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Followed directions to trailhead. Used app recording to insure we were on the correct path. First surprise was a steeper descent to the stream from the start. Trail narrows at the stream so we backed up and aborted this trip.

20 hours ago

Good easy acclimating walk. Good links to other trails to extend the excursion.

2 days ago

Easy trail to get acclimated. beautiful trees and kids enjoyed the mines.

4 days ago

Did this hike 8/8. Beautiful hike but definitely not difficult. Shared the trail with a quite a few bikers who all didn’t understand that the trail was to be shared.

off road driving
5 days ago

Drove as far up as allowed in stock 4runner TRD off road. No problem but the road is pretty beat up and has only gotten worse with time. Would definitely recommended a good 10+ inch clearance if you are gonna go past the last parking section. Once to end of the 4x4 road it was about a 30-45 minute hike up rocks and steep incline. Did this at the end of the day saturday and it wasn't too busy. Any earlier and the trail is generally mobbed with people.

5 days ago

As everyone has said- AMAZING hike! Although I will just add my 2 cents about the “rough road” that you can drive on to get you closer to the actual trail...I was in a Honda Pilot (4wd and good clearance)...and I managed to drive maybe a half mile up that “road” and decided to park it. Pretty intense off-roading conditions! I’m no off-road expert- but I live in Utah and drive on many dirt roads- and this one was pretty intense. However- definitely saw many other 4WD vehicles (some with less clearance than mine!) that made it up further- so maybe I’m a wimp:) Anyway- we did walk the 1.5 miles to the start of the actual trail and didn’t mind...I was with my 15 yo nephew and my little dog and we only made it to lower Mohawk lake and decided to turn around. Would have liked to have pressed on to the upper lake, but the rock scrambling sections were pretty intense for my dog so we turned back- but still an absolutely gorgeous day! (Bonus- as we were walking up the road around 8:30 am- there was a mama and baby moose grazing in the first meadow you see from the road- looking to the left.)

6 days ago

Great trail for intermediate-experienced hikers with incredible views near the top! Trail was well maintained with various signs along the way. From the main parking lot, you have the option to go on the Spruce Creek trail (walking) or continuing on to the right with an off-road vehicle (accurately displayed with a dashed blue line). It does save some time to use the off-road trail if you are not looking to go the full distance from the main parking lot. But I definitely recommend the Spruce Creek Trail route for nice views through the trees. If you do choose the off-road trail there are multiple spots where low-clearance and 2-wheel-drive vehicles could run into issues, especially after a storm. There were multiple cars parked off to the side at various spots on the gravel road but there are two big dirt lots for parking before eventually joining up with Spruce Creek trail and then leading onto Mayflower Lake (the first lake). We stopped just beyond Mayflower Lake after keeping to the right of some cabins at the base of the incredible waterfalls. It is a bit of a scramble around the waterfalls but I highly recommend seeing them! We also passed hikers on the way down that said the higher lakes were unbelievable! We will definitely be stopping again! Cheers!

7 days ago

OMG do not stop at the first parking lot where the AllTrails map program says to stop ! It adds 1.5 to 2 hrs to your hike of not so pretty walking !!! If you have 4wd or Awd or decent clearance on your vehicle keep driving for another 1-2 miles to get to another trailhead . I saw Yukon’s , Subaru’s, big SUV’s further up the road at parking lot 2,3 and 4 . To get much past parking lot 4 on the road you need off-road 4wd. The first 1/4 mike is the worst and the road improves after that first part and goes for over 2 miles further. . It makes so much better sense to start at end of road and save 2 hrs of walking in and out on the road or through forest on roots!! Also enables you to have time to go to Lake 3,4 ,5 or even 6 for the adventurous!!
Spend your time checking out gorgeous lakes and not walking on road you could have driven on...
the lakes are amazing and all different which is cool. Basically, the higher you climb the prettier it gets !!!!

Love these lakes

Beautiful trail, a perfect way to get away from the heat of summer since the first part of the trail is in the forest and cooled by the shade of the trees. You can do this trail as a loop or an out and back. The first part of the trail is in the woods, gives way to a few overlooks of the surrounding mountains towards the end. The second part of the trail is on Boreas Pass road, a gravel/sand road that leads back to the trail head. Decided to do the entire loop. While walking on the gravel road wasn’t ideal, the views down were beautiful.

A few things of note: my husband and I were 1 of 3 hiking groups we saw on the entire loop. We mostly came across bikers on the gravel road on our way down, 3 bikers while in the forest part of the trail. Lots of cars coming up the gravel road too on our way down. This didn’t take away from the hike though, still nice and cool with beautiful views, and everyone is so nice. When we arrived at 8am on a Saturday we were the only car in the lot. By the time we finished the lot was full. Mostly bikers from what I could tell.

If you like some peace and quiet while in the forest, I’d say this is the hike for you. Get there early and you won’t run into too many bikers on the forest path.

As for the level of difficulty, there was a pretty consistent incline in the forest, with a few level spots. But not too hard or too easy. I would definitely do this again.

Fantastic hike with beautiful lakes to reward you at end. Steep incline and technical rock scrambling to get to the lakes at the end is well worth the effort. I’m a frequent hiker yet only arrived in the mountains the day before (from sea level). The return hike after all that climbing and scrambling kicked my butt. I was thoroughly beat after this 6 hour half hike.

This hike is worth the climb! I did it with 2 other twenty something females, both of whom live and hike in Colorado. I am from Minnesota and love to hike and consider myself fairly fit, but don't get to hike at elevation frequently. This was a moderately difficult hike for me, though we were able to cut a big chunk of the uphill section of the hike off (more on that below). It seems like most people stop after Lower or Upper Mohawk, but most of the hard elevation gain comes getting to those two, so in my opinion, it is so worth it to keep going. All 7 lakes and the views you get are beautiful!

We were able to cut several miles of boring, uphill hiking off based on our parking. All trails map will say you're there when you get to the trailhead that most people park at. However, if you have 4-wheel drive, I would highly recommend keeping going on the dirt road (it is very bumpy, so don't keep going if you don't have the car for it). We kept going for about 3 miles and cut a lot of boring off our hike to save our energy for continuing on to see all the lakes. We passed at least one other spot where a trail led off. Keep an eye on your AllTrails GPS, it will help you tell where you are and how much farther to keep going. Keep to the left at the fork. We came to another spot where more cars were parked (though there were some dotted along the road the whole way along) and when we spoke to some people on the road, they said we were almost there, but probably wouldn't make it any farther. We got out, hiked on the road for about 15 minutes until we got to the end of the road and got on the trail. From there, it was only about .5 mile to Mayflower Lake.

10 days ago

Start early - we hit the trail at 7 on a weekday and it was quiet, with two other cars in car park. Gets really busy by about 10. Beautiful throughout, especially the upper lake, but a highlight is the meadow and small lake that’s on the right just after you pass the crossing with the Wheeler Trail, about a third of the way in. Most people seem to walk straight past it. Spent about half an hour just soaking up the view and watching the many varieties of birds.

13 days ago

Our group just hiked this trail yesterday and it was wonderful. A few things to keep in mind: 1) Start early. We started the trail at 7 am and were so very glad we did. We had both lakes at the top to ourselves for a solid hour before the mid-day traffic started coming up. 2) Pack a jacket and take plenty of water. The lakes are very exposed and the wind is quite blustery. The steep climb will leave you needing several water breaks along the way as well. 3) Wear some hiking shoes/boots that are stable enough to navigate some serious rock hopping. Overall, an incredible trail and well worth the effort it takes to get to the top.

You must do this hike! We started on the trail thinking, "this will be a nice nature walk," and arrived back at our car in awe of what we had experienced. The first portion is a forested and family-friendly walk, and we would likely skip this part next time and park at the upper lot, where things get more interesting. But, with little kids the first portion is a nice walk. Beyond that, we explored several mining structures and sat for a bit at the waterfall about midway through the hike. Navigating a rock face was fun, and we were rewarded with a really interesting mining structure to explore. Then the real fun starts when you experience the beautiful lakes. We would think we were done, and returning hikers would encourage us to press on for more. We did, and were rewarded with the view of one of the most beautiful mountain lakes we've seen. At one point, the trail brings you face to face with the shore of the lake, which seems impossible but its true! We enjoyed lunch with tourist-weary goats tolerating us in the background, and then ventured on to see three more lakes across several meadows. We saw many families of all ages and everyone was able to complete this hike. It is a winner in our book, and after writing this review I want to load up my pack and go see it again TODAY!

15 days ago

I can relate to a lot of the reviews. Hiked this Friday and started at Spruce Creek TH at 7:30 - was the 4th car in the lot. The Spruce Creek trail was a nice start to a challenging climb to Mohawk Lake. My suggestion is to hike the trail from the lower falls up the mine car cable to the upper falls. The falls are amazing up close. It's a challenge, but really worth it. The switchbacks before Mohawk Lake suck - embrace the suck - the lake is worth the climb. It was mid-July and Mohawk Lake was super windy and cold - be prepared. From Florida and was only my second day hiking out in Colorado - did McCullough Gulch the day before - challenging hike but well worth it. Was mostly alone until the first lake - super crowded on the way back.

Not a loop as advertised - out and back unless you want to walk the road. Otherwise pretty decent hike.

15 days ago

My daughter (15) and I finished this trail 3 days ago. All I can say is WOW. The views are amazing. We started at 6:45 AM and finished at 1:18 PM. It starts off with complete shade in trees with a continuous incline. You first get to a waterfall. I recommend going to Mayflower lake it is just off the trail at the fork, it is worth it. Next gem on the trail is an OLD miners cabin that has walls. As you keep going up you run into 2 more cabins, one of which is somewhat maintained. My daughter climbed into the loft and there are notebooks inside you can sign. At this point the trail gets tough. You wined up a steep rock trail to some more mine ruins. Then you reach the first Mohawk Lake. WOW. The water is cold but feels great on sore ankles. The trail to upper Mohawk Lake is steep with some narrow trails with drop offs. It is breathtaking when you reach the lake. Take some food and enjoy the view. We arrived at the upper lake at 10:40 (4hours). The trail continues from here, but due to afternoon showers and many off trail adventures we headed down. We arrived back at the lower trailhead at 1:18 PM (6 hours and 30 minutes). This is a great trail even for beginners in good shape. Very difficult at times but so worth it.

15 days ago

Very cool trail, not too difficult but is challenging. Gets kind of confusing at points, we got turned around a little bit, follow the waterfall and head right behind the old pulley system and you will be fine. Both lakes were worth the hike. Get there early, it gets really hard to park and gets crowded. We got there at 7 and parking lot was almost full.

The view from on top of Upper Mohawk Lake is the prettiest I’ve ever seen. It gets tough at the end but it is WELL worth the trek. It is pretty windy at the top but on Lower Mohawk it was calmer and some people were even fishing. We did not get there until 11am but were able to park on the street. It took us 5 hours round trip with several stops.

This is a beautiful hike but there are issues. While the first 1/2 is moderate the second 1/2 is strenuous. More importantly the last 1/2 to 3/4 miles up to lower Mohawk Lake consist of exposed switchbacks on a rocky scree slope and the trail is hard to find at the top. We made it up and back in 6 hours but I would recommend a full day leaving the trail head no later than 8a. I wanted to fish but we did not have the energy to make it to upper Mohawk and the wind was blowing around 20 mph by the time we got to lower Mohawk. This is not the hike to pick for a relaxing afternoon.

19 days ago

My husband and I did the Baker’s Tank Boreas Pass Rd hike today. We got started late and were rained on a bit but it was worth it! We thought it was easy to moderate (inclines) and there were a few bikers on the trail, but we mostly had it to ourselves. Many beautiful flowers and trees to look at and we even found a log to sit on in a sunny spot to look out over the magnificent views! Perfect stream near the Bakers Tank and many campsites along the road going down. Many, many breathtaking views from the road! We had a great day and would do it again!

21 days ago

Great easy hike to get acclimated. Only saw bikers, no other hikers. Not many Mountain views, but the trees are wonderful.

Tough ascents and descents but well worth the time and pain.

Beautiful trail. Most of the trail is moderately challenging, some hard inclines. Beautiful waterfalls, streams and lakes along the way.

Nice first hike with the kid and dog. While neither difficult nor steep, my kid didn't care for the climb, which is pretty steady the whole way. But the creek with little waterfall were nice and the mine was cool.

23 days ago

Great day hike! The scenery is spectacular. Would recommend getting an early start because we got the last parking spot in the lot at around 7:30am. We noticed that trail became increasingly crowded after noon, but then again, you can’t really expect anything different from hiking a popular trail on a Saturday in mid-July. We took our time, enjoying the tarns, waterfalls, and inexhaustible beautiful views from all angles. The trail was well maintained and pretty well marked. It’s great because you don’t have to go every single lake on the trail to enjoy the high alpine wilderness. Many people turned around after reaching Lower Mohawk. It is what you want it to be, so you really can’t go wrong with this hike!

23 days ago

This review is probably most suited for "overnighters" on the trail--that's what we did.

What a hike :-) It get's five stars, but I also wanted to give a thorough review, so here goes!

This trail is labelled as moderate, and that is simply not true. It is at the low end of hard, but it is hard nonetheless. My hubby and I went on this trip with this in mind, and I'm so grateful for the walks, backpack struggles and everything else we did to prepare! I'd rate our hiking/backpacking skills at a 6/10--if that helps understand the review

We started at the top of the spruce creek trailhead (our car couldn't make it to the other one people spoke about in the comments). The walk between that and the Mayflower lake turn off was not AT ALL what we were expecting: a steady elevation raise and a very uneven (but clearly marked) trail. It was so beautiful and calm, and peaceful :-). It was also WAY longer than we were expecting. I think on the map it seems quite simple and quick. We stopped the first day at the Mayflower lake because we couldn't go any further, literally. We spent the night there.

It is also important to note that we were had backpacks on (about an extra 25-30lbs of weight). The other issue was the altitude. Even without the packs on the second day, I'd rate this trail at the high end of moderate because of the altitude issues you might experience. PLEASE BE AWARE: it would be best to get to Breckenridge, Frisco, or somewhere close a few days before to give your body time to acclimate if you are from a low-level state and want to spend the night up there. Don't drink the night before (if you can help it, lol) and drink LOTS of water. Since we are from Kansas City, we thought it better to come in on Sunday and get on the trail Wed. I think this helped tremendously!

After an overnight at Mayflower lake, we went up to the Lower Mohawk on a day hike the next day. We had no heavy backpacks on (the hubby had a small daypack) and it was of course better, but getting winded happens often, so it is smart to take as many breaks as possible.

The first thing you come across is the old log cabin. Please go in! It's a wonderful treasure of history, and it's also kinda creepy :-) After the log cabin begins what most people will agree is the hardest part of the trail. The elevation climb steepens, and the switchbacks are not clearly labelled (we started looking at the dirt for footprints and hoping to see people at certain parts). It's basically the 20-30 minutes before getting to the Lower Mohawk, and I'm glad we had our walking sticks or our knees would have died! It's quite rocky, and if you are prone to any type of vertigo or height issues, try to focus on where you are putting your feet and the road ahead of you.

Speaking of death more seriously, if you take the part of the switchbacks that lead you quite close to the edge of the waterfall, you will see a flag and flowers for a marked grave where someone fell and died. That alone convinced me that this trail is wrongly rated :-(.

We ate lunch at the Lower Mohawk, where the chipmunks, while cute, are quite aggressive, lol. I was pretty sure one was going to actually steal it from my hands!

The Lower Mohawk lake, and it's surrounding peaks, greenery, and rocks was more beautiful than any picture anyone will ever show you of it. I'd been researching the trail for so long (and saw all the familiar things when we ate lunch) that I was glad to have seen it in real life. The air is so soft and fresh, and the sky is so wide and open that you can REALLY see the sheer might of the mountains. They are so beautifully grand!

We did not go any further and we don't regret that. Lower Mohawk was enough for us on this trip.

I recommend everyone go on this trip if you are a backpacker or a hiker. As a hiker it made me work muscles I'd been getting in shape for months and as a backpacker, it gave me a realistic view of what was important, what was a waste to bring, and what it takes to walk with a pack on a trail that challenged us!


25 days ago

The lakes are beautiful! We went up as far as the third lake, but the second lake is by far the prettiest. It is absolutely a moderate trail, but kids can totally hike it. On the second lake I found a small gold nugget! It was smaller than a grain of rice. It was very windy on the second lake, so bring warm clothes. On the hike down, I dropped a line in the water and caught my first two cutthroat trout! It was a very satisfying and enjoyable experience!

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