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Amazing hike! Best advice I can give is to wear shoes with ankle support. I'm pretty fit, but it's super rocky terrain and rolled my ankle on this trail. I wasn't wearing proper hiking shoes (just good pair of low-top running shoes). I would say this hike is more on the strenuous side just because of the sharp inclines and rockiness of the trail.
As you walk, you'll find little air vents with cool air coming out, take advantage of them!
You'll be tired when you get to the top, but make sure you go to Sprouting Rock! It's really close and beautiful.

good incline, good views.

small parking lot and not a hike really. However a very pretty area to hangout and relax. Pretty crowded

What a hike! Totally worth it!

Fun hike, but not much water currently. Highlight was a female Northern Shoveler with her babies in a pool along the trail.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike and definitely not one to miss when visiting the area. That said, the trail is actually *6.3 MILES* not 4.7. It was at least a moderate trail with some parts relatively strenuous, so if you plan on doing the full trial you need to be in good shape. We hiked the full trail in 3.5 hours. Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen as it gets hot!

You pass several waterfalls, caves, through forests, and on cliff edges! If you only do one hike, so this one. You also see Baby Bath Tub and Cascade Falls from this hike so you essentially see everything, including the adorable town itself!

Be aware at at the end you walk through a small neighborhood and then through an RV camping/trailer park section but it’s not long before your back to the visitors center. Have fun!

Fun trail, and the lake is breathtaking.

Forget that it’s touristy, it’s not easy. There’s a reason that it’s popular. It’s a beautiful place. The trail is challenging and rocky in many parts. But it’s diverse enough with many shady places to stop and rest along the creek with little waterfalls and birds. The lake and the views on top are wonderful. Have lunch up there. And I got under the waterfalls partially at Sprouting Rock, just 100 feet up. Don’t get fully under, you’ll get clobbered! Loved the hike.

4 days ago

more of a walk than a hike. worth it for the scenery

What an awesome trail so close to town. Has it all. Great views, changing terrain. Excellent markings. Added a new section up Oak Creek and back down Old Twin Peaks that is not in the AllTrails map.

This was an amazing hike. It could be difficult for some people due to the terrain. It was so nice. Make sure to go early. We got there at 5:45 am and was the first to the lake. When we were walking down there was a ton of people walking up.

This trail was amazing!! The views were amazing and so was the famous Cascade Falls that you can walk behind. Turkey great hike, but be prepared.

Nice gravel trail, just wish there was more shade.

Awesome hike but heavily trafficked. Go in early spring or late fall! And hike further for a surprise!

Waterfall was tricky to find, take a left after the bridge & go up and over the rocks until you see a picnic table by the water & then there’s a clearly marked trail or take the easy level path BEFORE the bridge

Fantastic vistas

Great beginner hike! This was my first and now I’m hooked.

This hike is amazing. The hike up the hill is a bit of a challenge. The trail is mostly shaded and there are plenty of places to stop and take a break, but I wouldn’t recommend the hike to someone with knee or hip problems or who is a novice hiker. The lake is beautiful! You can see the fish swimming in the aquamarine water! The views of the mountains at the top are beautiful too! However, the trail is crowded and I recommend getting there early. The parking lot gets full rather quickly too.

A very beautiful hike all the way through. Mostly up hill but not that tiring

Anne Marie falls is a very short spur off of ring the peak trail
there's a sign indicating the turnoff

Easy walk for some pretty views. Overall not as scenic.

My husband took the Jeep up, no problem and I hiked to the lake with the dog. Easy hike, gorgeous views

A beautiful hike, but they are going to get people in bad situations if they don't update the description! It is definitely a MODERATE trail at least. A LOT of uphill... not climbing, but uphill.

And, the 4.7 miles listed is WAY off!! We ended up backtracking a big due to some confusion after leaving the visitor center (hint... a good portion of the first mile or so is a road! Get a map at the visitor center). We completely blew off the last half of the trail east of Hwy 550, cut down the Hwy and through town, and still finished at 6.5 miles for this 4.7 mile trail.

Beautiful views and I'm glad we went counter clockwise from the visitor center b/c that got us to the falls, but we were very disappointed to hit 5 miles and realize we were barely 1/2 way done, if even that.

I was really impressed with seeing the end of this trail: the geological wonders of a hanging lake, but I don’t think I’d do this trail again. It is a lot of effort and the lake was a little disappointing for all of that effort. Just a little though!

There are also a lot of tourists who don’t know trail etiquette. With so many people around, it takes a bit away from the peaceful nature of a hike.

I noticed the water wasn't as full this time of the year. However, it was a great hike!

Great trail took my dog with me it wore him plum out. beautiful views. will definitely go again.

My favorite CO hike. Very rocky and steep inclines so dress appropriately. Will definitely be back.

Cave was closed for the bats but worth the views and hike anyways. We went from Mesa trail then followed the cave signs

10 days ago

Great family trail around Ouray, but gotta be careful on a few parts. Parked at Cascade Falls. Walked around clockwise, to the Baby Bathtubs, down and around to Box Canyon Falls. Then back through town to the Ouray Brewery for lunch. Garmin showed about 5.1 miles for all that. Carried a 2 yo in a pack. 7yo walked. Good signage.

10 days ago

It is as EVERYONE says! I snagged last parking spot that was a meh-maybe parking spot at 725am yesterday, July 6th. Crowds on trails rival RMNP.

Likes: clear path, good incline gain, nice views, birds, marmots, trout in the lake, butterflies and the murmur of a stream the whole way. I liked that I got it in before the 2019 lottery system starts.

Dislikes: Easily 100 people on the trail. This was at 745-945am!

3.5 stars for me on account of the crowds.

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