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My wife and I loved this trail. It is a very moderate climb until you pass the mill. We only made it to the top of the tree line because there were 50-70 mph wind gusts. We were satisfied with our progress for being Michiganders coming from a low elevation and attempting it the third day in Colorado. Plans are to come back in the summer!

Easy hike, not very scenic. It's a dirt road going up to the mine. The mine is interesting and there are some additional hikes off this one.

on Peaks Trail

1 day ago

Hiked Frisco to Breckinridge. 8.3 miles one way, took the gondola down to town for food. Beautiful trail, very well marked and maintained. All creeks we’re running so the sound and sights were just perfect. No snow but a few muddy spots.

Not sure why it’s rated as Hard — perhaps the round trip. One way I’d “downgrade” it to a Moderate.

One of the best hikes in the area. The trail offers a very nice and relaxing hike in the forest, and is not too strenuous. It links with the Mohawk lakes trail and I suggest continuing on until the lakes. If you continue to the lakes, it's around 6-7 miles each way, but it is one of the best day hikes.

A beautiful hike ending at 3 lakes (Mayflower, Lower Mohawk, and Upper Mohawk) and a waterfall. First portion is in the woods, following a stream. The last part of the hike is quite steep, but the views at the top are worth it.

Good hike for families with small children. Not the most scenic but a great hike for families.

Good fun. Likes the mountain goats that greeted us at the top.

Gorgeous trail. Mountain goats, pika, prairie dogs, and more wildlife make for an even more interesting 14er experience. Ridgeline is beautiful and overlooks upper and lower Blue Lakes. This was an enjoyable hike. Start early, as storms will brew in the afternoons.

I hiked Quandary on Wednesday (6/13). Left around 5am from Denver and started at the trailhead by 6:45am. I summited almost exactly 2 hrs later and was back at my car by 10:45am for a smooth 4 hour round trip (hung out for 20 mins at the summit). This was my first time hiking Quandary, but it was my 10th 14er I've hiked. Trekking poles made this hike much easier, especially for the last half mile or so climb, but not required. Saw lots of mountain goats and once you're out of tree line the views are beautiful.

Mostly uphill. Beautiful views. The mining ruins were really cool. Lots of great water and streams too.

We had our two kids (3 and 1) in packs and made it to the old mining cabins. Fantastic hike w/ stunning views. From the parking lot to the cabins and back is more like 2.5 miles round trip. We didn't do the full 6 miles. Trail is more of a dirt road w/ a decent amount of snow runoff crossing the road making it a little muddy in places but I did the hike and running shoes and it was fine. I really enjoyed the hike and our kids loved it as well.

scenic driving
4 days ago

This is a really nice road for a scenic drive. Very interesting story of the area at the pass. A lot of history there. It took about an hour and a half from the Breck side, but we stopped at the pass and looked around for about 20 minutes too. Definitely not a 4 x 4 road. It is in really good shape, and you can do this in a car no problem. There is only one slightly rocky part at the very bottom of the Como side, that's it. Lots of Aspens along this drive so it must be nice in the fall. I could see this being a good road to look for wildlife either early morning or late in the day too. We will go back sometime to see. Lots of people camped along this road the day we went. Check it out.

5 days ago

Great views! Took us a little longer to get to main trail but worth every step. Good physical challenge combined with friendly goats, spring flowers and 360 views.

Hiked (6/9/18). Started about 6:45, summitted around 11. We took plenty of breaks. Gorgeous views from the top of this mountain, but beware when people say brutal last 1,000 feet, they **really** mean it. You’re basically climbing something that’s slightly below a scramble. You don’t quite need your hands, but it’s super super steep. It’s also really rocky for the upper hike. Rock, shale etc.

We did this with our corgi, so dogs can definitely do it. There are mountain goats, so keep that in mind if you plan to bring a dog. I’d recommend bringing booties for their paws unless they’re really used to rock. Our corgi was ultimately fine, but we could tell his paws were sore the next day since we didn’t have booties for him.

Overall, glad I did it, worth the views, but I don’t have any desire to climb it twice. I’d give it 4 stars, but AllTrails has the description “would do it again” for 4 stars, and I really would rather not. Haha. That end part is rough.

Climbed this morning! Truly a wonderful hike. VERY minimal snow right before the summit. Easily walked over, just be careful coming down. A little icy, but not enough snow to hinder your hike. I didn’t need trekking poles OR spikes. As stated by hikers before me, there are super friendly mountain goats lingering around at various parts of the trail.

I stopped a lot along the way. In total, I spent about 5 hrs 15 minutes on the mountain. I was at the summit by 9:20am. (Left car at 6:15am, and made it back to car by 11:22 am. I parked in the lower lot because spots by trailhead were already taken.) I passed a LOT of people on my way up and down. Easily over 3 dozen people were having fun on the hill. I was solo-ing today, but the awesome energy of the other hikers around me was enough to keep me going.

Words of advice: just keep going if the weather permits! Totally worth it. The random stairs in the side of the mountain above tree line are annoying going up, but super needed on the jog back down.

Very relaxing!!

5 days ago

Easy hike to get used to altitude. Cool ruins. Mostly bikers on trail. Very fun!

June 11, 2018 - parked at lower trail head and took Spruce Creek Trail - pretty tame until I reached intersection with jeep road. Steep from there to Upper Mohawk Lake. Trail hard to follow in places but this app helped immensely. Some snowpacked sections. Very windy at lake. Ran down the jeep road back to parking area. Just over 3 hours total time.

Great hike! We left on a Saturday at 7am and the trail was crowded as advertised. Especially up on the final push towards the summit. Weather was fantastic and the views were great! There was a small patch of snow up near the summit, that I was glad a brought some microspikes up for the ascent. You could manage fine without, but the extra traction seemed to help me. I brought my dog up to the top with me, but was glad that I had some shoes for him. The trail has quite a few jagged rocks for the last 1.5 miles up and down, and I would've been scared for the pads on his paws if I didn't have a pair of the ruffwear kicks for him! Lots of people passing especially towards the top. Great beginner 14'er and the views up top are fantastic!

Hiked this for the first time this morning. Started out at 6am with my wife, 20 year old son and 10 year old daughter. My wife and daughter turned around at a little over 1.9 miles because of the extremely cold wind. I continued to the top with my son and we made it there in about 2.5hrs. It’s really a great hike, but the wind made it a little uncomfortable at times and very uncomfortable on top. We made it back to the car in good time with a round trip time of 3.75 hours.
My best advice for anyone heading up early in the morning is to have plenty of layers. Make sure you have something to cover your head and block the wind.

This listing does NOT show the route to the top of Bald Mt. This stops at 13,000ft, by a gated area. There's still. whole mountain to climb after that -- and it is SO worth it if you can stomach several false summits.

We were caught off guard by how much longer the hike ended up (10.5 round trip, 3200 gain) and how much harder. The scramble is exhilarating and a great test of your agility (trust no rock!). We saw a mountain goat around the gate.

Great views. I highly recommend going through all of the mohawk lakes as it’s very worth it! We saw some wildlife, most notably mountain goats. Our trip ended up being almost 8 miles so just be aware that if you visit all of the falls and lakes you will go a much greater distance than listed.

Mohawk trail was fantastic! Incredible change in scenery from the lower lake and lots of nice spots to sit and enjoy the view on the way up.

Great hike. Moderate hike and not too strenuous. Very rewarding views. Slow steady climb from the car park to the cabins. Very little snow on the ground currently although a little wet in places due to the run off. This is much shorter than I think detailed here.

Hiked to the lower falls. What a beautiful hike. A little muddy and some snow still, but sooo worth it!

on Quandary Peak Trail

8 days ago

We arrived at the first parking lot yesterday at 6:30, which was basically empty. We decided not to chance checking out the roadside parking near the trailhead indicated by AllTrails, but there were plenty of spots open there too.

This was most of our group’s first fourteener, although we have been hiking around the Rockies for a few years now. It was a great choice for at least a handful of reasons: well-defined trail, short yet sometimes intense, well-behaved mountain goats, and basically no exposure.

The trail was clean, easy to follow, and fairly populated. There was minimal mud and the only snow was near the final pitch. No traction or poles were necessary but the latter are probably useful in general. We threw on our spikes to take the road less traveled on as the packed-snow trail became quite slippery when the incline was steep.

As usual, take plenty of water, sun protection, wind protection if your skin needs it, sunglasses, and some layers. Get ready to enjoy some incredible views!

Some reflections on this hike as a first fourteener follow. Let your body acclimate to the elevation during the initial gentle segment and set a pace for it to get used to. Reapply sunscreen. Have fun, breath, and enjoy the final ascent that literally goes on forever.

Please pack out what you pack in.

9 days ago

My family of 5 ranging in age from 15 to 49 hiked Quandary on 6/6/18. I would describe us all as very fit (runners, triathletes) but with zero hiking experience and from Texas. Due to our lack of experience, it was difficult but worth every minute.

We started at 6:45 (only one parking spot left at main trailhead but spots remaining at parking lot further down) and made it to the top around 11:00 which included a 20 minute break and plenty of short stops to catch our breath and enjoy the view. We had perfect weather and low wind but intense sun so definitely needed lots of sunscreen and chapstick. We all hiked in tennis shoes which was ok but make sure they still have good tread.my sons shoes were a bit older and he did slip a bit in snow patches. We also rented trekking poles from Breckenridge Mountaineers and I am not sure I could have made it down without them. There were a few small patches of slushy snow above tree line then one larger patch near summit. The snow was a bit tricky in tennis shoes but we made it across slowly. Coming down my son sled on his butt which was fun and efficient. The boulder fields are the most difficult part. Once you get past the false summit it gets very intense but with the summit in view we were able to push through .The panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains from the top was amazing and we were so lucky to have perfect weather.

Took us 3:43 to get down with a long stop to hang out with the goats. I was hoping coming down would be easier but still pretty hard so make sure you maintain nutrition and hydrate throughout.

Biggest difference between this and a marathon is that every muscle was engaged the entire time to climb, maintain balance and safe footing. Definitely exhausted and a bit sore the next day but would do it again in a heart beat!

My boyfriend and I did this hike yesterday. We started at 7:30am and were back down by 2pm. We could not have asked for a more clear and warm day for our first fourteener experience.

The final stretch up to the peak with the hardest part both on the way up and down. We did not have spikes or poles, but they did not seem necessary for any part except coming off the peak because it’s very steep and covered in slushy snow. I simply put my gloves on and slid down quickly on my butt. It was the most fun.

This trek is great because you are rewarded with views almost the whole way, and at the peak you are spoiled by a panoramic view of the vast high Rockies. Wear hats and clothing to protect your skin. The sun is intense at 14k feet.

10 days ago

Nice hike that begins alongside a stream and then gradually ascends.
NOTE: on our way down we found a set of keys. We will return to owner if correctly identified.
Please post here.

10 days ago

Follows a stream for about .25 mile, then through beautiful forested well=marked trail. A pretty easy hike.

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