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18 hours ago

Physically demanding, but certainly worth it. Great scenery and a nice view from the top. Definitely recommend an early start to beat the crowds and/or summer thunderstorms.

Got on the trail early, left about 4:45 and only saw a few people on the way up. Great trail, one of the easier 14ners but the view at the top is great. Saw lots of people on the way down but wasn’t to crowded. Nice hike for sure

We are new hikers and found the trail a great first 14.


1 day ago

Awesome and tiring hike to the peak. My wife and I did this hike today with the luck of some awesome weather. It was a bit crowded toward the top, but like others have said, the trail is very, very well maintained. Almost to a fault. I enjoyed the peak mostly for the 360 views. It's hard to describe and even pictures do zero justice for how vast and awesome it truly is. If you start at the bottom lot, expect a pretty gnarly start to the trail. We were surprised by the sudden incline, which sort of beat us up a bit before we acclimated and fell into our rhythm. Much like other 14ers, always assume that it never ends. Near the top, you have to ascend three nearly straight up (at least from your vantage point) climbs before the 'final' trek to the summit. Seriously, it never ends. But when it does, amazeballs. Oh, and leave the little Pikas and goats alone. They deserve to be there as much as we do, and they're insanely adorable to look at on your way up. Luckily we ran into both. It does get pretty cold at the peak. Simple cloud coverage had us shivering, but it's still worth it. Go!

Hiked this last Wednesday. On the trail at 5:20am, the hike was enjoyable with cooler weather up to the flat. Summit at 7:30 (2:12 min) at a good pace. I climb every year and the early departure was a big plus , fewer people on the trail and cooler temps.
Hiked in shorts, t-shirt and hat with trail runners, One very light weight down jacket (used at the summit), a shell (not used), spare socks, battery backup, tiny blister kit and kleenex completed the pack. I carried 3L and used 2.25L of water, 2 snickers,a banana and protein bar.
Down in 1:40, jogging on the flats for a total trip of 3:52. I hiked with wife/daughter last year at a more leisurely pace and we were up/down in about 5:20 (added water and snacks)
In 10+ summits the trail is in the best shape I have ever seen it - thank the hardworking trail crew if you see them.

did this hike on Thursday 7/12. got started at 8:30 which was probably a little late. Hike measured at 7.1 miles from upper parking area. One of the most difficult hikes I've ever experienced. Weather turned nasty right at the summit and started raining and hailing so no home to enjoy any views. Definitely recommend a good wind breaker or even a good ole trash bag in the event of bad weather. My wife, 2 daughters and I had none of the above so we froze on our descent. Learned some harsh lessons on this trip but my first 14'er. Take plenty of water, some energy gels, hiking stick highly recommended, some clothing layers as it gets cold up high and a wind breaker. 6.5 hour round trip.

Easy hike through the woods with several interesting old abandoned mines to see and a handful of surprising vistas. Great mix of ease (I make a point of this as I am older and live a sedentary lifestyle near sea level), historically significant sites, and beautiful vistas.

This is a must do drive every visit we make to the area. Have made the drive fifteen or more times...it never gets old. It’s fun to park at various points along the way and hike a little.

off road driving
3 days ago

Attempted it in a Ford F-250, 6 inch lift, 37 inch mud tires. A lot more rocky than I expected from the pics. None of them large or jagged, but made for a slow, rough ride in my particular truck. Switchbacks are sharp, so they took three point turns for me. Wish I could have made it to the top, but my passengers were new to off-roading and were getting motion sick and nervous. Made it to the last switchback. Great views but zero wildlife today.

3 days ago

we loved it!! although all 3 of our watches had it between 8-9 miles (not 6). view is so worth it

very awesome!

Short sweet n steep

6 days ago

Decided to go on a Monday in July to avoid the traffic. There were still lots of people on the trail at 630 when we started. The earlier you start this trail the better! You get to enjoy more of the hike itself as opposed to large crowds of people all climbing together. Views at the top were absolutely fabulous.

6 days ago

We did this trail today as an "easy 14-er", and I think everybody else does it for the same reason. It is not about enjoying the hike, it is about making it to the top.
Arrived at 6:50, took us 3 hours to the top (we are from Ohio, and I am 60). The parking was 3/4 full (it is Monday). BTW, the distance from the lower parking to the trailhead is negligible, so there is no need to get out of one's way to make it to the upper parking, or to park creatively along the road.
The trail: the lower 1/3 goes through a pine forest, and is rather pleasant. The rest is mostly scrambling on a rock scree. There is nothing dangerous, or technically difficult, but it is steep when you go up, and is hard on your knees and toes on the way down, even in good hiking boots. Nevertheless, it is doable.
The view from the top is what one expects to see from the top of a mountain that is taller than most its neighbors (do not get me wrong, it is impressive). The scenery along the trail (upper part) is rather dull (no flowers, no trees.) Lots of people on the trail.

Well maintained trail, great hike.

We started At 6:05 today and summited in 3 hrs but only took 2:10 hrs coming down. It was our first 14er and every one had said this was the easiest. Coming back in August to hike a couple more.

Nice hike! One of the easier and faster 14ers I’ve done. Summited in 2.5 hours with virtually no stopping. I was worried about crowds reading other reviews but we started this Monday at 7:30 and had no trouble parking. Still a lot of people but it wasn’t an obnoxious amount. Finished at noon. The weather was pretty consistent compared to others; I was pretty toasty besides the wind at the summit. Beautiful woods at the first half. Great one for beginners!

7 days ago

If you are thinking of starting with the 14ers, this trek is a must for beginners. No 14ers are easy but the scenic view of this trail will keep you going. Get a very good trekking boot as that is the most important part of you enroute to the top.

7 days ago

Did this hike on the 4th. We really enjoyed it. Wasn’t very difficult and was in the shade most of the time!

Great tune up trail. Easy trail with good views on the first 20 minutes. Finishes along road to parking lot.

I did this hike today and it was amazing. Heads up, the mileage isn’t correct. The total distance clocked near 11 miles.

Great day. Started 4AM, full moon. Saw 5 people on way up, 500 on way down. Get here early!

This was my first 14er and it was hard but amazing. My brother and I started at 5:30a on Sunday and the upper lot was already full. We took our time with plenty of breaks and made it up in 3.5 hours. It was cold at the top but the views and reaching our destination made it worth it. It took us 6 hrs round trip.

Went on 7/07 and it was a beautiful day for my first 14er. Quandary Peak is a popular and met numerous other hikers who were doing this for their first 14er too. Arrived at 5:30 and the lot was quite full already. Reached summit by around 8:50 and then arrived back to the parking lot around 11:45. This hike included numerous short breaks for water and a longer break for a meal at the summit. Well kept trail! Lots of dogs mostly off leash which creates congestion at times. I would definitely recommend!

This was my first 14er and it was challenging yet doable. Started at 5:45 am on 7/6/18 and had to park in the lower lot as the top lot and side of the road was mostly full at that time. Tons a of people on the trail, probably because of the holiday and the perfect weather. I did this hike with my mom who is 58 years old and neither of us are avid hikers but we are pretty fit people. It took us 3.5 hours to summit and about 3 hours for decent. Decent took longer than most people because my mother wanted to be extra careful about her steps. Definitely recommend hiking poles for the decent. The last ascent to the top is tough, take lots of breaks. I am from the east coast so I needed the breaks to adjust to the altitude and less about muscle fatigue. The views at the top are spectacular and so worth the effort to get there.

We wanted a trail we could walk to from our hotel since we didn’t have a car.
We decided to take the advance of GoBreck.com recommendation:
Option Two – Ski Run: A popular option is to hike up the ski run on your right/west, travelling underneath the Quicksilver lift. The first hill is steep, but the path flattens out at the top and rewards you with sweeping views of Breckenridge and the Continental Divide. Horses from the Breckenridge Stables can be seen ahead.

We walked around the stables then picked up The Burro trail from there, it’s a great easy trail and lots of shade.
We walked it till we hit the Spruce Creek Trail and jumped on that for the rest of our day.

9 days ago

Great hike on the 4th. Camped at Hoosier pass the night before but stayed up late and didnt get to the trailhead til 8am. Lot was full and had to park a hundred or so yards up the road. MUCH longer than what it says on here. Way longer than the 6miles it says on here. I know fitbits arent the most accurate but mine said round trip at just under 11miles. 5hours 40min to do the whole thing. False summits make it a little more intimidating towards the top and the last couple hundred feet are the hardest. 3.5hrs to summit, 2hrs down. Wouldnt want to start any later than we did as weather was starting to move in when we were at the bottom and felt a couple raindrops when we go to the car. Dog did fine but have to carry water for her as theres no streams or water along the hike. Top half is rocky and scree to the top. Pups paws were a lil chapped at the end but she made it fine.

Very nice trail.

My husband and I did the Quandary Peak Trail as our very first 14er, and it was an amazing experience. Yes, it was definitely a difficult and challenging hike, but it was so worth it to make it to the top and experience the spectacular views. Mountain goats didn't hesitate to walk the trail right alongside the people, and the trail itself is overall well maintained. Being from Missouri (and having mild asthma), this hike was a challenge for me, but it just proved to me that anyone can do it if you set a slow and steady pace and take breaks when you need them. Although this is supposedly an "easy" 14er, don't let it fool you; the last 1000 feet of elevation gain are extremely difficult because of the steep slope. We took many breaks throughout to make sure we still had the energy to descend the hike. Definitely make sure to get to the trailhead early. We arrived at 5:15am and already the small parking area was filling quickly with cars. Allow yourself more time than you think to complete the whole trail. We arrived at the peak at 9:30, and it took us about 2 1/2 hours to make the descent. We did see a couple of young children on the trail who were clearly struggling, so be aware of your child's physical abilities before allowing them to attempt the trail. There were some children who had to be carried up and down the mountain because they didn't have the stamina to continue on their own.

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