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13 hours ago

Best view you can get without climbing Long's Peak (I think, haven't done that yet). To the north we could see Lily Lake, Estes lake and Sprague lake. Bring a snack or lunch to sit and enjoy the views with. Watch out for bold Chipmunks and take your trash with you. We spent a week hiking and only picked up one small chip bag along a trail, that was a nice change from what I'm use to.

Great, easy (but long) hike. We got to the parking lot at 6:15, which was a good call. By the time we were on our way down, there was a line of people on their way to Ouzel Falls and the lot was completely full. Not too steep and the views of the falls were gorgeous. Really enjoyed this one.

great hike. get the early on the weekend because the parking lots get full early.

Did this today. 4AM start. Empty parking lot. Nice clear morning. Saw just a few people. Interesting perspective of Longs and Meeker.

gorgeous trail! Loved it! The cascades are beautiful!

4 days ago

gorgeous hike! loved the water! lots of shade and green! Did this with my kids.

5 days ago

Wife and I hiked the estes cone trail today 7.10 in a little under 4 hrs. Arrived at trailhead just before 9 and lot was full so parked on the road with a short walk back up. Great overall, moderately challenging hike, esp the last .5 mil. The trail is hard to dicern near the top and back down so be sure to notice your surroundings. View from the top is worth all those steps.

Easy, well manicured trail to gorgeous falls. Loved it.

Exceeded my expectations. Gorgeous hike. Beautiful falls.

Great day hike with incredible views at the top!

Hit East Inlet at 8:30 on a Sunday morning (7/8). There were only a few cars in the lot and there appears to be plenty of parking. In the first 30-40 minutes I spotted two moose in the meadow area. A few families walking through that area, but at about 2.5 miles in, there were only a few others. A lot of rocky incline enroute to Lone Pine, nothing too bad, well marked. I ate lunch at Lone Pine, for the first 10-15 minutes I was the only person there. Two other groups trickled in. I continued on to Verna, which was steep and rocky but again nothing too difficult - the wildflowers were amazing up there. So much color. On the way back down I passed a moose that was very close to the trail, he didn't seem too happy I was there but I passed without incident. After reading another comment, since I was hiking alone I did wear a bear bell and brought spray just in case. A lot of birds, small animals and moose. Long trail, but doable for a day hike. I would love to have had time to get to Spirit and camp out.

8 days ago

Beautiful lake!

9 days ago

Great hiking.

Beautiful hike along the river! Not crazy busy which was nice. Large waterfall about 1.5 miles in that you can hike directly up to off to the side. The lake is stunning, but don’t plan on swimming without a wet suit. More like 14 miles round trip...mild elevation gain which made it totally doable. Have a rad hike!

off road driving
10 days ago

Me and my family took this road with our jeep wrangler (that is lifted) off roading. The first part was quite easy and we thought we could drive the whole way pretty easily. We soon realized there were many, MANY rocks and tough spots. This road is definitely not made for off road driving. If you end up going off road driving on this trail, please make sure your car or truck is lifted and you are ready for an adventure because it sure is. That was definitely not worth the 3 hour drive.

10 days ago

It is a hard trail. Up near the summit, the carens disappear near the summit so it is very easy to get lost coming back down.

This map doesn't actually bring you to the summit, even though it sort of looks like it should.. At around 3.6 miles, there are a few cairns to your right (west). You have to pay attention because the St. Vrain Mountain Trail continues another few miles down to Buchanan Pass trail. Go right at the cairn to reach the summit. There's no maintained trail to the summit, but there is a social trail and it's well-marked by cairns and national park boundary poles. On a Saturday in August, we saw a grand total of

11 days ago

I would rate this trail as easy-moderate, not hard. It was only a little rocky and steep in a couple of places through the backcountry sites. The rest was flat or gradual incline. Two hours up, 1.5 hours down. It's more like 12 miles RT as opposed to 11 miles.

The trail through the forest was quiet and beautiful. I started at 7:30 AM and saw almost no other people until I was coming down the trail. I had the lake completely to myself for the entire hour and a half that I sat there. Definitely take the route shown on AllTrails (through the backcountry sites)--it cuts a mile off each way (as opposed to going past Calypso Cascades and Ouzel Falls, unless you want to see those!) so that it's 12 miles RT instead of 14.

Beautiful! Saw a huge bull moose!

This was honestly one of my favorite hikes. I can understand why it is rated as hard, as the trail has plently of uphill, downhill, you name it. but it's absolutely beautiful. You are in mostly forest and right now its very green with wildflowers along the way, as well as streams. I had the pleasure of seeing some wildlife on the day I went! The lake is remarkable with the sand around it, clear waters! Would do again. Yes, it is in RMNP so it is good to be reminded you will have to pay for parking. I went in the afternoon in the middle of the week wasn't busy for me.

12 days ago

Completed on Fri 6/29. Arrived approx. 8:30am and took one of the last available parking spots at the trail head parking lot. Admission to the park is $25. The trail was on the easier side, despite being listed as moderate here. The path hugs the river more or less the entire time and has a few of bridges and viewpoints over the mini-rapids and waterfalls. Ouzel waterfall itself is picturesque and most groups stopped off at the base for snacks/lunch. I was hoping to find some quieter pools to go for a swim, but there wasn't an area suitable.

This trail was beautiful. Tons of water and waterfalls. It was scenic the whole way up. One thing I will say, it was crowded, we had to park about 1.5 miles from the trail head as others also mentioned, even though we got there early. In addition, i would say this trail is on the very low end of moderate. There’s maybe 3 places on the whole trail I would rate as moderate, the rest being pretty gradual and easy. Definitely going to head back to this area to check out the nearby lakes, etc.

Amazing views and cascades and falls were fantastic!

My wife and I loved this trail. Waterfalls galore and such beautiful little details like Bridges and rock borders. I can't wait to do this hike again. Go early if you don't want to share the falls with a hundred of your favorite friends.

great camping, and a challenging hike!

16 days ago

This trail is amazing. We will be back!

17 days ago

Perfect day to be on this trail. Get there early (We got there about 7:50 am) for parking at the Trailhead and to avoid crowds. We climbed above the falls and bushwhacked to the trail to Ouzel Lake. View were amazing!

Great, well maintained trail with a beautiful, large lake with arkose sand beaches as a payout. I found this trail to be tame and very doable in a morning (8-12).

20 days ago

Nice hike. There appear to be some discrepancies in this trail listing. As previous reviewers have stated, you can access this lake from two different trailheads: Allenspark trailhead (not part of RMNP, thus not subject to the park entrance fee), and from the Finch Lake trailhead in Wild Basin (part of RMNP, subject to the entry fee, and little parking). The map on All Trails actually shows it starting from the Allenspark trailhead (which also shortens the distance slightly). We actually made it to Finch Lake an entirely different way, for a 12-mile tour of Wild Basin: started from the Wild Basin trailhead, passed by Copeland Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Ouzel Falls, backtracked a mile to get to the connector trail that took us up to Finch lake (after 3.5 miles), then back down to the Fern Lake trailhead from there. The connector trail offered some amazing views of peaks that aren't easily available in other parts of the park, and we went through an incredible variety of scenery and terrain. I'd highly recommend this loop for a longer hike. Enjoy!

21 days ago

Got there around 7:00 AM and the parking lot was about half full. Awesome trail! Has great forest views, waterfalls, wild flowers and views of the mountains as you get higher up. Once at Ouzel Falls, take the trail to the left to get up close to the falls. You can follow a small trail all the way up the mountain and stand at the base of the falls. At the top, you will also get a great view of Long’s Peak and other mountains. Started heading down around 10:00 AM and the trail was starting to get a little more crowded. Definitely one of the best trails I’ve hiked.

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