We summited Long’s Peak yesterday 9/18/18. We started on the trailhead at 2:45am and made it back to the car at 5:15pm. This is an intimidating, grueling hike. My body hurts all over. My wife is 53 years old, I’m 54. We trained for this hike. We hiked Half Dome on Yosemite in June and wanted another challenge. This hike is much more challenging due to the altitude, exposure and weather. People were turning around at the keyhole saying it was too dangerous with the windy conditions. We almost turned around also. We decided to go a little distance on the ledges and the wind was less there, so, we continued on. The trough is very tough. It seemed to take forever. The narrows was frightening. Homestretch scary too. But, we made it. Incredible views on top! Worth it all! We didn’t see anyone our age on the hike. We were the old people. Best advice I can give you is take your time, every place you put step, make sure you are on solid rock, and hug the walls on the ledges and narrows, keep your balance and you will make it. One small mistake could very well be your last.