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1 day ago

May hike. Very slight incline but totally doable for my MIL visiting from sea-level. Great views from farther of the flatirons and of the city of Boulder.

1 day ago

Nice WALK!

6 days ago

Ended up here randomly after the line at Mitchel Lake was at least 30 deep and not moving to pay $10 to be crowded on that trail...

This was the first trail parking lot on the road to Rainbow lakes so I stopped around 2pm. This is a heavily forested hike that snakes upwards through several different layers of trees. I made it just past the 3.9 mark on the map before i turned around at 5pm. This was not a "Hard" hike by any means unless they were speaking of the length of the trail itself. This was the 23rd hike i did this season and I found this to be more "moderate." There were very few actual views through the trees and there is a site with ruins of some sort up by the environmental testing site. Lots of wood piles and old rusted metal cans and glass.

Minimal activity along trail. Secluded most of the hike.

Again seeing people just leave their bags of dog crap right along side the trail multiple times. Does someone come and pick this s-it up because it didn't seem like it. Why do people leave trash on the trail? Leave no trace? Disrespectful. Don't bring a dog if you can't clean up after your mess.

Was a good endurance hike. Would have gone further if i had started earlier. Gave it 3 stars because of the limited views and dog waste.

12 days ago

This is a fun trail to go on with kids. No climbing involved and is very easy relaxed hike. We found wild garlic growing and this trail is awesome if you start at the North Boulder Recreation Center and circle all the way back. There are places to dip your toes in the water but we need to come when the sun is up otherwise it can get cold

FYI, McClintock trail starts just to the left of enchanted mesa; this trail doesn't allow dogs, enchanted mesa does. It then crosses enchanted mesa and keeps going up (still with no dogs); when you hit the end, you can take the loop coming back down on enchanted mesa. So I'd say this loop is about half dogs, half no dogs. Loved it and found the up part on McClintock to be quite challenging - a perfect morning hike with quite a lot of shade!

14 days ago

Drive ~
Not worth the far drive up unless you are going to camp and stay overnight. Drive is windy and nauseating... very slow going. Dirt road to get to trail is terrible! Must have AWD or 4x4 to traverse. Single lane only in most places = treacherous and dangerous.

Trails ~
This was a moderate to hard hike. VERY rough and rocky. We went with kids and dogs and had a few stumbles and falls. Yikes.

Trail markings not really clear between off-roaders/4x4 and hikers. We were nearly run over several times because we were on an incorrect pathway.

No bathrooms or public use areas which I had read in another review there was some. The one area that looks like you can access is actually private property and says no trespassing.

Regardless of these concerns, the scenery was nice and the pines smelled lovely. We did have a fine time, dogs had fun and being in the trees was cool - lots of cover and shade. Probably wouldn’t go again just because of the drive time and treacherous nature of the off-roads.

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Very pretty. Easy hike. Would be very enjoyable with a bike. Lots of pretty flowers. Bring bug spray. Lots of mosquitos and biting bugs. I was not prepared.

20 days ago

This is a nice flat trail, good for an easy-going hike or trail run. Some of the nice features of this trail include easy access to South Boulder Creek along most of the trail, views of the Flatirons, and wildflowers in the summer. On a Sunday afternoon on a nice summer day, it wasn't terribly crowded. A couple of remarks about the trail's description - I would say that it doesn't really feature a lake, the Baseline Reservoir is not easily viewed, although there are a couple of small ponds near the East Boulder Community Center. Secondly, this is mostly an out and back trail, the only loop is around the Community Center ponds.

I've only used the bike trails but it's a good time. If I'm bored on a Saturday afternoon it's a good way to work up a sweat by biking on the trails.

wife and kid and I (ages 30, 5, 36) started on mesa and came back on McLintock down. had to hold his hand for fear of tripping while going down hill. half shaded during afternoon. will be back again.

A great, easy trail with a gradual, gentle elevation gain and beautiful views. It is a multi-use trail shared with mountain bikers and horseback riders. If you are a hiker or walker, be prepared to yield for them. At times the trail is narrow, so passing one another can get tricky. I'd recommend forgoing the headphones so that you can hear bikers coming behind you. The day I went everyone was polite and respectful while navigating the shared trail.

29 days ago

This is a really nice trail if you're looking for a relaxing walk or hike. Paved and gravel paths are often used by cyclists, but a dirt path runs along a creek for walkers and trail runners. It's a popular trail for families with young kids or people with their dogs, but it never feels overly crowded. In spite of being on the east side of town, you still get nice views of the Flatirons along the way. The parking lot on Baseline is pretty small and fills up quickly, but if you park at the East Boulder Rec/Community Center, you can connect to the Bobolink Trail.

1 month ago

Tons of off leash dogs. Pretty trail otherwise.

trail running
1 month ago

Loved the shade, the friendly bikers, runners, and hikers, and saw some great scenery! A must

Positives: Gorgeous trail with diverse views and lots of options to make it shorter or longer. Kids enjoyed climbing the rocks and trees, which were plentiful. The “enchanted” name is well-earned, with curved trees, riots of wildflowers, tall green grass, and a magical feel in some spots. Several options for shade along the way. No mountain bikers to avoid. Would be a great trail for inexperienced hikers, or a quick option for showing visitors how beautiful the Flatirons are. If you’re looking to walk along more of a hiking path and less road, make sure to take McClintock Lower Trail vice Enchanted Mesa Trail (though they both meet at McClintock Upper).

Negatives: *Extremely* limited parking, fairly busy on the weekends with lots of foot traffic. Recommend parking along 12th street, or catching the trail from another point other than Chautauqua Park, if possible, like Bellevue Drive or Green Mountain Memorial Park. We got there at 9am and found a curb spot on 12th near the northernmost end of the McClintock Lower trailhead, just down the street from the auditorium.

Really nice easy trail. Beautiful views along the creek. I’m sure it can get really crowded but at 730 on a Sunday morning it was perfect. Had a little bit of a hard time finding the trailhead based on using the navigation direct from AllTrails but we figured it out.

2 months ago

Gorgeous hike through the forest during a light drizzling rain. Saw less than a dozen hikers, bicyclists, and runners - not busy at all.

on Bobolink Trail

2 months ago

Lovely trail, but the mosquitos are aggressive. There were times when I had more than 10 swarming around me!

Super easy! Great views every where! Some spots you can stop and go by the creek, put your feet in!

Beautiful scenery, ample parking, large walking/biking path. Easy hike to bring visitors on.

Great views and nice variety. Wildflowers and streams with sweeping Mountain Views.


Beautiful trail at this time of the year. We were lucky to find a parking spot at 8:30 am on Sunday. Be prepared to share the trail with bikers. I would recommend it on overcast days.

2 months ago

nice up and down. a few scenic views. some shade

I love this trail so much. It is an exceptionally easy walk along the river that the entire family can enjoy. We always bring the dogs and find little pools in the river to play in and relax.

2 months ago

Well marked trail. Not sure why this is rated difficult; it’s a good hike but the only challenging part was the amount of snow still here. Ended up here due to a road closure, no summit but a very secluded & quiet trail.

This is a nice path to take my toddler. The gravel path along the creek still allows for an all terrain stroller easily. There are nice views through the trees.

3 months ago

Went on 5/8. We were aiming for Rainbow Lakes but the road was closed so we opted for this trail instead. Much of the trail was still packed with thick snow. i didnt have snowshoes so a couple parts of it were a struggle, and I had to carry my little dog, lol, but it was a laughable and doable challenge. We only made it to the first creek then turned back. Trail is well marked which was much appreciated with all the snow cover.
There were two sections that opened up so you get a nice view of the snow caped mountain across the way.
Oh and there's a teepee!

Beautiful views, not very busy when I went beginning of May BUT parking is terrible in the area. We had some difficulty finding a spot, a lot of visitors for the Flatirons trails I think.

Looked like a great trail...but definitely CLOSED!

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