. Had 8miles by the time I finished.

Loved it! A nice hike with ups and downs - not just up and then down. Beautiful cliff/peaks/aspen forest views. Only saw 2 people entire trip.

Great climb up! The path back down is easy which is great bc it allows you to slow down and enjoy the beautiful views.

Very touristy. Insane amount of traffic. The mountain itself is awesome and I would love to just go explore Take my advise and park at one of the pull offs and just start exploring.

Beautiful picturesque with great photos ops! Fairly easy - mostly paved. Get there early to beat the heat and crowds

Amazing views! I will do this trail again!

Do this weekly. Great replacement for the incline as the crowds have ruined that one. Enjoy the canyon, it’s quite beautiful.

Find a natural water run-off and follow it up to the top of the ridge. All kinds of cool trails up there and amazing views. Saw rabbits and lizards. Watch for rattlesnakes as there are plenty of hiding spots for them. Watch your step!

3 days ago

Great training hike! You get the miserable scree of 14ers with the crazy incline, and don't have to be at altitude.
The trail is pretty steep on loose rock, not a good trail for kids.

Pretty low traffic on this trail. It ended up being about 4.5 miles. Some areas of the trail are poorly maintained. You will follow several trails so be sure to have some sort of map. There are lots of angles of the Garden of the Gods to take pictures or just observe. Overall it was a decent trail but I prefer a bit more of a challenge.

Really beautiful hike with great views from Mesa up at the mountains as well as down toward Garden of the Gods. Nice woodsy/low brush sections as well. We started to the right and returned on Mesa which was a nice way to do it, but we had some difficulty finding trail markings at the start and ended up following Contemplative and Sand Canyon at the beginning.

4 days ago

Brought my little tyke with me. Due to his pace and a 130pm start we only went half way. Lovely views. I look forward to doing it alone and with better gripping shoes!

Beautiful - always love Red Rocks. It seems that we choose another path each time we go. So happy that CoS turned the quarry into something we could enjoy time and time again.

Great little trail with one great view after the other.

Not a very difficult hike. Park is pretty crowded and this trail is a nice break from the people.

love the trails

GREAT TRAIL if you are looking for a few hours with great exercise. Took our dog who was able to do it with no problems. We enjoyed it.

Very good for families with young kids. Parking can be brutal but you’ll find a spot

8 days ago

Nice little trail perfect for a quick outing in the morning or end of the day. Like others have said there is some bare rock and loose gravel towards the top but if you have decent tread and take your time you will be fine. Can’t beat the views all along the way and at the summit!

Quick easy trail!

Moderate hike up the side of Pulpit Rock to get to the top. Kid friendly. Young children will need help.

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