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Beautiful trail!

The first 1.5 miles is essentially walking through the ski resort. The last push to lake is not very impressive trail. The lake though is beautiful. The trail headed to turquoise lake was spectacular. If you have the extra time would recommend.

Absolutely beautiful with wildflowers, butterflies, deer and the beautiful lake. Hikes up Overlook to Allies Trail and back through Royal Elk. Going back is much more difficult. Would rate this more on the difficult side.

Great Hike! Rewarded with the beautiful lake at the end!!

9 days ago

Beautiful trail. Lots of native cutthroats in the upper lake.

This was a very scenic hike! You are in the wilderness a large portion of the time, and moments you are not, you get to see large ski runs that have been carved down the mountain. When you are in the middle of the ski runs you can see for miles! The path is narrow and my group had to hike single file, but it was still an absolutely wonderful experience! I recommend hiking up the mountain and taking this trail towards to gondolas to go back down and save your knees! The last 10 minutes portion of the hike was a bit grueling in the sun so I recommend starting early! Happy hiking!

This was a very fun trail! We began on the five senses trail at 8 in the morning and from there began the beaver lake trail. The five senses trail takes you through a residential area, however there is still plenty to experience. Within the first ten minutes of starting our hike we saw a fox! The trail to beaver lake was wide and allowed my group of four to have fun and chat with one another along the way. We saw deer, beavers, and marmots! The hike is shaded a large portion of the way. Certain times we got a bit winded going up hill, but then again we were all coming from sea level and hadn’t quite acclimated to the thinner air. Right before the sign for royal elk trail appeared, the path got fairly thin and my group had to walk single file for the last ten minutes or so. Once we reached the lake it was stunning! I believe packing a lunch would be wise (or at least a snack) because my group was fairly hungry by this point. Take time to relax and enjoy the scenery! It is also worth it to walk along some of the small paths near the lake and make your way around to see different perspectives! There were tons of cute little alpine squirrels to sit and watch as well. From this point we turned around and went to the royal elk trail. This trail cuts horizontally across the mountains towards the gondolas. This trail was thin the entire time and my group had to walk single file the whole way. Sometimes the terrain was challenging for my group, but with frequents breaks we powered through. I was hoping to see more animals on this trail, however that was not the case. Royal elk was challenging, but in a fun way that brought my group together. At the end of royal elk trail it was 12 noon (4 hours from the start of the hike). I wish we began an hour earlier because by eleven in the morning the sun started heating things up more than I would like (nothing unbearable just a personal preference). Eating lunch and having a brew at the restaurant and then taking the gondola for FREE down was worth all the hard work we put into the hike! Overall this hike was great! We never had to go down hill during the hike which really saved my knees. If you are in Beaver Creek , I highly recommended taking the morning to complete this hike. It is very enjoyable, you get some spectacular views, encounter some friendly animals, and it is an absolute blast to do with family and friends.

Took Centennial Lift up, hiked over to and through a Royal Elk, up to Beaver Lake. The lake is lovely and very full of fish...cutbows, I believe. This route is not much uphill. There are a couple climbs but mostly downhill. Saw people on the trail with no water or packs. That was stupid! Seemed fine for dogs...there were quite a few with people.

13 days ago

Fun trail, I thought it was very scenic and definitely a strong moderate trail that was challenging. We followed the Five Senses trail out of the Beaver Creek area, easy to find from the Centennial Lift. We did not stay on the road, but followed the trail near the creek to the Beaver Lake trailhead. From there it is basically 2.5 miles up the long hill to the lake. Unfortunately like other reviewers have mentioned, the horse manure along the way was very annoying. About every 20-30 yards was another load on the ground, which I could have lived with but since it was fresh, it attracted flies and took away from the wonderful pine scent. We took the Royal Elk trail on the way. back. I highly recommend this route as it was even more challenge and very pretty though the mountain to get to the Centennial chair lift. Also, no horse manure. Plus there were bathrooms, food and beer at the Lift.

Loved it! There was beautiful meadows, aspen trees, flowers in July, and creek with tons of butterflies. Hiked it with baby and it was just the right distance.

18 days ago

Start on 5 Senses trail in Beaver Creek Village. This will get you into wilderness faster. The whole trail was pretty easy to navigate. It’s best to start early. We set out at 9:00 and should have started about 8:00. Please go all the way to the lake, it’s worth it. Please venture into the lake for a dip, you worked this hard, reward yourself. On the way back down turn onto Royal Elk Trail and follow that to the Gondola. Royal Elk is a 2.5 mile hike that cuts across the mountain. They are FREE to ride down.

Nice hike. The first section goes through parts of Beaver Creek Resort which is nice but quite developed.
Steep parts are reasonable.
Wish they had some distance markers to encourage the novice.

19 days ago

Took my 8 and 11 year old. We started from the beaver creek lodge at about 9:30 am. We saw fantastic wildlife as soon as we passed all the buildings. It is quite a climb- my kids struggled often throughout. Might have been because we’re from Indiana and we notice the thin air here. Beautiful scenery especially when you reach the lake. We had lunch and the chipmunks were very entertaining and friendly. The climb down was very easy and quick.

Great hike. If you want a harder hike and not repeat a section take Ally’s trail to Beaver Lake Trail to the lake then come back and take Royal Elk to either gondola down or walk down to village. Close to 10 miles and all up hill great hike!

23 days ago

This hike starts off fairly mellow but get ready to
CLIMB after the first meadow. The views are rewarding, and I love that it’s not too crowded.

Great trail, great views. Serves as a good beginner trail for new hikers in fairly decent physical condition.

25 days ago

This trail doesn't get very good until 2 miles in. No parking is allowed at the actual trailhead or on the street, so you must park at the Beaver Creek parking structure. From there it's about a mile walk following a paved road to the actual trailhead. From the trailhead, it's another mile before it starts to feel more secluded and away from the resort. Nice and shady in the morning, but still required 1L+ of water. Lots of little stream crossings and access to the creek for my dog to catch a drink of water and cool off. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to do this trail again unless I was staying IN Beaver Creek. Takes too long to become secluded. Took about 2h 30m from the parking structure and back and had the lake to myself around 9:50 AM on a Thursday.

Best trail on the mountain. Technical, streams, trees, up and down, not too strenuous and great views of all of BC. Newbies, take the lift up , find trail just down from gondola, and get started. Ends at trail up to braver lake ( shout uphill hike). Have fun.

This is easy-ish, but long. If you know the area you basically hike near (though you can’t see it) the Centennial Chair - up and over into the Larkspur bowl and hike up to Spruce Saddle from the “back” side. It’s easy hiking with great paths, but steep... it’s “up” the whole way. It’s totally worth the hike! I “hiked” down Cinch.... though next time I’ll take the lift for convenience. It took me about 90 minutes to the top.

Beautiful and great for a family hike!

Urban trail. Beautiful view of the lake and community.

May 15, 2018. This is such a pretty trail, I look forward to doing the whole thing. There is a seasonal closure for elk and deer migration and reproduction from May 15 until June 20. Lets all give a shout out to the trail managers for respecting wildlife!

Note: This trail is CLOSED to all traffic 5/15-6/20/18 for wildlife preservation

2 months ago

Per Forest Service recommendation, we ventured up the trail to see Beaver Lake to fly fish. While we know the area and expected snow pack, the trail gets covered and wet early, right after you see the Beaver Creek lifts, 8, 9, and 10. Lake is still frozen, so no fishing was to be had. Great trail though. Fun workout and awesome setting.

2 months ago

Beautiful place. The hike is moderate but gets harder in some areas. You can ride horses too.

2 months ago

This place is my favorite spot in Avon. So peaceful. It’s not a trail though. You can bike and walk around

2 months ago

It’s peaceful and quiet. a beautiful place to walk.

2 months ago

I would love to do this hike after the snow melts but won’t be here, we tried this hike May 9th. We almost made it to beaver lake, almost. So much snow and my husband started postholing with almost every step

Up hill from Elk parking lot to the Village. Wimped our and took the shuttle back down.

2 months ago

My wife and I did a little over 4 miles of this one on 5/2/18. It's a fine trail with steady incline but too much snow towards the top to make all the way up. We post-holed for a while before having enough of that. Good time had by all, even so.

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