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Relatively easy hike with lots of forest views until you get back out on to Boreas Pass Road. At that point you’re on gravel with awesome views into the mountains to the west.

We hiked this trail on 6/19/18. Go early as the trail is busy during the early afternoon. We have two kids 10 and 13, and it was a challenge for our 10 year old to finish the hike. The elevation for the final ascend is no joke, but the views are spectacular at the lower lake. As a family, we took plenty of breaks and the entire trip took us 4.5 hours.

Did this (6/18/18) the day after we arrived from south Florida. We started at Spruce Creek trailhead at 1500, but missed the trail marker and ended up hiking up the road to the Mohawk trailhead. It was ok though, because it saved us time. Our big aspiration was to make it to the waterfall, and then we turned back because it was getting late. We got back to the car by 2000. We had pretty solid headaches when we drove back to Breck, but it was a great hike. I'd do it again, just make sure you don't get off the trail. It's poorly marked, but it's navigable if you ask for directions.

It's worth noting we were stalked by a mountain goat after we ate sandwiches at the waterfall. The poor creature followed us for .5 miles. I guess he was seeking food. He wasted precious calories following us down the mountain, and I felt bad. If he was a bear or alligator, this post would not have happened and his belly would be full. Instead, he's a goat with an empty stomach :'(

3 days ago

Love this trail. Creek and waterfall along the way with old deserted cabins, a little scramble to upper lake, but pristine water you can see fish clear swimming right by your ankles!

Easy hike, not very scenic. It's a dirt road going up to the mine. The mine is interesting and there are some additional hikes off this one.

Good hike for families with small children. Not the most scenic but a great hike for families.

8 days ago

The trail is really fun and fairly challenging. There are still a few areas after the first Mohawk lake with snow on the trail. The views are phenomenal. It's a really good time :)

Gorgeous views! Just one more thing to add to other great points in other reviews. Before the lower falls, Spruce Creek Trail ends and splits into Mayflower and mohawk lake trails. We ended up taking Mohawk and It the correct one. There are several places where the trail splits but in general they all end up at the same place so it’s not a big deal which one you take. Enjoy!

Only one word!! AMAZING! I loved all the trail! The view leaves you speechless.

Hiked this on Saturday 6/9 and although it was beautiful the crowds were too much. Do yourself a favor and park below the trailhead and walk up. Easy trail to find and beautiful views.

10 days ago

Easy hike to get used to altitude. Cool ruins. Mostly bikers on trail. Very fun!

Did this today, was pretty fun! Took about an hour or so to get to lower Mohawk lake and another 20-30 minutes to get to the top. Decided to do some trail running down so it took maybe 45 minutes to an hour to get down.

Up till the last stretch the trail is quite dry. The last bit has some mud and snow but nothing bad. I had trail runners and long socks and it was perfect. Also didn't use a trekking pole, if you aren't comfortable with your balance or footing, or are out of shape, they can be useful but not necessary.

Overall I had a good time!

Hiked to lower Mohawk lake today 6/9/18. I started hiking around 7 am and I saw only a few people. On my way back down there was quite a few more people and lots of cars in the lot. Beautiful hike! A little mud on the way up, but really awesome.

14 days ago

Amazing views. Made it to low and high mohawk lakes and the upper lake is partially frozen. Truly breaktaking. I highly recommend us. We hike 8.89 miles round trip and took us about 5 hours. Much quicker on your way down by beware of lots of mud. I was glad I had my hiking boots because when we had to scramble uonto the top some of the rocks are slick.

Great hike! It was a little busy, but nothing obvious. Very little snow, I hiked the trail in tennis shoes and was totally fine.

Hiked all the way to Upper Mohawk lake 6/2/18. Some snow at the top. Great view of Breck! Would recommend footwear with good tread (boots or trail running shoes).

17 days ago

Great trail with cool old mine remnants. Boyfriend mountain biked while I hiked. Definitely more mountain bikers than hikers the day we went. Knocked off a star as trail markings can be very confusing. Couldn’t really tell where the trail actually ended, and we ended up coming out at the road rather than the parking lot. Probably my own errors though and not the trail’s.

18 days ago

It was a nice hike. Definitely not difficult though. We continued up the mountain past the end of Bakers trail. Didn't see any wildlife and was mostly trees to look at. No major clearing or summit to stop at. But overall a nice medium to easy hike which was good because we were short on time.

19 days ago

6/2/18 This is an amazing hike! I’d recommend starting as early as you can. I got to the trailhead around 730 and parking was easy. Only two other cars in the lot and I only saw 4 others on the trail. By the time I came down, I saw 60+ people coming up and the cars were parked all the way down the road! The hike itself is stunning! Moderate difficulty if you follow the trail. The last section after the hut got confusing for me so I ended up just scrambling up the waterfall towards the lake which wasn’t the optimal route. Coming down, I found a path further from the falls that requires no rock climbing. It’s a sharp right behind the hut and is a muddy trail. Scrambling around the rocks is sleeper but you get some great views. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re afraid of edges/heights though. Couldn’t get to upper falls but in a week or so you probably can. I would have tried if I wasn’t alone but didn’t want to risk it. Snow is still pretty deep. On the way back, the trails got super muddy from the heat (another reason to go early!).

Did this hike yesterday (5/31/18) and was incredibly perfect. A little mud never hurt anyone! Super limited areas with snow, very easy to walk around it. Upper Mohawk lake was still too snowy to get to but lower Mohawk and Continental falls were perfect spring conditions!! Can’t wait to go back and do upper! Adventure on!

21 days ago

SUPER beautiful! Easy trail to access - drove right up to trailhead in my Honda Civic. Trail is well marked until about half way then gets confusing. Made a few wrong turns but made it with the help of fellow hikers!

While there is snow on the trail - it is easily hike-able in hiking boots. Overall - snow is packed and easy to walk on. Started postholing to the waist in spots that were exposed to the sun around 2pm.

Was able to access lower Mohawk lake but couldn’t find the trail to the Upper lake. Looked around for the trail with another group of hikers for about 30 minutes before heading back. I’m sure in the next few days the upper lake will be easily accessible.

Highly recommend if you’re in the area!!

Great hike for kids and families easy track with some elevation. Also some trail heads at the end that more advanced hikers can go on.

26 days ago

Did this hike on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday 5/26. The views from the top and the alpine lake are spectacular! However, at the moment, the trail conditions are pretty miserable - lots of mud and lots of soft snow. The second half on the way is quite steep and the final push to Lower Mohawk Lake was a snow covered mess. BUT the lake is unfrozen and really beautiful. So again, tough as the conditions are, it’s definitely worth it. This seems like it would be a great summer hike.

1 month ago

Bring your yaktrax and poles to make your life easier during this time of the year. The lower section, for about 2 miles, has a nice pack and is pretty breezy. Once you get past the “1 mile to Lower Mohawk” sign, you will run into soft snow and deep post holes. I would definitely go early, when the snow is more stiff, if you plan on making it to Mohawk Lakes without snowshoes. Wasn’t able to make it past Lower Mohawk since I didn’t bring my snowshoes. It’s gonna be an awesome summer hike!! Looking forward to getting back on this trail.

For a kid from Kansas, this was a great first trail in Breck. Trail was hard snow packed today from skiers, so in most place the walk was easy. In some places, the thaw/refreeze at this time of year made for slick spots, but I made it fine in hiking shoes. The mine is really cool at the end and I only saw 5-7 other hikers in the trail. Overall, great starter trail.

This trail was a great trail and pretty easy! Only a small incline which was nice because you were not slipping on the snow. The snow was packed down and I did not sink at all. I highly recommend if you want an easier hike and do not want to snowshoe!

2 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail! Not difficult at all and neat to see the mine and view at the top. I could be a little biased because I got engaged here :)

Great starter trail, especially if you aren't used to altitude. Dog and kid friendly. Deep snow, waterproof clothing recommended but not needed. Saw a lot of families with snowshoes, but doable without snowshoes or spikes!

3 months ago

March 3 hike was beautiful, but the last stretch towards Lower Mohawk Lake was a little too sketchy for me. Not much hard pack there. I regretfully had to turn around just after the cabin before the top, because there was nobody else around, didn’t seem very safe. Otherwise almost the entire trail and Spruce Creek Road are both super easy in boots without snowshoes. Highly recommend poles, got icy in parts especially on the way back in late afternoon.

Great snowshoe in January 2018!!

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