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This was an easy hike. The trail is not marked very well, but if you get off track it is easy to find your way back.

Not bad once you get going but tons of rocks and gravel to begin

This is a beautiful trail that provides many opportunities for good pictures. The last mile was a bit muddy, but nothing to bad at all.

1 day ago

We did this trail on 6/19/18, and was our first 14er. My husband and I are athletic and felt this was a good trail. We left the trailhead at 7:30, and it took us exactly 3 hours to get to the summit (this includes the many breaks I had to take to catch my breath during the last mile up). We brought a light lunch to eat at the summit. I would definitely have a jacket and highly suggest gloves, as it gets very windy as you go. Our trip down was about 2 1/2 hours, but that was because we stopped a lot to take pictures on the way down. We saw lots of goats and other little critters. Overall, it was a great experience.

Great hike with great views!! Definitely going to come back. I would say it’s more moderate than hard

Relatively easy hike with lots of forest views until you get back out on to Boreas Pass Road. At that point you’re on gravel with awesome views into the mountains to the west.

My wife and I hiked to Lower Mohawk. We started at 9:00 am, which was smart because it was quite crowded later even though it was mid-week. The first two miles are pretty easy mostly in the trees. Lots of roots and some views and not many wildflowers. Then the next 1-1/2 miles to the lake are great but definitely challenging. Lots of big rocks and boulders and lots of wildflowers and views. I am 72 and could do it but my legs got pretty tired by the end. Some parts of this section are difficult to follow the trail as it is rocky and not a path per se. On the whole, definitely worth it if you are in decent shape and can handle the altitude.

1 day ago

I hiked Quandary Peak on Saturday, June 16th with my father. We arrived at the trail head around 5 am. Cars were already filling up the upper parking lot. In fact, we secured one of the last spots. The lower parking lot is not too much further away, I would guess around 300 yards lower or so from the upper parking lot.

We saw a couple groups utilizing headlamps at this time, however with sunrise around 5:20ish this time of the year, I really don't see a need.

The trail starts off with a pretty steady climb through wooded hills. This is a beautiful area. As you continue to climb elevation, the trees start to thin and you get into the meat of the hike. The terrain gradually transitions into rocky footing instead of dirt path. About 1/3 of the way through the climb you are completely above the tree line.

The next 1/3 of the hike is comprised of gradual ascent on rocky trail that is pretty well maintained by local 14er groups. There are many "rock steps" built into the trail that help with footing and the elevation gain. At the final section of this part, the trail evens out for several hundred yards ahead of what we dubbed as the "final assault."

Up until the last 1000 or so feet of elevation gain, Quandary is a relatively docile hike. That changes quickly.

The last 1000 ft of elevation gain are tough, and not to be taken lightly. There is plenty of scree (loose rock underfoot, sometimes as small as a pebble) that you must navigate, and somewhat steep elevation. That being said, there is plenty of room to stop and take breaks as needed, and the people on the trail are generally very courteous about making room for you when you take a break.

That being said, the views are well worth the hike! You can see many 14ers from the top of Quandary, including but not limited to: Greys and Torreys, most of the Collegiate Peaks, Mt Massive, and others.

Overall, the hike took my father and I around 7 hours from start to finish. This was heavily influenced by the fact that we had 45 lb packs on our back and had to take several breaks on our way to the summit. In addition, I would guess that we spent around 30 minutes on the peak. Plan to build time into your schedule for this very thing!

Overall, I highly recommend this hike! All skill levels and ages are able to complete it, just make sure to accurately forecast enough time to be off the peak and well into your descent by noon!

Our first 14er! Start early in the day to avoid afternoon storms. Trekking poles were a huge help. Gorgeous views all along the trail. Definitely planning to do this one again.

1 day ago

I suggest walking down the road to the lake then hiking through the trees and up the waterfall. We also saw a moose down by the abandoned house. There is also a bunch of mountain goats at the top.

We hiked this trail on 6/19/18. Go early as the trail is busy during the early afternoon. We have two kids 10 and 13, and it was a challenge for our 10 year old to finish the hike. The elevation for the final ascend is no joke, but the views are spectacular at the lower lake. As a family, we took plenty of breaks and the entire trip took us 4.5 hours.

Did this (6/18/18) the day after we arrived from south Florida. We started at Spruce Creek trailhead at 1500, but missed the trail marker and ended up hiking up the road to the Mohawk trailhead. It was ok though, because it saved us time. Our big aspiration was to make it to the waterfall, and then we turned back because it was getting late. We got back to the car by 2000. We had pretty solid headaches when we drove back to Breck, but it was a great hike. I'd do it again, just make sure you don't get off the trail. It's poorly marked, but it's navigable if you ask for directions.

It's worth noting we were stalked by a mountain goat after we ate sandwiches at the waterfall. The poor creature followed us for .5 miles. I guess he was seeking food. He wasted precious calories following us down the mountain, and I felt bad. If he was a bear or alligator, this post would not have happened and his belly would be full. Instead, he's a goat with an empty stomach :'(

Relatively easy hike up a old mining road. We did with our two boys without difficulty. Once you leave the trees, the gulch opens up and is gorgeous. The kids loved it.

3 days ago

Love this trail. Creek and waterfall along the way with old deserted cabins, a little scramble to upper lake, but pristine water you can see fish clear swimming right by your ankles!

3 days ago

Hard not to give this 5 stars as it's a really nice area. We chose to hike up the road section on the way up and the trail on the way back. The road is definitely not car friendly, but I almost think a stout 2 wheel drive truck could get up to at least the cutoff to Crystal Lake, but a 4 wheel drive will go up this no problem and 3 guys were parked all the way to the end at the Spruce Creek reservoir area. The road is definitely 4 x 4 for the last stretch though. Ugly!. Anyway, hiking up the road part in the a.m. was still nice and shady for the most part. It was 1.2 miles to the Crystal Lake cutoff and a few vehicles were parked here. Shortly after this spot is a road that bears right and that would be the loop part of this description. We opted to stay on the main road instead. Then at 1.6 miles there was another place one could park and start walking, and beyond this point the road becomes pretty ugly. We decided to go on to the lower and upper Mohawk Lakes once we got there too. The lower lake has a lot of trails breaking off all over, but they all wind up at the lake. Lower Mohawk lake is really shallow, and a good spot to take a break. Then the trail to the upper lake is more defined. Mind you, several people were getting turned around here and taking a trail that beared right, and that's not the one. Once you get on the right trail the lake is not far at all. Maybe a half mile. When you are on the final approach to the upper lake you are in for a surprise. It is literally a negative edge lake!!! Your eyes are level with the lake as you take the last few steps up to it. Really cool!! This is a much deeper lake than the lower, and we could see trout swimming along the edges. I wet a line but they weren't havin it :) Very nice spot and from here you can hike even higher to the lakes that lie above. We turned around and headed back and took the trail on the way down. We encountered some mountain goats one our walk back too. Always neat to see some wildlife. My Garmin read 6.4 total for this hike. I must add that this is the first time I have ever seen mosquitoes anywhere I have hiked in Colorado. I was beginning to think they didn't have any. Not bad, but there were a few. Busy trail for sure, lots of people out here today.

My wife and I loved this trail. It is a very moderate climb until you pass the mill. We only made it to the top of the tree line because there were 50-70 mph wind gusts. We were satisfied with our progress for being Michiganders coming from a low elevation and attempting it the third day in Colorado. Plans are to come back in the summer!

Definitely stick to just the south end of the loop and wear bug spray or you'll constantly be slapping at mosquitoes! Very pretty hike through spruce trees and at the halfway point you can continue on to Mayflower Lake and the Mohawk Lakes (but if you do this, plan on it being an all day trip...it is so gorgeous!).

So many mountain goats (even a little baby one!) Once walking across the dam, take the path to the left behind the sign. Some of the slate has slid down and covered the path but it is easily traversible as long as you take your time and make sure you have steady footing. Not too far down the path is a waterfall and the higher up you go, the prettier it is! Saw all ages on this path as well and can modified at different points for different skill levels!

Gorgeous views! My husband and I aren't big hikers but with plenty of breaks and water, we were able to make it to see Lower Mohawk Lake! It even hailed on us a little bit for a few moments and left us with a breathtaking rainbow! Towards the top, I recommend staying towards the left of you want an easier climb, we went to the right and were using a large metal cable to help us up the steep climb!

5 days ago

We went on the trail with 3 years old and 5 years old. They did great and enjoyed the hike very
much. We finished in about 1.5 hours with stop and go pace. Great trail for kids with many old mining structure along the way.

Easy hike, not very scenic. It's a dirt road going up to the mine. The mine is interesting and there are some additional hikes off this one.

on Peaks Trail

5 days ago

Hiked Frisco to Breckinridge. 8.3 miles one way, took the gondola down to town for food. Beautiful trail, very well marked and maintained. All creeks we’re running so the sound and sights were just perfect. No snow but a few muddy spots.

Not sure why it’s rated as Hard — perhaps the round trip. One way I’d “downgrade” it to a Moderate.

One of the best hikes in the area. The trail offers a very nice and relaxing hike in the forest, and is not too strenuous. It links with the Mohawk lakes trail and I suggest continuing on until the lakes. If you continue to the lakes, it's around 6-7 miles each way, but it is one of the best day hikes.

A beautiful hike ending at 3 lakes (Mayflower, Lower Mohawk, and Upper Mohawk) and a waterfall. First portion is in the woods, following a stream. The last part of the hike is quite steep, but the views at the top are worth it.

Good hike for families with small children. Not the most scenic but a great hike for families.

Good fun. Likes the mountain goats that greeted us at the top.

Nice views, not a difficult trail...more a walk up the road. Beautiful lakes, flowers, and even mountain goats.

Gorgeous trail. Mountain goats, pika, prairie dogs, and more wildlife make for an even more interesting 14er experience. Ridgeline is beautiful and overlooks upper and lower Blue Lakes. This was an enjoyable hike. Start early, as storms will brew in the afternoons.

I hiked Quandary on Wednesday (6/13). Left around 5am from Denver and started at the trailhead by 6:45am. I summited almost exactly 2 hrs later and was back at my car by 10:45am for a smooth 4 hour round trip (hung out for 20 mins at the summit). This was my first time hiking Quandary, but it was my 10th 14er I've hiked. Trekking poles made this hike much easier, especially for the last half mile or so climb, but not required. Saw lots of mountain goats and once you're out of tree line the views are beautiful.

on Crystal Lake Trail

7 days ago

I hiked this with two others five days ago; we started around 11:00 and brought no poles or spikes. We parked at the main trailhead so the majority of our hike to Lower Crystal Lake was on a high-clearance 4x4 route through some trees. Luckily, we never had to share the road with a vehicle. Once out of the forest, the scenery opened up to beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the lush basin between them.

Some of the stream/runoff crossings seemed inundated and we had to search for alternate routes, which were present and seemingly established. The lower lake turned out to be a great place to recharge a bit and assess the route ahead.

The weather seemed ever in our favor and we even saw a few groups of hikers descending the Crystal Lake trail, so we pushed on. The trail up the mountainside was mostly straightforward. There were some spots containing scree and a few snow drifts to cross. Only two or three smaller segments of the trail had steeper drop-offs down the mountain, but nothing alarming.

The snow was soft but not terribly slushy on the ascent. Except for the last one, the snow crossings did not alarm me due to the gradual incline of the mountainside, the short length of snow heading down it, and the many footprints etching out a route. The final snow drift, closest to the talus field before Crystal Lake, was dangerous, however. It was not well traveled and the snow ran steeply down the entire mountain. It did not seem to be a good place to slip and sinking feet immediately raised hairs on the back of necks. We noted this and decided not to linger long at the upper lakes to not have to cross slushy snow at this spot on the descent.

After this crossing, it was evident that few had recently pushed passed it. Closer to the lake the westerly trail was covered in deeper snow so we took to traversing the exposed talus down and across a shallow valley towards the south-westerly trail to the lake.

Crystal Lake was serene but the show belonged to the views over the cliffs to the east. We took in the entire valley, including much of the trail, and mountain vistas far beyond. Absolutely breathtaking and calm, it was almost as if we were part of a landscape painting up there.

Besides the sketchy snow drift, which had had become slushier around 15:00 during our return, the descent was easy and safe. I was happy to have that crossing behind me early on and upon reflection, I wished that we had a safety rope with us for it.

Overall there was little mud on the entire trail and even higher water to cross after Lower Crystal Lake. Gorgeous hike and a lot of fun, but be weary of the highest snow drift and prepare accordingly if you decide to go sometime soon.

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