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Breckenridge, Colorado Map
6 hours ago

Gorgeous. Tons of mountain goats.

nice even in the rain.

Lower Mohawk Lake - late start on Saturday the 22nd. It never ceases to amaze me how inaccurate the mileage is on All Trails. I went up Spruce Creek trail to Lower Mohawk and it was right at 3.4 to 3.5 miles. Sign at the start of the trail says 3.4 miles to Mohawk Lakes. The trail is nice and gradual until you get to the end of the 4WD road and the creek diverter. Then the trail is rocky, straight up, paths all over the place and felt like a 14neer at times. My elevation gain was about 1300ft. I started at 3pm and got to the lower lake at 4:40pm. I went back down the 4WD road because of the waning light and to see how rough the road was and measured about 3.2 miles. Definitely passable in most SUVs. The lake was pretty but not sure worth the overall effort. I'm glad I went late in the day because it was a zoo at the parking lot and road. Passed so many hikers coming down as I was going up. Not to be a Debbie Downer but I was unimpressed. Maybe the upper lakes make it worth the effort.

steep climb but beautiful views

Easy hike close to Breckinridge. Great view of the ski area in the distance. The abandoned mines along the trail make it more interesting than just a regular hillside hike. There are additional trails branching off if you want to go longer.

Loved this trail! Well maintained, well marked, moderately busy on this Sunday afternoon (a couple of young families, 4-5 mountain bikers, a few people with dogs).
We parked at the ice rink, then took the free bus (Boreas Pass) up to the stop “Bluff Condominiums” (10 min ride), walked about 3/4 of a mile up along the road to the trail head and hiked the trail down to the ice rink. Would recommend doing this if hiking with kids.
Aspen are mostly bare by now (Sep. 23). We were able to catch a few patches of pretty fall foliage on the lower half.
Upper half of the trail is tranquil, lower half you can hear some traffic.

1 day ago

Awesome morning on this trail! We are still acclimating so it was a good place to start. We were watching a mule deer and her yearling walk through the edge of the marsh when a cow moose and her two calves came out of the woods behind us. They were about 20 feet away! We backed up cautiously and we watched one another for a bit then they turned and walked away. It was magnificent!! Totally did not expect that!

Nice shaded trail

Climbed Peak 9/21/18, seems much longer than 6+miles out and back. Trail very rocky, you'll want poles for descent. Dogs definitely need padded boots. My first 14er and Quandary put the big D in difficult. Good views from top, mountain goats on trail descending 3pm. No snow, only needed light jacket, t-shirts at summit. Check off my bucket list, need much more training before attempting another 14er. Big push for 73 year old.

Great hike! Thought it was rated easy though. Whew!

Great hike with a group

road biking
3 days ago

Great ride with beautiful views! Went clockwise on trail which has you coming down the long hill on highway instead of going up. Free parking at Marina or a trailhead behind Holiday Inn.

3 days ago

Nice moderate hike. Easy at start, several lake views and nice waterfalls.

Awesome hike! Everything in below reviews is pretty spot on. Took someone visiting from Illinois not accustomed to the elevation and myself who is not the fittest or experienced hiker and we made it to the waterfall and back in 4 hours. We could have kept going, but we had a time crunch to get back to town. No bathrooms at the trailhead so make sure to go in Breck before you get to the trail.

Amazing views at the upper lakes: definitely go further from the upper mohawk lake. I started at 05:30 and was alone at the top, when I got back down around 11 there were a lot of people. The trail up to the lower mohawk lake has a lot of small side trails and it wasn't always clear to me if i was going te right way, so would recommend having the trail offline to be sure (I forgot). Also: I saw many people going up the 4WD road from the parking lot, but you can go on the spruce creek trail through the forest.

9 lakes on the trail. make sure to go to lakes above upper mohawk, favorite of the all

Was a very nice trail. Took spruce trail up and it was very easy. After you get to the road from the trail the fun starts. At some points I thought this was a more difficult trail as you are climbing up a rock face. We left around 9:30am, put up our hammocks for about 45 min at the lower lake and got back to the car around 2:15pm. Definitely a challenge but the view is worth it!

5 days ago

This trail to me was boring and dumb. You just walk back and forth for no reason to continue on the trail loop. If your looking for the nature feel this is not a good hike either. There’s constantly trucks and loaders driving around the roads of the slopes. You can hear people and construction work from almost every point of the trail. You do get a good view of Breckenridge but other than that i would not recommend this trail nor would i do it again. Ps. The map doesn’t take you to the trailhead and there are no signs posted of which trail you are actually on. I walked an extra 30 minutes accross the slopes do to the gps being incorrect.

5 days ago

Excellent trail. I would consider it moderate to difficult. The lakes were low so the waterfall wasn’t that great. But overall it is worth the effort. Something i learned is to take spruce creek trail from the trailhead to avoid walking up the jeep trail from the parking lot. Saw mt goats at the lake along with a beautiful view.

on Mohawk Lakes Trail

6 days ago

Awesome but long

on Bald Mountain Trail

6 days ago

I drove my rental AWD about 0.8 miles up the dirt road, until it got steep and I saw a place to park off-road. Most AWD should be able to reach the third hairpin curve (goes left) counting the first at the mill. There's room for a few cars there, and some deep ruts after that. Being a road, the hiking is never really steep. As a 69-yr-old flatlander, I only reached the gate at 12,752 and returned, but the trail continues much higher up the significant mountain. Saw 1 other hiker, 5 bikers, and 6 vehicles on the road. Good views, but not super.

Beautiful views but the trail as marked on All trails is not correct. We followed it exactly and ended up hiking on the back side where a rock slide occurred making it difficult. We’re pretty seasoned hikers but if you’re not used to hiking where the footing isn’t sure- be careful!! We also ended up in someone’s back yard. If you follow the summit county trail map the trail goes on the other side of Boreas Pass Rd. For this hike- grab a trail map. Would I do it again? Absolutely. Gorgeous views.

Excellent trail. Hiked from Breckenridge to Frisco, had lunch on Main Street in Frisco and took the free shuttle back to Breckenridge. We did need to keep an eye out for bikers - many out on the trail. Some confusion about the distance. Alltrails notes 7.8 miles, trail head signs post as 8 miles, signs on the trail indicate 10 miles, and we measured 10 miles TH to TH.

Beautiful aspens, some uphill sections, and watch out for mountain bikers. Very enjoyable. Close to town and easy to get to.

Enjoyed this hike immensely. The Aspens were beautiful. Not many people on the trail.

Climbed yesterday (9/16) and started at 05:49. Wasn’t sure of what to expect, since one of the reviews really bashed the mountain. There was a 20 deg F change in temperature and a wind that started in the last ~200 yards from the peak. The total hike took us 6 hours 1.5 minutes. One person in our party had to stop every 10 feet due to the altitude. Bring a hat, gloves and a warm jacket for the top, headlamp or flashlight for the start.
Pros: The views were great, Aspens were in full color, saw a fox right before we started and two mountain goats on the way down.
Cons: The scree field was long; coming down wreaked havoc on the knees.

Did this hike yesterday 9/16 and it was my fourth 14er. It was by far the hardest one I’ve done. We stared at 415 am and finished by noon. It took way longer than I thought it would, but it was the last part up to the summit that killed me with the steepness. I feel like the views were actually pretty awesome compared to what I’ve read on other reviews, especially since the aspens are changing and it’s beautiful. The rocks are pretty tough to walk and navigate on and I busted my butt probably 5 or 6 times on the way down, so take it slow. It was worth the challenge though! Also, it was very windy and cold at the summit so bring plenty of layers and gloves

Easy drive and beautiful views. I haven't seen any reviews mentioning the NARROW ROAD. So be aware the road is very narrow in some areas with room for only one vehicle at a time and not a lot of space to pull off. Because we were unaware of the narrowness of it we drove up in our Raptor which is WIDE. Not very many courteous people drive through there and most don't have road etiquette and didn't even attempt to make room even though WE were on the cliff side. Other than that the ride was beautiful and we saw the beautiful Fall Aspens.

off road driving
8 days ago

We did this in a stock Rubicon. This was a very easy dirt road on the lower portion, and got a bit more challenging on the upper third of the trail, with tight switchbacks. Longer vehicles will be challenged. The views were a amazing! We will be doing this again!

First fourteener! Did this a week ago on a Saturday. Got there at 7:30. Plenty of parking. Consistent people brought it the whole hike. Some brought dogs. Be smart, don’t take a dog here that can’t handle it. Same thing for kids. From the saddle up to the top we were stuck by a group with a young child who was crying that she didn’t want to go any further. The mother literally had to pick the kid up and carry her for a few sections. Be a better parent. Don’t subject your kid or others to this.

That said, the views were outstanding, and there are many places in nearby Breckenridge for the requisite beer after. I would definitely go back.

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