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One of my favorite hikes ❤️❤️

Absolutely amazing!!

Beautiful trail with great views.

4 days ago

Awesome views, less traveled than Herman Gulch Trail which leaves from the same trailhead. Definitely need snowshoes though even with the meager snowfalls this year. Steady incline. Had to turn around about 2/3 of the way in due to deep snow and constant post-holing. Still saw some great mountain view’s but I bet they’re only more stunning the farther you ascend.

One of my favorite alpine lake in CO. Just beware the iron side trail... trail markers are not maintained and can be very difficult to follow. Bring your GPS!!!

As of March 17, most of the trail is snow and ice free but there were a few sections that required spikes. We witnessed a few mountain bikers that were turned around at around mile 10 or 11 due to a long icy section in the trail.

Overall pretty hike. We stayed at the camping area near Bear Creek and had a beautiful, clear night with 25 degree temps. Bear creek was fairly silty so a filter would be helpful. I was using UV and had to strain the water.

The 10 miles from the dam to the South Platte River trailhead should have a rating of 4 but the crowds in Waterton Canyon tend to hurt the overall Segment 1 trail ratings.

It’s a nice trail and there weren’t too many people when we went (March 15th around lunch). The lake itself was the prettiest view that we saw and there isn’t really a hike to the lake (it’s right next to the parking lot). We did hike about 3 miles and it’s pretty, but I hate to even call it “hiking” compared to other hikes in Colorado. It’s just a nice outdoor walk for an hour or two.

Pretty easy hike! Beautiful walk around the lake and the trail takes you up the mountain.

Fantastic trail! I did this trail a few years ago and found it hard to follow. However, with the new signs, following "R1" all the way made it easy to get there and back without getting lost. I think this can be done in about 4 hours if you know the trail and can move quickly. Moderate to difficult in some parts. Definitely bring water and food. Might not be great for some kids or dogs with the class 3-4 downclimbing sections. Otherwise, amazing trail in the spring.

10 days ago

I hiked this trail last Saturday and there was no snow to speak of at all during my outing. My pup and I only saw one couple on our way back so it was a very quiet and secluded hike. The creek in the beginning of the trail did have some ice on it and looked very beautiful. I am guessing this will be a busy trail in the summer due to the campgrounds there.

Hiked in the middle of winter on a nice sunny day. Views followed by aspen groves and a few creek crossings made for a scenic hike with lots of packed snow closer to the falls. My 5 and 11 year enjoyed the hike but think about taking lunch or food in general if you have kids. It took my 5 year old about 4.5 hours.

My first real hike in the San Juans. Gorgeous.

AMAZING TRAIL! Cut off the high drive walk and head straight for seven falls. Take the my buckhorn trail up and connect to the rest of the trail for the time of your life.

This is a great overnight backpacking trip. Difficult trail to follow once you drop down into the canyon. Didn't make it to the arches due to the fact we lost the trail, so we wound up camping over the lip of the canyon once we picked the trail back up. There's a good bit of cairns to watch out for - some are placed where you shouldn't go and some are placed where you should go, so they can be deceiving. There's some scrambling involved and if you bring dogs, be prepared to help them scramble as well. Bring water and high protein snacks because you're going to spend a lot of energy in certain areas. Worked up a good sweat even when the temperature was in the mid 50's.

With all that being said, the views along the way are pretty amazing! It's well worth it. Going back again this weekend to make it to the arches.

trail running
18 days ago

Didn’t actually make it up! The east access road is currently closed off to traffic. Didn’t know how to update that without a review! I’m sure it’s a splendid running trail though!

At the start of trail it is a shooting range. Lots of gun fire and you don't know where they are shooting. If I know of all the gun fire would not of done this trail. It was a great hike slippery in spots and the old cabin was cool but too much gun fire at the start.

cross country skiing
18 days ago

A solid intro to back country skiing. Pretty easy-going. My dad and I did this about a month ago and there was just enough snow to ski, but plenty of snow-shoers and micro-spiked hikers did just fine out there.

First 14er. The gain in elevation was harder than expected for my friend and I, which meant the hike took longer than we had planned. Best views I've ever had and the experience was exhilarating! Make sure you have plenty of water, protein and healthy fats snacks(nuts, bars, etc.). Went in October 2016, temp went back and forth between just a hoodie and needing a wind resistant, thermal coat.

Backside has kneedeep snow the entire way, definitely need snowshoes right now! Go towards Gem Lake if you are doing the entire loop, or you'll have a bad time.

22 days ago

beautiful place to go.

This trail offers some great areas of the park. Some cool hiking above the tree line and we seen a ton of wild life. The trail is nice and easy to follow new scenery every day Great Hike!

27 days ago

Amazing hike through beautiful alpine meadows with wild flowers and marmots. The lake is stunning!

This was a beautiful hike however be aware that the road (county road 7 I believe) is closed. The last 4.4 miles of driving become walking. Also the snow was very deep (up to my waist at points) so bring snowshoes. It was still beautiful but be warned that this 8 mike hike is a 17 mike hike in the winter!

Beautiful hike! If you feel up to it, continue on up to the summits of Twin Peaks. The views of Blanca, Ellingwood, and Little Bear are amazing!

Parked at Iron Springs melodrama for $5. Hiked up to the trail head off of Hydro Loop. I brought my micro spikes and trekking poles but didn’t need either of them. Due to time restraints I only did 4 mile out and 4miles back. On the part that I hiked, there was snow and some icy patches but really it was a beautiful hike especially past 2.5 Miles up once your out of the path of Incline hikers. This was a good first journey on the Barr Trail as I plan on a weekend backpacking trip to camp then summit pikes Peak this year.

1 month ago

I walk every day with my dog around local parks at home in Ohio. This was what I would call my first true hiking experience. It was a little difficult maneuvering through the rocks, and my family and I had only brought tennis shoes. However the difficulty was all worth it! Every step of the way you could turn in any direction and the views would take your breath away! There was one scary area with a very steep drop off of all rocks, I just tried to keep my eyes on the other side. The pay off at the end was a gorgeous peaceful lake. We went on a cool, foggy morning, but I honestly can’t imagine it being any more beautiful than it was. Be sure and go early so you can drive and park your car right at the park, and take some stunning pictures of Maroon Bells Lake and mountains before you begin.

1 month ago

10/10. Loved every step of this trail. I suggest counter clockwise. The climb up trail raider from clockwise direction looked miserable. Glad I was going down!

1 month ago

Hiked this with perfect weather (Nov-2017), should have read more of the reviews beacuse it took us a while to realize we had to hike through the arch (which isn't for everyone; some will be uncomfortbale climbing up).

1 month ago

Not accessible unless you want to drive past a danger closed road sign, or walk from there (still a few miles from trailhead from what I saw). Looks like plenty of people got up there but my car was not equipped.

Beautiful and extremely icy in several stretches yesterday. Poles &/or microspikes would have been helpful, but going on hands & knees worked fine. (The stretches were generally

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