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trail running
2 days ago

It’s short but a very fun and rewarding workout. Great views from the top. Hop on the Switzerland trail at the trailhead if you want to add on some mileage.

This is a lovely hiking and MTB trail. I had no issues sharing the trail with bikers as they were all very friendly and courteous. The views down the valley are gorgeous, especially in morning light. The Wapiti/Ponderosa/Wild Turkey Trail loop was easy/mod with sure footing and well-kept trails. I came across two handsome 8 point bucks on the north side. Nice views of Meeker and Longs Peak. Plentiful parking and vault toilets at the trail head. A real gem!

10 days ago

Very easy walk on either paved or gravel path. Many dogs with most on leashes. Easy to take jogging or all terrain stroller on the path. Several bikers, but most called out that they were coming up behind you. Some good views of the mountains and Flatirons.

Hello! Oh man.. where are my dog people to help a sistah out? This trail in its entirety is NOT DOG FRIENDLY. I hope All Trails can change to "some parts of the trail are accessible for dogs." I only saw one review with any robust mentioning of dogs and what you can't access here.

The Spring Loop goes north and south, and the south part of the loop does not allow dogs. There are several places in this area that do not allow dogs. I heard from another hiker that this was due to bears...but not sure what would stop them from moving to the other side. My friend and I had to do another part of the trail.. still pretty, but was an out and back instead of a loop. That was disappointing. The sign on the trailhead says no dogs on the south side and on one other part, but All Trails made me think we could do a loop by the above description. Not true! It says you will get fined, and yes, there were rangers out.

Here are the good parts:
FEE: $5 for non Boulder County residents
TERRAIN: Pretty smooth... a few gravelly areas, but mainly nice!
VIEWS: The lush fall colors were in effect. Pretty meadows and some forest areas.

Here are the bad parts (sorry bikers..)
BIKING: Tons of bikers! Beware. I wouldn't wear headphones. NO. Too many trail runners and bikers. At one point coming back down, we got stuck in a spot because there were so many bikers/runners that we tried to pull over for. Most were nice, but they DID NOT use bells of any sort to warn people. I was surprised I couldn't hear the bikers behind me until they were right up on us.

SINGLE FILE TRAIL IN SOME AREAS: some areas are wide open and so nice, but some parts are single file and hard to get off to the side for the fast-rushing bikers.

OVERALL: I was much happier as we moved on into the mountain...less peeps and just gorgeous fall colors. There is hardly any shade, so it is more of a fall hike. Tons of people and the issue with no dogs on the south made for a different hike than expected. I liked the North Loop part very much and liked down to the Fowler part of the trail. Very well marked. Beware though- lots of people and lots of bikers make for a bit of a "look behind your shoulder all the time" effect.

Pretty views but so rocky, and the large number of inconsiderate people riding bikes ruined it for me. I’ll try a hiking only trail next time.

There's definitely no lake, but this is a beautiful hike through a woodland setting with intermittent shrub land. I did run into one jerk on a bike who pretended not to know that he wasn't allowed there on Wednesdays despite there being 4 signs pointing out the law, but thankfully only saw him once.

The grade is gentle throughout the whole loop and the trail is hard packed dirt with some very easy to avoid rocks. This should really be considered easy rather than moderate. In fact, most of the people I saw there were elderly and had no problem.

Saw deer, squirrels, and plenty of birds, including bluejays.

Go counter clockwise for a slightly easier ascent at the end, but easy either way.

good trail to take your jeep for a nice drive

This is a very enjoyable hike. Parts of it are steeper then I expected, but I'm a flatlander so anything with an incline is steep. There is a "new" section that has been cut, off of the Walker Ranch Trail Loop parking area. Not sure how long it has been this way.

off road driving
29 days ago

Switzerland trail was not a challenge at all! we saw a mini van out here. look out for lots of pedestrians on foot and on their pedal bikes. IF you choose to go down Pennsylvania gultch, then make sure you have a good 4×4 and clearance. It is extremely tight and very challenging. stock jku Rubicon

Beautiful trail. In my opinion it's a moderate hike, nothing too challenging. The scenery is just magnificent, but the trail is not always marked very well. i started on a Saturday, 7 a.m. There were very few cars in the (pretty big) parking lot. After my return at 11 a.m., there were still quite a few spots available.

Because it’s one of the few mountain bike trails, I avoid it and let them have it to themselves. Much better hiking trails about a mile into the Eldorado canyon.

Super fun trail for beginner-to-moderate riders!

beautiful hike!!! loved that all dogs must be on leash or risk $300 fine no exceptions. For those of us with tricky dogs this was a wonderful find!!

go counter clockwise! It still has some steep climbs but it will help you avoid climbing the steep stairs.

loved the water and lots of trees! great hike! will definitely be back

got there at 10 am on Friday plenty of space in the parking lot.

Surprisingly beautiful. I didn't have my hopes very high when I saw how flat this trail was, but it was a nice little loop that offered beautiful views.

Perfect for faster running

trail running
1 month ago

Second time on this trail, though this was my first time running it. Ran 8 miles up through Wapiti and Ponderosa Loop to finish back down Wapiti. I maybe passed 7-8 people on bikes who were all polite and courteous on trail. Course this is relative to your skill level, but this is not a very technical trail. It is mostly dirt with packed in rocks and only a handful of moderately steepish section. I am planning on this being my weekly longer run for sure! So peaceful out here!

One of my favorite trails for trail running. Not super difficult but a nice workout. Pretty views!

Chose to skip on walking this, due to respect for bikers using the bike park.

Was a good easy hike to get some steps in. Ok views which is why I have it 3 stars.

Easy and short; more of a walk than a hike. I took my infant son around this loop in a jogging stroller when he wasn't feeling well and had no issues on the trail. Not a lot of shade, but we went on a overcast day and it was fine. It's not Boulder's most dramatic trail in terms of difficulty or view, but the boardwalk on the pond was lovely and unique!

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail to start on and practice. This is the first trail I went on off-roading and have been back a number of times since.

From what I can see however, this map only shows about half of the trail.

I'd break it down into 3 sections:

1) The start the Peak To Peak highway to the old station clearing at the Sugarloaf Mountain side.

2) Station to Fourmile Canyon Drive (shown as the end on this map).

3) The trail continues on the other side of the road (marked by a blue sign saying alternative evacuation route) and up to gold hill road.
This section includes the Mount Alto picnic area.

As noted in other reviews there are a couple of other trails off here (Pennsylvania Gulch stands out as being the toughest of the bunch, it's very rocky in places and needs high clearance, 4 low to get through without issue, not really a trail for beginners. The others off of here are on par with the rest of this trail though)

They are very similar in difficulty, there's no big rocks and only a few narrow stretches.
You can generally find a place to pass really close, should you meet somebody coming the other way on one of these narrow places.
Most of it is wide enough for 2 to pass.

For me, not keen on heights at all, there are some places with quite the drop off the side of the trail.
The one springs to mind, is close to the Mount Alto Picnic area, where there is a large stone on the driver side of the trail that looks a little bit like a tree stump, though it's actually fairly wide.
Still it is not that scary, even for me, who has an issue with heights.

My fear of heights is something that off-roading in Colorado is helping me come to terms with! LOL :-)

I have seen 2wd cars on this trail, so it's a really good place to get used to your 4wd vehicle and off-roading in general.
This trail has been recommended as a starting trail by a number of different people and is very popular.

Airing down helps make the trail smoother, though I've done it without airing down (because I am a newbie!).
If you don't have a decent air compressor, there are 2 places in Nederland nearby you can air up at. The Gas station on the roundabout and the Kwik Mart across from it.

Note for the complete new starter to 4x4 offroading:

If you're still not sure you want to start with this one, do the Old Fall river road in Rocky Mountains National park about an hour north of this.
That's an unpaved road and really only needs 2wd, has some awesome views up in the Alpine Biome and it is a one way only road, so no need to worry about passing.
It's not listed on this site for some reason though.

A great trail! Beware that they modified the Walker Loop - I ended up walking up to another trailhead and taking another trail to meet back up with the Walker loop. Follow the "New Access" signs to save yourself some.e energy!

This hike is absolutely gorgeous! Watch for the mountain bikers. Crazy route but well worth it.

Beautiful but beware-TAKE BUG SPRAY!!! I got attacked by biting flies so badly that I had to turn around and run back about 1 mile into it and I'm covered in bites now.

Gorgeous views. Not the easiest but definitely doable- a fun challenge with our twins strapped to us!

Loved how many hidden routes there. Loved the technicality and how steep it was. Great find!

1 month ago

Just too many bikers now—some rude enough to ruin one of my favorite hikes.

1 month ago

Nice hike. It did get a bit warm but we started late around nine. We were the only car at the east trail entrance parking. We certainly saw wildlife. A mother bear and two cubs right in the middle of the connector trail about a third of the way down. They took off as soon as they saw us. We turned around anyway since we were only going to do the connector and get back on the loop.

trail running
1 month ago

Trail running was challenging due to rocky trail. Be prepared to do a lot of hopping. I was rewarded with a beautiful scenic view on the Ponderosa loop extension. Saw 6 hikers and 5 mountain bikers in the 8 mile run. I will do this trail again before returning to Texas.

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