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14 hours ago

Did a full moon snowshoe hike for the eclipse Sunday night. Road conditions are manageable in a high clearance 4 by 4 but you should have all season tires, chains would be nice. Nice trench laid all the way from the TH to the Crags and route finding was easy even at night. If in doubt, hike up from the Mennonite Camp, don’t rely on others to pull you out. Beautiful snow conditions! About 2-2 1/2 feet of snow. Good BC Nordic skiing too!

This was a beautiful and nice hike. However, this trail is rated easy ,which it is, unless there is ice. Then I would rate it moderate/easy. Will be adding shoe cleats to my hike bag.

*you have to travel 2 miles north to get a $9 parking permit* (who ever put the buttons on it was color blinded, see picture)

We opted for this hike because it seemed to offer more visual interest (and wind protection) than the more open meadow trails to the south, but the downside to this forested loop was that about a third of the trail was covered in mud or ice. We saw a couple of trail runners but otherwise we found pure solitude, despite it being the tail end of a holiday weekend. Plus, no highway traffic to be seen or heard in this corner of the park! We’ll certainly come back again when it dries out a bit.

Road to trail is closed roughly 3 miles from trailhead.

Great quick hike close to Denver. Trailhead has plenty of parking around 830am on a holiday. The snow was packed but you absolutely need spikes or tracks. It was slippery! I could not find the first falls due to the frozen water and no sound, and the second main fall was frozen solid but pretty to see. There is a sign right off to the left of the trail. Look for it. I passed a few people who said they missed it. I could not catch the loop on the way back from the hike, at the other trailhead. Either it was snowpacked or not clearly marked. I just went back the way I came. Only annoying thing, even though there were plenty of signs about leashing the dogs, but there were so many dogs off leash and dog poop bags on the side of the trails...some dogs friendlier than others. I have a friend that has been traumatized by a dog bite, and unfortunately, she could never come since people don’t care about the rules. I came for a hike, not to greet 50 dogs.

Easy, snow packed trail. We did this with some friends and they did not use traction on the way up. (We had microspikes). We got here at 8am and had parking, but when we returned at 10am everything was full. The elevation gain was spread out pretty evenly, with the most steep sections at the last half mile.

Snow shoe or ski in. Otherwise you post hole. Busier than I wanted it yesterday morning. Trail condition is great. Mostly established main trails.. Packed snow on trails until you start climbing the last steep 1000 feet then it’s deep snow country and would be difficult without a reliable flotation devise (snowshoe or ski) The first lake we run into was frozen. To ski or snow shoe? If you ski here you glide. You snowshoe? Hard work = great toned legs! :) either way this place is relatively close to DENVER and offers amazing views and tons of photo ops with other like minded humans. And its as cliche as the saying “it‘s worth it”! Happy trails!

2 days ago

It was a beautiful area but didn’t quite make it to snowshoe because 4 cars (all 4 wheel drive even) got stuck in the deep snow along the way and we got sandwiched in between. I definitely recommend stopping at the Mennonite camp and hiking up from there because driving any further might not be possible (and you might get stuck for 2 hours like we did). Tips for driving: STAY IN THE TRACKS. It’s definitely one lane at the moment so if you meet another car...the only way around really is to back up. Most cars got stuck because they moved slightly to one side to make room to pass but ended up in a snow bank. Overall, will definitely be returning when there is less snow.

We enjoyed Pawnee Buttes on a beautiful 50 degree Sunday in January. We left the parking lot and headed down to the the fork and took the right path onto Lips Bluff Trail, up and over enjoying the amazing views.
We rejoined the main trail and hiked to the both bluffs and back along the main trail back to the parking lot. Very unique landscape in the plains of NE Colorado. We hiked with our son and two dogs
And they all loved it. A great winter option for us that live in NOCO.

Great snow, great trail! Snowshoed up to the lower lake this morning. Started at about 9:30, done by 1:30. Definitely need snowshoes as we were breaking trail in tons of powder up by the lake. Also, snow is great all the way from the trailhead, so best to wear your snowshoes or skins/skis to keep the snow pack as smooth as possible for others.

No dogs allowed! $800 fine for dogs. I’m sure it’s a nice trail but that is DEFINITELY something every dog owner needs to know before heading out

Lots of snow after the storm a couple days ago. You could see an indent in the snow where the trail was, but it wasn’t clear enough after a bit and we ended up blazing our own trail up to the ridge just below Devils Playground. I was moving slower than the other two guys I went with so we agreed on a turn-around time and they went up to the ridge just over the road for a glimpse of Colorado Springs. Probably they would have made it to the summit if it weren’t for blazing a new trail through the snow. We ran out of time and came back down disappointed to not summit, but the day was beautiful and you can’t complain whenever you get to spend time up at those altitudes. Reminds you of the beauty and wildness of this place, even if there is a road and shop at the very top (closed today due to ice and wind). Advice for other hikers, if there’s been a snow storm within the last few days, don’t assume the trail will be packed down- take snowshoes. Only reason for only 4 stars is because some trail markers would be helpful.

3 days ago

This an easy loop trail. Did this in about two hours with my grandkids.

3 days ago

Nice, easy snowshoeing hike. We took our time and it was about 2 hours. If you're in a rush and in shape, 1 hour is definitely possible.

There were a few people out there, but most were in Meetups and condensed to a few large groups that easily separated and allowed for some private hiking. There is a slight elevation change but doable for people of almost any fitness level and skill.

60% of the hike did not need snowshoes, about 2 days after 6" fell. Trail was pretty condensed. 40% of it, though, I was glad to have shoes. You can get away with spikes for the whole thing.

Lots of dogs on leash.

Note: The parking fills up early. We arrived at 8:45 and it was half full. When we finished by 11:00 there were cars circling waiting for spots to open up.

Garmin: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3317309643

If the parking lot is windy, don't worry. There is great tree cover all the way up to the lakes. The first mile is packed snow, but you can still wear your snowshoes. You will need them. The last mile is a steep climb up and traction is crucial. I continued to the upper lake and followed someone's else's tracks. Snow was knee deep - fun! Took me 3.25 hours RT.

4 days ago

Hiked on 1/14. Very difficult hike in the winter, trail is not visible above treeline, snowshoes/poles were very helpful but we saw a lot of people going in just yaktrax. It was extremely windy on the day we went. Beautiful hike though and less of a crowd on a Tuesday!

4 days ago

Great loop if you’re in the mood to hike but not kill yourself with ridiculous incline. Beautiful views throughout but the summit by one of the falls is

4 days ago

Beautiful trail this morning. But as the sun melted the snow it got very muddy. Dino tracks were awesome but didn’t cross creek to see them all.

4 days ago

DO NOT TRY TO TAKE GOOGLE MAPS ROUTE WITH MOUNTAIN BASE ROAD IT'S CLOSED! Did half this hike on 1/12/19. Snow packed trail approx 4-8 inches great for snow shoeing but can be done with yak tracks! Did the trail clockwise and there's a pretty decent incline about 1/3rd of the way in. Didn't make it to panaroma point due to starting really late but I would highly recommend and am planning to go back soon!

Good climb with camping at the base of the mountain.

One of my favourites! Broke climb into 2 days. First day started in afternoon, climbed over notch mountain and camped in the valley. Woke up early next morning and summited. I would do this hike again.

Great hike, slightly confusing near summit due to cairns were sometimes difficult to spot. I have hiked many 14ers and this trail seemed more strenuous than I had previously thought. All in all still a great hike

Beautiful winter hike great place to watch the sunrise amazing views all around. Word of thanks to the snowshoers who went up the previous day , made the hike much easier.

We started hiking this from the Platte River end and we made it 3 miles in the snow before we had to turn around. It was gorgeous and amazing and with the right gear I would do it again in the snow, but I wasn't prepared and this is what led to us turning back after 3 miles. I can't wait to go back there once the snow melts away so that I can finish what I started.

Bring backup snowshoes for sure and spikes for boots if going in winter. Beautiful trail with a VERY scenic drive up. Took about an hour in snow but we started from the fork of lonely lake and creedmore, adding a little less than another mile to the hike. I was expecting there to be water in the lake but I guess that's just a summer/fall thing. Definitely a good spot if you don't have much time to hike and you want to camp overnight.

trail for the most part was clear and easy to complete. Nice relaxing hike

Did the whole loop today (middle of winter). Was difficult going through the snow, but became one of my favourite trails. Picks in incline but worth it when you get to the very top. 5/5 would recommend. Will revisit during spring.

by far the easiest trail I've ever done

9 days ago

Beautiful trail, outside of RMNP gates. First visit 1/13/19 - snow on most of the trail, well packed and well traveled. Sunny skies and warm rocks to relax on. I left my snowshoes in the car - a few slippery spots where crampons would be helpful but not bad. Lake frozen solid. Well maintained trail allowed for trail running on the way down.

amazing winter hike. snow was loosely packed, not icy. I hiked in just boots with good grip. get out here when the snow is fresh, it's stunning!

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