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A bit more difficult than expected but worth it. Steady incline and lots of switchbacks at the start in an Aspen Grove then into more pine trees and a few meadows with lots of wild flowers. The lake was gorgeous but very buggy.

2 days ago

cascading river below parking lot is nice. easy hike/walk. nice mountain lake but accessibility is limited.

Very rocky with not a lot of scenery before the lake. But the lake is beautiful. I’ve done some moderate trials this trip so for my money, I’d just relax and enjoy the scenic loop instead and do a more worthwhile trail later. It was just not diverse enough for me. Too much scree.

Gorgeous mountain lake at the end is well worth the hike

the hike was nice and easy, good for the little ones. amazing view from start to finish

6 days ago

Fantastic trail with gorgeous views. We did it wearing our 2 year old in a Deuter backpack, which was a must. The trail is really rocky in parts and would be difficult for young children. Definitely a heavily used trail, but well worth it!


SO WORTH IT if you are coming from sea level (like I did) to give yourself some time and get up to this lake. I had to take a few 1 minute breaks to catch my breath, but it was definitely worth it. Also, the wildflowers were stunning.

7 days ago

Excellent trail. First part is the hardest then it’s pretty smooth going the last half. Nice fields of wild flowers and you’re in and out of the forests. BRING BUG SPRAY, you’ll enjoy the lake much better. Happy hiking.

Beautiful view. Perfect amount of challenge and having to pay attention and beautiful and fun!

Incredible 3day/2night solo trip July 4-6. Not crowded at all. Wildflowers were amazing throughout nearly the whole trail. Did it clockwise based on others reviews- think counterclockwise would be easier. It is rigorous. Passed several groups the first day who were turning back after their first day. Many were from sea level. Acclimatization is key carrying a pack through the whole 7500ft + elevation gain.

Another MUST SEE trail in Aspen!!!

8 days ago

Beautiful hike. Be prepared for a rocky trail. Saw too many people in sandals, not a great idea! We hiked this on a holiday week, too many people! Next time we will do this on a non holiday week!
Overall it was still awesome, the views were amazing!

9 days ago

If you are from flat land and are scared to do this hike after reading some of the reviews, please ignore the reviews and DO THIS HIKE! I am from Chicago, 50 years old, and an OK hiker. The trail is Rocky and that altitude is definitely hard on the lungs, but if you go slow and take breaks and stay hydrated, it is totally doable! Absolutely stunning hike that is shaded by aspens in many places but every now and then a Mountain View pops up. The boulder field just before the lake can be challenging if you don’t have proper footwear and aren’t paying attention to your footing. But, again, totally navigable and there are plenty of people taking breaks along the way so no reason to feel rushed. Don’t miss this hike!

Don’t miss this relatively flat trail after you come back from crater lake! Really beautiful views of the bells and pyramid with waterfalls! It’s pretty rocky in places, so don’t wear flip flops!

Relatively easy hike to a great view. Lake is big enough to spread out the crowd so you can always get your own spot on the shore!

on Linkins Lake Trail

10 days ago

We did this hike June 10, 2018. There was a substantial amount of snow (about 100 yards or so) near the top of the hike, but it was easy to see the trail at the start and end of the snowfield. The lake is spectacular – and there was still a lot of ice on it. Even without the ice, it would’ve been beautiful. There are a few steeper parts along the way, but all in all not bad. Given that you start at a higher elevation, I would acclimate to Aspen’s altitude for a couple of days before doing this hike.

Beautiful hike! Air was a little thinner than I was used to, so be ready to take some breaks on the way up. About a thousand feet below electric pass there's a meadow with a few spots that are great for putting up a tent as long as you're expecting good weather. Be prepared for it to get cold at night, though. It easily drops 20 degrees as soon as the sun goes below the horizon. Beautiful hike!

My friends and I loved this little trail. It's a quick one with only a couple steep areas. The wild flowers around the end of June/beginning of July are very pretty. The lake is gorgeous! Two of us went skinny dipping to refresh-it was quite chilly but bearable! If you veer to the left of the lake there is another trail that goes up about another 600 ft or so in elevation. I didn't see a marker for the trail but it's definitely worth exploring! You can see great views of the lake from above and then at the summit you can see the views of the other side and there are 3 or 4 more visible lakes over that way. Adding this part on makes for a good 3 hour total exploration.

Amazing. Hike of a lifetime. Hiked in with full gear, spent three full days and nights hiking and camping. beautiful, God's country. elevation will kick your butt if you're not acclimated.

13 days ago

Fairly steep ascent to the lake, but this is a very cool alpine area with lots of wildflowers present in late June.

13 days ago

Amazing views at Crater Lake, but not much scenery between Maroon and Crater as the trail climbs through thick forest. Worth it though!

13 days ago

An easy walk through thick forest to a pretty good lake view.

Did this for a second time June 23rd 2018. Awesome views. We did it counter clockwise (best way hands down). Had a little snow over final pass on last day. There was also frost 20 yards from our campsite.

An extraordinary, beautiful, world-class hike with every feature. Recommend 2 nights, 3 days to enjoy fully.

Beautiful hike, not too difficult other than the incline, but lots of beautiful places to stop, rest, and enjoy the scenery along the way. There’s also a beautiful creek you can walk along that goes to an overlooking bridge. Certainly a must do hike while in Aspen!

From the parking lot at maroon bells to buckskin Pass is a great day hike. Very hard but well worth the effort. Get going early because you can’t drive up the road after 8 AM and you actually want to get there by 7 AM to beat the traffic

15 days ago

beautiful and there are not much words to describe it.

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