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Caribou City, Colorado Map

Nice trails for easy hike / snow shoeing. Saw a mother moose with her calf.

I did this Trail a couple weeks ago and there wasn’t enough snow. Ended up using my micro spikes instead. It’d be a really nice easy trail had there been more snow!

Pleasant, mellow trail. Not at all challenging but nice if you’re looking for an easy stroll through the woods.

This is a fun place if you want an uber-easy mtn bike ride. No fishing allowed, so the shoreline is cleaner than a lot of other places. This place isn't spectacular but it's sweet and a great picnic spot.

3 months ago

Amazing trail, this was my 3rd time on this trail. This was the only time that I didn’t go in summer, the conditions were snowy about 2-6 inches for about 5 miles. After it began to get deeper about a foot and approaching the scenic mountains it began to get frigid with windchill below zero. At that point I descended my journey back to the parking lot

Easy in and out. On 10/28/17 we saw a family group of moose 50 feet off the trail. Scary, but awesome once it was over.

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7 months ago

We started early morning: around 5:10AM, still in the dark from Rainbow Lake Trailhead, close to the campground. That turned out to be a great idea: as we climbed higher and higher we were greeted with awesome views of the horizon painted various orange/red/yellow colors as the sun was rising. Also saw from different spots Boulder with its lights still on, so great early morning views.
Then the light rain started, which pretty much stayed with us the entire time. Occasional windy spots, such as at Arapaho Glacier. With being wet, the occasionally strong wind was definitely not helping.
Despite of the steady, but light rain, still enjoyed this trip very much! The views with the clouds moving in and partially hiding the surrounding peaks, provided for unique views.
Except for a short section where we still had to go through a snowfield (easy, no issues), the trail was clear from snow, but wet. As we were descending to Arapaho Pass Trail, the lower we got the more often the trail went through thick patches of bushes. Amazing, how much water those bushes can hold: each time felt like taking a shower, so there were not many dry spots on our clothes. Shoes and socks were already dripping wet.
The solitude this trail provided with the light rain was very special and very relaxing, so completely didn't care about being wet, but more enjoyed our time...
With the elevation gain, it is a great workout and the trail most of the time is single track. Above tree line it is very technical, so if you want to work on your foot work and cadence, this is the route for you... :-)

Nice walk...not too far out of Denver

Nice walk...no too far out of Denver

Beautiful easy trail around a small lake.

Spotted my first ever moose on this trail, which was a total treat - and that's why I give this trail 5 stars (otherwise I prefer the more difficult routes)...she was about 30 yards away, and if hadn't been looking, I would have missed her. I only stopped long enough to snap a photo (they can be aggressive, right?), and she kept her eyes on me but didn't budge.

Pleasant walk just a few minutes drive from Nederland. Picnicking is popular around Mud Lake. Very flat and easy walk through the trees and around the lake. Pick up Caribou Ranch Link to continue over to Caribou Ranch Open Space (no dogs allowed there).

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Hiked trail in July 7,2002. Nice views of lakes, waterfall,and flowers. July was the best time to hike this high trail.

7 months ago

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

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