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Absolutely beautiful hike! Recommend going early to beat the crowd. Would definitely do it again

We summited Long’s Peak yesterday 9/18/18. We started on the trailhead at 2:45am and made it back to the car at 5:15pm. This is an intimidating, grueling hike. My body hurts all over. My wife is 53 years old, I’m 54. We trained for this hike. We hiked Half Dome on Yosemite in June and wanted another challenge. This hike is much more challenging due to the altitude, exposure and weather. People were turning around at the keyhole saying it was too dangerous with the windy conditions. We almost turned around also. We decided to go a little distance on the ledges and the wind was less there, so, we continued on. The trough is very tough. It seemed to take forever. The narrows was frightening. Homestretch scary too. But, we made it. Incredible views on top! Worth it all! We didn’t see anyone our age on the hike. We were the old people. Best advice I can give you is take your time, every place you put step, make sure you are on solid rock, and hug the walls on the ledges and narrows, keep your balance and you will make it. One small mistake could very well be your last.

1 day ago

Loved this hike. It was my first hike in Colorado, so I definitely thought it was 'hard'. The ending at Sandbeach lake is beautiful and the hike along the way takes you through beautiful terrain. Highly recommend - especially coming from Denver.

Great trail with many great views of cascading waterfalls down a small mountain stream with a spectacular finish at Ouzell Falls. Copeland Falls was also better than expected. Ouzel Falls offers as good of a view as there is in RMNP in my opinion. We took the extra time to hike to the top of Ouzel Falls and it was well worth it. Great views of the aspens changing colors and sounds of running water as the trail follows a mountain stream throughout the hike. Also came across a full grown moose on the return trek. The trail took us just under 3 hrs including a 30+ minute detour to the top of Ouzel Falls. Highly recommended and easy enough for the entire family to enjoy.

We went on this hike Saturday. We started from the Allenspark trialhead, you can by pass the parking fees at RMNP. The first 1.8 miles is a steady climb with a couple of steep inclines, the forest is lush and dense and not a lot of scenery. At the junction you can go to the Wild Basin Station, Calypso Falls or continue onto to Finch and Pear lake. We continued into Finch Lake, the trail does level out in some places and in others you will have more steep inclines. The final push to Finch Lake will have you dropping several hundred feet before you reach the lake and then nestled in the trees is the lake, so peaceful and serene. There were only a handle of people at the lake and we had most of trail to ourselves.
It was a beautiful day with no clouds in the sky we just sat back and listened to the sounds of nature. We didn't allow time to attempt Pear Lake, that will be next time.

5 days ago

Beautiful drive from Lyons.
$25 NP entrance fee. Consider buying annual np pass if you will use any other np.

The river is gorgeous the entire way up.
Take the Copeland falls upper and lower loop as it’s inviting and parallels the main trail so adds no distance to route.
Total elevation gain is measured at 870 feet From 8500 at trailhead to 9300 at falls but printed map said 270 feet gain. Typo? In any case was a pleasurable ascent.
Took us exactly 3 hours total at leisurely pace.
Trail crosses the Cascades waterfalls and then Ouzel falls. To see the falls up close, take the unofficial trail to the left , just before the bridge where the sign says “ouzel falls”. It’s just a few hundred feet of exploring to see the falls from Best viewpoint.
Must get there early. By noon we had to wait 20 minutes for a spot to free up.

Take a picnic lunch, Tevas and a bathing suit and take the day to savor the swimming holes. But be smart where you swim so you don’t get swept away!

incredible views from the summit if you manage to stay on the trail

Did this trail today 9/8/18. It is dry with only a slight breeze at the lake. Trail is a steady uphill trek. Some rocky areas and some flat gravel areas. The aspen trees are quickly changing all along the route. The far south side of the lake gives great views of Mount Meeker, Longs Peak and Chiefs Head. Very few people on the trail or at the lake which is why I like this trail.

A nice hike. Not too strenuous. Finch Lake very tranquil and quiet. This is a walk in the woods though. There are no open views or panoramas at all if that's your bag. You can see the Longs Peak by looking through the trees and they do form a very pleasant background. A pleasant open and bright hike on a nice day. Not so sure what it would be like on a gloomy day. Saw not one soul on my return from Finch Lake on a Sunday afternoon. Very quiet the whole hike despite the family with a dog despite all the notices to the contrary at the start.

9 days ago

This hike was ok, not my favorite. The entire hike is in dense dry pine forest, I guess I prefer more lush scenery. And the only panoramic view is at the summit, and you still have to scramble to the top of the highest pile of boulders to see it. The last mile to the summit is also very steep and rocky, hard on the knees. I don’t recommend it for kids. I hiked it in September and was hoping for some views of the changing aspens, there were a few trees along the trail that had changed but other then that not good for aspen viewing.

2018-0910 started this hike at around 9:15 AM thinking 8.6 miles or so of hiking round trip won't be bad. it is a beautiful hike and the leaves are just changing color. I would rate this as a moderate to strenuous hike mostly because of the gradual elevation change which isn't that bad. One just has to take it slow going up, which I did and took a lot of breaks. My GPS measured the distance as ~ 12+ miles round trip. The sign that says 3.1 miles to Sandbeach is incorrect. it is more like 4.5 miles from that sign. I did not see anyone on the trail going up but on the way down I met 2 people. Going up you pass 5 camp sites the last one being next to Sandbeach. On the return, I did it non-stop except for stopping to comment to the 2 hikers going up that it was a challenging hike.
The Sandbeach is beautiful and I stayed to eat lunch. 3 other hikers showed up to have lunch near the beach too. They appeared to come from one of the distant campsites.
I am glad I did this hike today as the weather was perfect, clear skies and light breeze along with the changing colors of the leaves

Great hike loved the last stretch, only took about 50 breaks, the last half mile haha, awesome experience. Can’t wait to go again


Trail trekkers
Sept 2018

Loved this hike. It was tough but well worth the views when getting to meadow mountain. ♥️

I moved to Estes about a week before attempting longs peak and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! (My first 14er OOPS!) I hiked Estes Cone, Flattop, and Hallets to prepare for Longs. My friend and I started at 2 am and reached the summit by 9:30, we finished the hike at 5. I’d advise taking extreme caution on the way down and listen to your body! Take lots of breaks and don’t be afraid to turn around!

Finally made to peak on second attempt. one of the hardest one especially route after key hole was real mountain climbing for me. started at 2 am and still crowded. very refreshing once reached the peak.

Could only make it to Keyhole and due to weather couldn't continue. Long and hard hike but worth a try.

16 days ago

It was a nice hike. Some of the trees and vegetation are beginning to change colors. I would rate it more on the easy side than moderate. Although the last .9 mile does become steeper and there are steps to climb. But that is the most difficult part of the hike. You get to see Copeland lower and upper falls on the way to Ouzel falls. So it's a nice treat to see all three falls. It cost $25 per vehicle to enter. I got there about 1 pm on Sunday and there was plenty of parking. There were a lot of cars parked in the road. So get there early or later for parking. I think the cost was $12 per pedestrian and adds 2 miles in each direction. From the trailhead to Ouzel falls is 2.7 miles.

Great hike, fairly difficult so just be prepared for a lot of vertical climb. The views are GREAT, with a view of twin sisters, Meeker and Longs. You can even see the boulder area. There is absolutely no parking (like 4 spots along the road) so just be prepared with a second option if you get back there and there’s nowhere to park. I don’t think that many people go on this hike so you’ll probably be fine.

17 days ago

Great trail. Definitely a bit of a struggle for someone who is a little out of shape like me, but it was well worth it. Beautiful trail with several places to see cascades.

Beautiful Hike. 3 waterfalls along the way.

This walk is great. Some good views back to Grand Lake and beautiful forest. We saw a moose and calf near Lake Verna but they can be hard to spot, settled in the shrub vegetation. Take plenty of water- the two of us drank 5 litres. They are camping sights on route. This track does go on further to Spirit Lake. Highly recommend.

I did this yesterday for the 2nd consecutive year. This year was much harder because there was a continuous HARD wind throughout the climb. The wind gusts were about 80 miles per hour at the top of The Trough and at The Narrows. This is a serious mountain under any conditions but yesterday's wind was severe. A 23 year old woman fell at The Ledges and suffered what appeared to be a serious head injury. Hikers had to carry her to The Boulder Field and she was Life Flighted to a hospital. A search party was also looking for a climber missing since Tuesday. I don't recommend this to be anyone's first 14er. Make sure you have the experience and skill to enjoy the beautiful views!

Lots of squatch sign, keep your head up.

This is a great hike. I would recommend getting a few 14ers or more challenging hikes under the belt first. The NPS doesn't actually rate the route as a hike, but a technical climb. Pretty standard hike up to the keyhole. After the keyhole there is plenty of scrambling and technical hiking/climbing with a descent amount of exposure. I will definitely bring a helmet for the trough next time as well.

Hard hike but worth the view!!

24 days ago

Great hike, shaded, follows creek, lots of water features with 40ft waterfall at end. You cannot see the falls from the trail. Go left before bridge to get close. Even a few wildflowers late in season. Trailhead parking half full @7am but full later. Glacial boulders, campsites. 6 miles roundtrip.

24 days ago

Great altitude acclimation hike. Arrived 11am; had to park in farthest lot which added 1 mile each way on hike. Falls were beautiful with head on view only if you take a left with mini scramble immediately before the bridge(recommend this route). Trail definitely not a hike for solitude but enjoyed conversing with others at base of falls.
Easy/moderate but only if in good condition. Plenty of shade on easily navigated trail

24 days ago

If you’re staying overnight at one of the campsites, GO TO FIFTH LAKE! It’s very worth it. The echos are super cool up there. Trail kinda disappears near fifth lake but its kinda obvious where it would be.

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