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Absolutely gorgeous, went early and had the trail to ourselves. Wild flowers are in bloom and the waterfalls are flowing. Just amazing!

Did with all 7 kids ages 6-16. Was a challenge for a few of them, but not too bad!

Good hike, went on a hot day so it was unfortunate that not much shade was available on the loop. The loop felt really long. Bring plenty of H2O!

Loved this hike! Just when you think you can't do anymore you start the boulder climbing and it opens up to an awesome view! Totally worth the climb. Did it with a 14, 10, and 5 year old.

off road driving
3 days ago

Took a not quite stock JK Wrangler up it. Hardest part is right at the beginning - you need to pick a line up a steep rock outcropping. The Rubicons we accidentally convoyed with walked right up it with their lockers. Next time we'd air down. The rest of the trail is pretty easy but jouncy with rocks. The 2nd half of the trail was closed off, so we never made it to the end.

Great hike! Done this one with my dogs, kids, girl scouts multiple times. Great views! Be sure to have water with you!

5 days ago

NIce hike. no shade. Have done this one multiple times with my kids and dogs. Tend to see a lot of bikers on this trail.

This is a great trail for dogs, most of the trail is creek side.

It is a goos hike. Good for beginners. We took our dog. All was well although there is no shade.

10 days ago

Pretty dang challenging... but great views!

Beautiful and rewarding hike but challenging! If you don't get an early start, it gets pretty hot. It's very steep, and we rested in each shady spot because we got a late start and were in summer heat the whole way. Final part is steep and you have to climb to get the top, but it's worth it for the views. Lots of very cool rocks and minerals on the way, it makes the whole trail shimmery! Be very careful in sunny spots. We encountered a rattlesnake and had to wait for it to move off the trail. Check under rocks and don't step over or agitate a snake!

Great hike with a dog lots of shade and water!

Good trail great view. Overall moderate trail with one difficult rock climb

12 days ago

At some point they have re-routed this trail to make the left turn route a little less steep.... the entire hike with loop is 8.3 miles. At a ‘junction’ with the old trail, you can see evidence of where they filled the old trail with rocks. Long, steady incline if you go right... shorter, steeper incline if you go left(not too hard). Water levels low this year, so all stream crossings are easy. Friday morning, early July and only a few other hikers.

15 days ago

Backpacked 2.5 in set up camp at the first campsite. Went on headed toward the lake and .3 mi from camp I encountered a large black bear. He was as startled as I was and ran off to the north. I headed back to camp and packed up and left. I did see a mother weasel carrying her baby and a whitetail buck on the return trip.

off road driving
16 days ago

Did this yesterday, super easy trail to find. I aired down for comfort and would possibly recommend it for a few sections but you could probably make it with out. Easy trail and lots of fun. Got to the top in about 90 min.

This is my favorite hike close to home. My grandkids ages 4 and 7 love it too.

17 days ago

Started near CSU Mountain Campus and hiked up to 3.1 miles to where sign says entering Rocky Mountain National Park. Our main intent was to see the B-17 crash site, but the directions are very misleading on All Trails so very disappointing. The day was beautiful in the beginning but became very hot on the way back and couldn’t wait to leave. Walking through the trail with the Alpine trees was my favorite. Not enough water for me. I like seeing waterfalls and streams and this trail had very little of that. View at top was pretty though.

Beautiful, hard enough for me for a workout the last mile. Combo of open fields, and trees. Great views from the top. I wouldn’t bring my older dog.

19 days ago

I went up for a short overnight, and the trail was beautiful! We camped at Cirque. We lost the trail a little on the way up to emmaline, but there are cairns marking the way. You shouldn't have to go over any snowfields. some muddy/wet spots but for the most part you can get around them.

We got to the meadow camping area in 1.5 hours at a decent pace. there is little elevation gain here, most of it is all in the second half of the hike.

24 days ago

This was a short, but pretty hike. Unfortunately, there are a few paths at the top that seemed like social trails because they don’t go anywhere and we weren’t able to figure out how it loops around. Also, it seems like this trail is not well maintained due to overgrown vegetation. However, it’s a nice short drive from Fort Collins and is a decent challenge for beginner hikers.

Beautiful trail the whole way, and the payoff is worth the work

25 days ago

The altitude gain was really hard with my asthma, but with plenty of rest stops we made it to the top. The view was worth every single huff, puff, and pant it took to get up, and the trip down is nice and easy.

Beautiful hike! Went first thing in the morning and only passed one person on the west ridge part of the trail. Took the Arthur’s trail back and it was quite crowded.

Hike is nice and easy, good for families and small kids. Be aware: my boyfriend and I hiked it yesterday with our dog and came across a huge rattlesnake sunning itself on the trail. Be mindful of your surroundings!

Went June 21. The first branch (prior to the loop) is pretty and scenic with lots of wildflowers and butterflies. The water crossings were really shallow and I found them easy. Water proof boots can walk straight through most. As others have said, if you’re with small children or at all feeling like I was starting the loop, turn back there. The loop felt SO LONG with no shade and no water for the pup. Poor pup was looking for any little shade she could fine. I’ve done this trail twice; once starting the loop to the left and the other starting to the right. It’s a STEEP climb to the left, and I found the right more enjoyable but not necessarily easy. Bring LOTS OF WATER. I drank every drop of my 3L, pup drank a full bottle and at every water crossing, and we were both happy for the gallon jug in the truck when we made it back.

1 month ago

Great short trail with fantastic views and open meadows. Great hike if you’ve got younger kids that are “ hikers in training”.

last stretch was difficult with a dog on the leash but great hike

1 month ago

Not too exciting of a trail, and just a ridiculous amount of stream crossings, some that seemed unnecessary. Seemed like a great trail for dogs though, we were some of the only people without a dog. Nice enough if you just feel like getting out and hiking, but nothing too special in my opinion.

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