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19 hours ago

Amazing experience. Got there around 7:45 and got the last parking space. Nevertheless, never felt crowded. Such a nice trail. Water along the way. Gentle slope. When we got to the falls, agree with other reviews you need to go up the left side. We tried to go further after lunch, but it was too much for my 11 and 13 yo.

23 hours ago

Hiked this today with my 7yo (experienced hiker) and had no problem at all. Beautiful views of Copeland at the bottom and there’s a few nice spots to take a break at the falls. Keep left there, as everyone says, have fun be safe!

WE ARE GOING AGAIN! Do I need to say more. Great trail. VERY busy, but that is to be expected in RMNP. The trail gets warm by midmorning so start early.

2 days ago

A great hike to a wonderful lake on Monday, 8/13. I originally planned to get to bluebird lake but called it at the junction and decided to partake in just Ozuel - it didn't disappoint! Note that there's not a lot of shore space to sit down.

I'd read on here that it tends to get hot in the treeline areas which is kinda true. It's not very shaded about a mile past the falls but it's less than 10,000' feet (read: not above treeline). The lack of shade is due to a fire in the late 1970s (Google Ozuel Lake Fire for interesting information on RMNP allowing the fire to burn naturally) and therefore a lack of mature shade trees.

All in all, a really neat hike with great views of Longs and Meeker. Lots of people to the falls and thins out a bit afterwards.

A few notes:
-From GAIA GPS: 10.00 miles, 5:27 hours (58 minutes stoppage time), 1545' ascent
-I arrived to trailhead at 9:30am and there were about 10 parking spots left
-Saw two big ol' cow moose alongside road between entrance station and trailhead
-As others have said, be sure to take small trail to left of large falls to see 40' falls head on

Views from the top were amazing and there was only one other person at the summit on an August Sunday! Would rate this as difficult for sure and would definitely agree that you need to read other trip reports so you know the best way to get to the trailhead and how to get to the top of the mountain. The cairn located at 3.6 miles are a good start, going around the trees seems like whatever works for you, but once past the trees there is a faint trail and it worked well for me to follow the NPS fence posts.

Family of 4 with an 11 and 13 year old. One of the best hikes we have ever done. Got there around 8 and got the last marking spot; so arrive early. Gorgeous trail with a gentle grade. Agree with others who recommend going up the left side of the falls. We tried to extend to Ouzel Lake, but the trail was hot and steep. Just too much.

on Estes Cone Trail

4 days ago

If you’re not parked in the parking lot (which fills up really early), be VERY careful where you park as they tow cars parked on the side of the road on the side of the yellow curvy road sign that is closer to the trail. As per an officer, you’re ok if you’re not parked after that sign (on the way up), not in front of a no parking sign, and have both wheels completely off the road, i.e. to the side of the white line.

Beautiful trail in Park. Falls, trees lots of boulders. Be aware no cell service in area so have a map if not familiar w roads. Drive up 7 from Lyons is gorgeous!

The hike was really nice. The waterfall was okay though.

6 days ago

Great trail if you love water! The stream and various falls are all along the trail up to Ouzel Falls. At Ouzel, venture to the left to get up close to the falls ... find a good rock and enjoy the beauty. Instead of doing this as an out and back, we continued on past the falls, picked up the Wild Basin Trail and then at the Thunder Lake Trail junction turned right. This will take you past several campsites and connect back into the main trail. We really enjoyed this added section. (made the total distance a little over 6 miles) We arrived at 7:45 am and there were still 10+ parking spots left. Recommend getting there early to get ahead of the crowds.

7 days ago

Very pleasant & fairly easy hike, mostly in the woods, past several nice waterfalls (Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades) and culminating at the best of the bunch, Ouzel Falls. Nice views of Longs towards the end as well. We went in the late afternoon and had no trouble finding parking at the Wild Basin trailhead or in navigating the dirt road in a 2WD. All in all, a great alternative to the Bear Lake craziness at RMNP.

7 days ago

This was our last RMNP hike ☹️. I wanted something easy (after having done a few days of alpine mountain hikes) and yet has good views. We also wanted to sleep in for the day so I have to avoid overly popular and crowded trails. This trail fits the bill.
We arrived close to 11am and was able to park at the trail head since the early birds are just done with their hikes then. Much nicer to be right at the trail head than have to park on the dirt road where you may end up walking close to 1 mile to get to the trail head.
Most of the trail is along the river which is very nice and you can hear the sound of waterfall which is very refreshing. The last mile is more technical. Once you get to the bridge at the base of Ouzel falls, I took the advise of other reviewers and walked to the left of the bridge and up an unmarked trail to get up close and next to the fall. Quite amazing. Since we started off late, we were caught in a bit of rain and slight hail but it was nothing too bad as the walk down was fairly easy and not technical.

Great trail and agree with other reviewers that you must walk/ climb through the trees to the left of the falls to see the Ouzel Falls which would be pretty easy to miss. I don't find the falls to be INCREDIBLE, but the trail was great and there are quite a few other water features along the way. We saw a moose just over a mile in! We were at the trailhead by 645am and there was plenty of parking.

One of my favorites. Hiked 9/2014 and again 7/2018 and the wild basin area continues to be my favorite areas. In 2014 I did not climb the top of the ozual falls, tho this past trip in 2018 I did and wow what a view. At ozual falls keep hiking left into that boulder collective valley, there is a trail you will come across but if not just keep hiking along the rock ridge to a point and theres where you turn right and start making your way back to the waterfall to see 2 amazing views, one down the falls and the mountain view behind you. Def my new favorite lunch spot

As others have mentioned, this is a beautiful trail. We started at 10am and thought that to be a late start, parking lot was about half full, and we were between several groups. On our return at 1pm (we only went 3 mi in/out), there was a gaggle of humans parading onto the trail. Lots of fly fishers trying their luck on the adjacent river, which really was kind of pathetic - as the trout were no bigger than 6" and should've been left undisturbed.

Pro-tip: start *early*, i.e. 8am anytime between June and Labor Day.

Wanted to write a review because I think the reviews here fail to point out one thing: you can die on this trail. A couple people a year on average are killed, usually due to falling. If you are at all nervous about exposure, you will probably turn back before the summit (most people do). Which is not to say it's not one of the most amazing hiking experiences in Colorado, and certainly the most amazing in the front range. Just understand that this is not for the casual hiker or even the advanced hiker that does not prefer high risk, because it is very high risk.

11 days ago

Hiked Saturday, 8/4- got there at 12 and there were a few open parking spots. Fairly strenuous, mostly uphill. I clocked it at closer to a little over 9 miles total. The lake is crystal clear and huge. Very cool to see the sand too. I give this 3 stars because, for me, it didn’t compare to many other hikes I’ve done in this area (especially for the effort). Glad I did it but don’t necessarily feel the need to repeat this one.

no dogs on the trails? what's the point of allowing them in the park at all? pretty sorry for a national park.

Really great trail near Estes Park. The Wild Basin trailhead is a lot less crowded than Bear Lake. We went early (7am) and it felt like we were alone for the most part.

Be sure to hike around the left side of the waterfall !

15 days ago

Pretty awesome hike. When you get the waterfall make sure you walk left of the bridge, and you can get right up next to the falls. It’s a pretty awesome waterfall. You can feel the mist from multiple spots. Also if you’re feeling up to it, you can actually hike to the top of the falls. It’s an amazing view. You have to go a little off trail and just walk up and around the canyon it’s on.

15 days ago

Our favorite RHMP hike so far. We loved the well shaded route to Calypso Falls. It got more open after that, and the trail became a nice combination of forest and views. Instead of turning around at Ouzel Falls, we continued on to the Thunder Lake Trail then headed back to the trailhead from there, making the hike a lollipop instead of an out and back. We saw way less people going back by doing this and we got to see new stuff. We got to the trailhead at 7am on a Tuesday and the parking lot only had a dozen cars in out, but I think it filled up quickly after we arrived, and it was so crazy when we left at noon that it was almost a traffic jam.

16 days ago

Nice wooded, shady trail with a beautiful lake at the end! Arrived at about 7:45 on Tuesday morning and there wasn’t much parking available because people go up and camp overnight. 4.5 miles to the lake wasn’t bad, and a lot of it was fairly flat. Lots of ripe blueberries along the top half of the trail! Lake was mostly quiet when I arrived around 9:30, but started to get busy by 10:30. Many nice campsites and pretty area to explore around the lake. Would do again!

a family favorite for many years

17 days ago

While Thunder Lake itself is a serene beautiful spot, getting there isn't that much fun. Tons of loose rocks underfoot and not a flower in sight makes this a boring trail. Didn't really enjoy much after Ouzel Falls to be frank.

Great hike and climb. Steeper and more talus than it looks. We basically just passed all the trees on the right side of the trail then headed up the ridge. About 2/3rds way up or so the rocks get very big and can be bypassed by sliding to the right a bit.

On the way down the social trail looks like it will take you on a shortcut through the trees, but it basically dies out at the trees and you need to snake back to the right a bit.

VERY windy but a great view. Thanks to all who contributed to the windbreak on the peak!

Arrived at 5pm 6/9 to find the ranger station was unmanned; found parking at the trailhead with no problem and the weather was perfect! Wildflowers and new growth on the pine trees and ground cover was so pretty. The trail itself wasn't too crowded, and we enjoyed the reprieve from hotter temps from the lower elevation areas of Larimer county.

Absolutely amazing trail. We backpacked in to Slickrock campground. This was approximately 6.5 miles in. It took us 30 minutes to hike to Lake Verna the next morning. We swam in the river along the trail, in Lone Pine lake, and in Lake Verna. Do yourself a favor and jump right on in to the glacier water. It is well worth your time :). We even saw a moose!

22 days ago

Great cascades and falls. Great view of Long’s peak. Gigantic bull moose 15 yards from trail. Make sure when you get to ouzel falls go up on the left and get close to the falls. Don’t be the jerk and leave the empty Gatorade bottle. Rocky but good trails with many places for pictures and stops. One hour and twenty five minutes up and fifty minutes down. Get there early parking lot full when we came down at 11 and rangers were writing tickets for cars parked on road.

24 days ago

Excellent hike. I would put this on the more moderate side. The incline is pretty gradual a lot of the time, with only a few steeper sections. Great views of Wild Basin along the way, as well as the usual suspects (Longs, Meeker, Copland, etc.). We did this as our Plan B hike on a rainy day, as it's all under tree cover. Highly recommend for a rainy or sunny day!

24 days ago

You will see a lot of lists with "the best hikes in RMNP" and their are a ton of them. This one goes on the list. Steady climb for four and half miles with a few steep spots. A few good views of the Wild Basin along the way. The lake and surrounding area is spectacular. Next time I will plan to spend a lot more time on the sandy beach. Although the parking lots was very full we did not see a ton of people on the trail. Get there early if you want to park in the lot close to the trailhead. Another great RMNP hike to add to your list.

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