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Better than I thought. I went on a Monday so there were fewer ppl. I less than a day if you start around 6:30. You could drive to Quandary or something and get that one done too if you have a good pace. It is a rocky and the abandoned mines are pretty neat. Overall I enjoyed what it had to offer.

Truly an awesome experience. So glad to do it. And the dogs loved it too. Moderately full lot. Don’t go all the way to the top of the parking lot without high clearance. Keep an eye out for active mines on the road up and ruins of mines throughout the hike. Perfectly sunny day but it was entirely above 12,000 feet on the last day of September so I wore ski hat, ski mittens, ski pants and a fleece the whole way. Started up Democrat at 730a. Democrat is pretty steep. About 1 3/4 hours to that summit. Went back down to the saddle then up Cameron. It’s tough but not as tough as Democrat. Cameron has several false summits. Only about 900 vertical instead of 2,100-2,200. Another 1 1/4 for that leg. Cameron is a weird domed summit and then you feel like you’re taking a leisurely walk down to the Lincoln saddle. You don’t even feel like you’re descending but you do about 200 feet. Lincoln is by far the most interesting looking of the mountains and you can ram up the 250 feet or so on a very well worn trail in 20 minutes or so. Take the same trail down Lincoln and take an easy traverse around the side of Cameron to Bross. Another gentle trail brings you up Bross. We headed down the trail from Bross at noon (4 1/2 hours) and oh crap that’s when it gets hard. I forgot my poles at home and really regretted it. Don’t be that guy: bring your poles. I read other reviews on this site about the scree field going down Bross and thought people were exaggerating. They’re not. This was an hour and a half of making sure each step doesn’t send you sliding off the mountain. I loved it once I was done as that descent was one of the more challenging experiences of my life. But I could see where many people would only want to do Democrat and Cameron (once you go down Cameron to the Lincoln saddle, you either have to descend via Bross or summit Cameron again). A perfect day for me and the dog did fine, but this full loop is not for everyone.

Was really windy. Got to the trail at 5 and climbed bross route first. It was a bit of scree and loose rocks. We made it for sunrise. It's nice to have the wind shelters on top. We left and got destroyed by wind on our way to Lincoln. Wasn't to hard to grab the second one, we were done with that and then Cameron at 8 or so. then came down to the base of Democrat ate some, and were up to the top at 10. Down to the car at 11. So about 6 hours total. bring Lots of layers because of the wind, heat, cold. Amazing views, most of the work is at the beginning and end.

First 14 ever. We went nice and slow. Lots of great views going up. We went on a Wednesday, camped over night, left at 6:30am and there were only a handful of other groups all day.

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2 months ago

My husband and I took this trail in my stock Toyota Tundra only two points where we had to Check the clearance otherwise it was a fun easy trail with some great views.

It's a pretty tough trail and if you are from the plains or lower evaluations, it will definitely test you. I am a big dude, no doubt, but it wasn't my fitness as much the amount of just scree and rock at points that made me want to turn back and once it goes up, it's just steep. We made it to Cameron before I tweaked my ankle and say it wasn't worth it hit Lincoln, which didn't make me happy, but safety before pride.

Road from Alma to the trailhead is alright, but the last mile or so is rough going if you don't drive dirt roads or have 4WD. I drove my Chevy Cruze as close as parking would allow.

Weather was awesome, I didn't even use my jacket. Wind pickup on the ridge, but it wasn't freezing, but we didn't hang out long.

Overall, it's completely doable, but as a fat guy who causally plays in the woods and canyons, I wouldn't exactly call it fun or easy. It was a change of pace, had good views, nice people, and got the heart going.

Left Denver around 6 and got to the trailhead around 7:50. The drive up to the trailhead wasn't bad. I have a 2wd and it made it pretty much to the top. The trail is like a typical 14er straight incline. Try to keep a consistent pace and you should make it up in no time! The trail was a pretty busy so I would suggest getting there early. I was able to do Mt. Democrat and Mt Cameron and the views were beautiful!The weather was perfect, not one cloud in the sky!

Democrat, Cameron, and Lincoln are great, amazing views, but descending Bross is an absolute nightmare. Is there even a trail? Descending Bross is doable if you are comfortable with tons of loose rock and scree. If I had to do it again I'd skip Bross and descend the same way I came up, or do Bross first.

This trail is not for the faint hearted if you want to do all four in the same day. Not going to sugar coat it, for the average joe person, this trail blows. It earns its difficulty rating. It’s really only a “good climb” if you’re the person who likes to brag about the number of 14’ers you climb.

I started around 6am and took Bross first. I AM SO GLAD I DID. It was by far the worst part of the hike and even in the dark I would rather climb that direction first. It’s a complete scramble and STEEP. There were several places where I was on my hands and knees. I can’t imagine trying to go down it after doing the other three summits.

If you plan on taking your dog I would HIGHLY recommend boots for their paws if they will tolerate it. There are no soft areas for them and it’s all jagged rock. This trail was pretty heavily traveled and skinny at many points so make sure your dog friend is friendly to both other dogs and people.

As far as getting to the trailhead, I was able to get my Ford Focus ST most of the way. I was about 100 yards from the main parking area due to the toughness of the road and they have huge bumps/ditches that low cars won’t get over unless you want to risk it. About 2 miles from the trail head the potholes get a little wild so you’ll have to go slow and work around them.

My pup and I bailed on mount Democrat due to her paws and still having to hike back to kite lake. It took us roughly 6 hours to summit Bross, Lincoln and Cameron and make it back to the parking area. Plan accordingly!

It’s VERY windy. And the summits are COLD. Take gloves.

Would I recommend this trail? Maybe. If I know you want to accumulate 14’ers. Will I go back and finish Democrat? Probably not. There’s not to look at besides a mass amount of loose rocks. Being that high is cool but there are WAY better hikes out there.

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2 months ago

Mosquito Pass is a great trail without any major obstacles. There is one long loose rock hill with a bunch of basketball sized rocks but nothing too crazy. Just put your tire on the tall rocks instead of your oil pan. Many stock _______'s have made it but that'll have to be your call. The views are awesome pretty much the whole time with many plants, animals, and old mining structures. Unfortunately the day I was there the smoke was still crazy in CO so my views were obscured. I do have a video of the run up at:


2nd gen Xterra, 33" tires, 2" lift, no sway bars.

Beautiful, definitely challenging like all 14ers. To get to Mount Democrat it is steady incline for 1.5 miles before it gets very steep and rocky the last mile.
We were planning to do the 4 in the ridge until altitude sickness took two in our group out. From Lake Kite it’s about 2,300 feet of elevation gain in those 2.5 miles to the top.
We hiked it 9/17/18, no ice or snow, beautiful weather. The trail is super loose in parts but no real scramble.
The road is accessible in most cars, I have a low 2 WD and was able to get 200 yards from the trailhead by going super slow with no issue. There were cars like mine at trailhead but didn’t want to take that risk!

I read the reviews here and they seemed pretty much 50/50 as to start with Bross or Democrat. We started with Democrat (a nice summit, tough climb mostly because of elevation but some scrambling, too) then went to Cameron. Cameron’s summit was a snooze. Very anti-climactic, nobody else at the top with us, really bland, and unbearably windy. I was having sort of an off day so my friend and I parted ways there; she continued on to summit Lincoln and Bross while I cut Lincoln off entirely and took the shortcut that skips the “closed” summit of Bross but takes you down that side. Since I read the reviews, I knew it would be almost entirely scree but totally underestimated just how terrible it would be. Slid on my butt and/or basically skied with my boots for most of it, and then when that’s all done you still have about another mile of tricky trail until you reach the parking lot. Thanks so much to the friendly dad who chatted with me the rest of the way down—you were a huge help when I was about ready to say f this and barrel roll down and hope for the best. So if I were to try it again, I don’t think I’d descend Bross, but I’m not sure I’d want to ascend it, either. It would be super frustrating to try to go up and lose so much distance with every step. But perhaps it would be easier when you’re starting fresh... I’m really not sure. So, yeah, it was nice to be able to check off multiple 14ers in one go, but the views (at least from Democrat and Cameron) were just slightly better than nice (not stunning) and that Bross descent wasn’t exactly a cherry on top. Overall a 3-star day for me.

This is definitely a "hard" 14er. Going down might be more difficult than going up. On the way up, you'll see a false summit ridge for most of the hike. Once you get past that, you can see the actual summit and then it's only about 20 minutes to the top.

What makes this hike so difficult is its steepness. Due to the sharp incline, some rocks are prone to sliding down the mountain. Look for steady rocks to step on in this hike's many rock fields. The loose rocks make the descent tiring and painstaking. Take your time on the way down and be prepared to use your hands at times.

This is clearly not the primary route up Lincoln, but still provides the spectacular views. On a summer weekend day, we saw about 15 people at the summit of Lincoln, none of which had taken this trail. If you can handle a very steep incline, this route is a good way to find solitude on a 14er.

Amazing hike. Beautiful views from every summit and throughout the hike. Went clockwise starting with Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln then Bross. Clocked 8.5 miles in 8 hours. Took our time on summits as the weather was perfect! Trails in great shape. Coming down Bross a little technical and slow at times but very doable. 4 peaks in one day! A must do hike!

Hiked this Labor Day weekend. Started at 5:30 and went up Democrat, then Cameron, Lincoln and Bross. Amazing views on all peaks. Lincoln was probably our favorite. Some grapple at times, but it didn’t actually snow. Wind was howling on Democrat, but improved greatly on other peaks. Coming down Bross was rough. Footing was not good and it was a slow go down. That being said, I could not imagine going up it especially that early in the dark. A challenging, but exhilarating experience and awesome to hit 4 peaks in one day.

Very challenging, but very rewarding hike. I recommend starting with Bross, as descending Bross would be a nightmare. Tons of loose rocks and scree. Started at sunrise and got back to the trailhead just before noon. I am a pretty fast hiker, finished the loop in 4hrs 38min moving time, I would plan on taking 5-6 hours for the whole loop

Hiked counterclockwise yesterday, 9/9. As someone with a mild fear of heights and lack of confidence in my own footing, zero regrets in tackling Bross first. Going up was steep but not too bad, going down would have been much worse. There was some snow and ice on the trail. Great weather and overall an amazing experience! Started at 7:30 am and took about 8 hours, we were going a very moderate pace due to sinus headaches from recovering from a bad cold.

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2 months ago

Fun high trail

off road driving
2 months ago

Great fun in the jeep

Absolutely incredible. This will test you, but it is worth it.
We did the loop counterclockwise. Started late...I suggest sun rise.
We had cold, wind, snow, hail, sunshine, no wind, warmth, clouds, misty rain, and sun.
We had to skip Democrat due to rain and time of day running down.
In other words... be prepared and enjoy every minute. You don't know if you will ever be back here!

One of the hardest hikes I’ve ever done - we made the mistake of doing it in late November, high winds & low temperatures. Most of the last section of the loop was a steep downhill on loose shale or iced over.

Outstanding test of physical conditioning. Great views!

The usual; bring water, food, clothing for really cold and wind, and warm.

We skipped Democrat for another day. 3 out 4 ain't bad, as Meatloaf sings.

Took us 7 hours to make the circle. Counter clockwise, Bross first, Lincoln, Cameron.

Pretty basic trail. Super crowded - felt like ants crawling on the mountain. Get to the parking lot early (before 6am). Views from the saddle/summit were awesome.

Did Bross Lincoln and Cameron yesterday. The town of alma is limiting camping and made kite lake a fee area now. On the other hand the road up is much improved compared with 3 years ago. I would much rather go up Bross and down the other side then down Bross I E go counter clockwise around the loop. Going down the Bross side is slippery gravel etc. Pikas are just insane now and fun to watch

Great off road trip from Alma to Leadville. Wouldn’t consider the drive hard, but multiple tough spots where my clearance helped out. The road down from the top to Leadville is tight without many spots to pull off.

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3 months ago

We finally conquered this trail in our stock 4Runner after literally breaking our Jeep Commander a few years ago just past London Mill. This time we got all the up and over from Alma to Leadville enjoying the mining artifacts, some bazaar Dr. Seuss looking thistle, wildflowers, pika, mountainscapes and amazing cloud formations. We even got snowed on just a bit so take warm clothes for exploring.

I would not describe this trail as "easy" or "for beginners" as some other reviews described it. While we were able to complete the trail in a stock 4Runner, we did scrape the skid plate several times and managed to get ourselves into some minor sticky situations. Going slowly, the trail took us nearly 3 hours with several stops to explore.

Colder than I anticipated, but still awesome.

I enjoy this trail more than any other hike, especially if you are training for something else, like Mt. Whitney in California. It starts at 12000, I have gone both ways, clock wise and counter clock wise and counter is easier, but if you are not sure footed then coming down Bross can be nerve racking. The trail from the saddle to Democrat is all rock and scramble, not dangerous, but many places are just a scramble, coming down especially. Both times I have been, the trail is busy. I enjoyed Lincoln the best and it is also the highest.

Awesome trail! Did this on 9/1 and summited all 3 (4 if you include Cameron, some people don't but all the folks we talked to on the trail said they counted it). Did Democrat first and we are glad we did, going up the loose rock on Bross would have been brutal and steep. Samsung health marked the loop at 11 miles from Kite Lake. Democrat was 2 hrs up, then another hour to Cameron and then 30 mins to Lincoln and an hour to Bross. Weather was on and off with some flurries and then warm Sun. Started at 5:30am and ended at 12:15pm. Awesome hike and best views of the 14ers we hit this summer!

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