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1 day ago

The hike to the base of the rock is fabulous, but a warning that climbing to the top of the rock is especially slippery and dangerous right now. Maybe the rock has become extra slick over the years from frequent use? I fell 30 feet just two weeks after someone else fell in almost the exact same place. We were both extremely injured and lucky to have survived. Falling in that area does not mean you gradually slide down, it means you fall through the air off a cliff and land on rock. The area around the tree and higher than the tree is especially slick. Please be careful! Wear a helmet or just avoid it altogether.

great local hike if you take the switchback path, located off the north west section of the sidewalk. Look for the "trail" sign and it splits away from the bike paths. Once up the butte the terrain is mainly flat. Single file natural pathway throughout.

9 days ago

Makes me sad to see folks giving Chuck’s Loop negative reviews. I really love it there! Yes, it’s exposed and there is virtually no shade, but it’s an easy trail with varied terrain and the views are AMAZING! We saw beautiful bluebirds and lots of hummingbirds. Watching the prairie dogs was entertaining as well. If you’ve tried it and didn’t like it, may I recommend going back near sunset?

Decent trail with some nice views.

trail running
13 days ago

Since I did Caste Rock trail and was the same starting point, decided to do this one too. The map was WACK, some "trails" were not even a trail! At least I enjoyed the Castle Rock one, and got to see the most part of the trails, I think. I recommend the other one (Castle Rock) instead. This map was really bad.

trail running
13 days ago

It's a short and nice trail for trail running. No shades, so better to do it when it's less than 70F. It was cloudy today and perfect for running!

Nice view. If you want little adventure just go on to the top of Dam

14 days ago

Unfortunately Columbine Open Space is sandwiched between a railroad track to the east and a highway and another railroad track to the west. As a result it is a noisy hike with no illusion of being away from civilization. However, the hike is enjoyable and easy.

The north loop is mostly grassland. Apparently this is rattlesnake territory. The south loop has more trees and wetlands. I saw a wild turkey and some deer on this part of the trail.

A short drive south of Castle Rock. A decent hike but other nearby trails are preferable.

First ride on the new bike. First ride in 7 years. Great way to start on a fun ride. Fun ride.

16 days ago

ok trail for an easy walk. not much to see.

Great trail to do with my two Golden’s

nice easy trail

Really nice and quick trail. Took my 6 year old daughter and our dog! Was great!!!

Some climbing-like steps from rock and boulders. Be careful around edges and where shrubs grow into the path - there's no guardrails here. Trail is not easily marked - try to stay on the path. Beautiful scenery.

Great for a range of people but definitely makes you work a bit with the incline. Overall loved it.

Beautiful park. It was a bit muddy and cold but not another sole on the trail. It is fairly easy trail to the falls and to the dam. The rock formations are awesome. We did not have to pay for parking. Nobody at the booth. Great places for kids to play in the water when it’s warmer.

easy walk on a beautiful day, great view of Pikes as you stroll around. A bit muddy, but drying up as the morning went on. Don't really enjoy seeing houses and cars drive by as I on the trails. But nice enough.

A beautiful hike that the two boys (age 8 & 10) we were hiking with loved. The trail winds around rock formations with beautiful views that make you quickly forget you just parked in a populated subdivision. We arrived at 10:30 and the boys were in heaven scrambling up and down little detours on the trail.

However our walk back in the early afternoon gave us all the fright of our lives from encounters with two rattlesnakes. One we were tipped off by a couple hiking just in front of us and the other started to rattle as we apparently had all just walked by him. There was no veering off trail on our way back and we really wished we had started earlier before they came out to bathe in the heat of the day or chose a colder day in general. Definitely keep this in mind. But the hike itself was pretty spectacular.

1 month ago

Nice view at the top! Beware of dog poop

This is an easy hike with stairs. Optional rock scramble, on a piece of interestingly varied geology. At this time of year the scrub oak bears a hearty crop of plastic bags, flapping and lifeless. The omnipresent sights and sound of traffic and parked cars and little boxes made of ticky tacky smothered the natural beauty of this place. Recommended if you're a tourist. If you're a traveler, skip it.

on Glendale Farm Trail

1 month ago

Perfect for a family!!!

I did this trail today with my two dogs. Great, well maintained easy trail. We did see a small grass snake, enough to give this snake fearer a heart attack. Also a fair amount of cactus. Other than that, it was a wonderful, easy hike!

$7 for a day pass but there are miles and miles of trails ! We did a 6.5 mile loop (many trails connect and loop to each other). Pretty creek in the canyon . Trails along the creek at the canyon bottom and rim trail along the edge of the canyon . Old dam you can hike to as well! Many nice lookouts . Enjoyable hike . Playground for kids near parking area. Some restroom. Dog friendly and rock climbing areas too.

Nice beginner trail for mountain biking. It’s on the side of a hill with a cow farm next to it. Dog park below it.

Great for kids easy to do

Beautiful views!

Unexpectedly good.

2 months ago

Very short hike. Pretty view. Fun for a quick outing.

Very fun short trail the steps are a killer once you hit about 100 our whole family does it and really enjoys the time

trail running
3 months ago

Beautiful trail with stunning views of the mountains, forest, and a meadow. Mid-February trail conditions = 85-90% mud, slush, snow, ice, ice underneath snow, and ice rivers. The climb from Bear Creek to the campground is particularly rough requiring traversing off the trail due to the ice river flowing down the trail. There is no trail marker for 800 at the intersection with Ringtail. Take the downhill trail to the left of Ringtail. Some sites have this trail marked as dog friendly. Please note that there is a section where it skirts the west end of Roxborough State Park which doesn't allow dogs.

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