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Awesome trail!! I mountain biked to the start of Dixon, from the Limekiln lot. On foot to Dragons Backbone. I had on mountain shoes with good tread. Didn’t need yaktrax or poles.

Some snowy/icy spots but didn't need spikes. Was a beautiful hike!! And didn't see a soul until we were almost done.

Trail conditions as of 11/17 weren't too bad with just a little iciness and snow in spots. Those areas exposed to sunlight became muddy on the decent. The Dragon's Backbone is a fun, light rock scramble with fantastic views. There are several large outcroppings adjacent to the trail that are relatively easy to climb. Since you've gone all that way, you may as well finish off the Dixon Trail (not in the original trail recording), although it basically ends abruptly at a fire road underneath the antenna farm. Horses and bikes are only allowed up the first 2.5 miles of the Dixon Trail due to the rough terrain. You can see where Dixon heads off to the NW in my recording.

Took Talon to North Talon to Dixon all the way up, then Dragon's Backbone clockwise! Beautiful and challenging hike. Took about 6 1/2 hours with some breaks thrown in. Yes the meadow & Aspens at the top is like icing on the cake. And taking Dragon's Backbone clockwise was super fun, but at times little intimidating, even though it was well marked. If you aren't paying attention it could be very easy to not spot the cairns or little orange markers. If I ever do this trail again I'd like to try the Backbone counterclockwise.

Slow and steady to start a few miles, then some serious switchbacks up. HIGHLY recommend the Dragons Backbone side trail.

One of the newest trails in Colorado...deserves more traffic. The only State Park in Colorado with a trail to the top of a mountain! Bring water and food...walking this will take more than 5 hours.

Started at 0500, on 29 Sep 19. I consider myself a intermediate hike/climber but I do live locally. Awesome trail, loved the trail signs and markers to keep us on the right trail. Used headlamp for about an hour. Only confusion was getting around the upper loop past the Dragons backbone(counter clockwise) on the summit. Please respect the downed aircraft crash site. Completed trail and back in parking lot at 10:05. It was a pretty fast pace and no stop for lunch. Enjoy, drink water, and take lots of pics!

Difficult, but the views are amazing.

no shade
5 months ago

Talon-Dixon-Mountain Loop-Dragon. Started 0500, temp 63F. Talon is well kept and multi-use for cycling/equestrian use. At the end of north talon, Dixon begins. Dixon is where the incline increases - although at first, the trails are still well kept. At dixon marker 2.5, the multi use trail ends and becomes hiking only - for a reason. At dixon marker 2.5, the incline increases to about a 13-16% grade and the switchbacks start to get grueling. We elected to take mountain loop up through a canyon meadow - really pretty and grassy. Then, we turned east and took Dragon back after stopping for lunch. Dragon is rocky. There are multiple scrambles and the trail, while marked, is hard to stick to. It was easy to find our way back though. On the way down, temps got up to 93F. Brought about 11 liters of water and we both drank though all of it. Got back at 1430.

The trailhead isn't clearly marked, so hike up the high drive route and take a left at the top of that initial incline. Beautiful loop! Some areas had a significant critical edge, so be careful of mountain bikers passing by. Moderate hike is accurate; some areas were fairly easy, while some switchbacks were a bit steeper.

Lovely hike w beautiful wildflowers. RATING KEY 5 stars = spectacular hike 4 stars = lovely hike, would happily do again 3 stars = enjoyed the hike, but not inclined to revisit

Easy access and a great trail. I’ve done this trail several times. High traffic, lots of runners. Everyone is very courteous. Enjoy

There are a couple spots to beware, you only have a foot width of riding space next to a good fall. This trail varies (as a beginner DH rider) in difficulty from easy to some very difficult drops or rock areas.

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