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Initially, I visited on a breezy spring day and traveled most?of the 4 mile loop. It was quite beautiful and easy enough without being boring. Good signage for the most part until You leave the grassy area and come to a rock outcrop/Canyon wall. I tried following several dead end paths, but never could get all the way around. I think it’s overgrown and that possibly some of the rock cairns have been knocked over. I tried finding my way from the other side of the loop as well, that didn’t work out either!

According to the map at the picnic area, there are three loops that are connected together and spurs that go along the canyon rock where the pictographs are. The pictographs are awesome, although they have been heavily vandalized. How stupid do you have to be to carve your initials over ancient rock art?

I hike with my dogs and they love running and playing here. There is a spring and a creek that runs through the canyon, but bring water, of course. It’s hot!
Not that far from Springfield where I’m staying on a work contract ... I’ve been here a number of times and I love the place even though the proper trail path eludes me!