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Allenspark, Colorado Map

Great trail. I didn’t see anyone for the middle 2.5 hours. Beautiful views, great wildlife.

off road driving
4 days ago

Great off road trail for beginners or advanced. For the two very hard spots there is also an option to go around them.
Several good camping areas, a few peaks to view from some lookout points, and a couple cool spots to explore on foot.
Went Oct 13th and almost got snowed in while camping. Feel lucky to have made it out honestly. Forecast not accurate.
Xterra, 33" tires (255/85/r16), no lift, no sway bar

5 days ago

You will need snowshoes for the last 2 or 3 miles after the Sunday storm. Close to lion lake, snow was at least 3 feet deep. We had to break the trail after junction between Lion and Thunder lakes.

I did this trail and tracked it on my Fitbit, I knew my Fitbit would track the distance a little less than what the distance really is from my experience but it was a little more than six miles one way to Lake Verna from the East trailhead. It was totally worth it but I’m not sure what everyone is smoking to think it’s 12.9 round trip. I was tracking at least 15 Miles total. The sign at the trailhead can not be accurate unless it’s tracking the river that comes from the lake, before you actually get to the huge lake. We didn’t see any wild life and we were the only ones on the trail for a few hours. We started around 8:30am and arrived at 1:30pm. We headed back at 2:00pm and got to the parking lot around 5:30pm. It was beautiful but don’t underestimate the distance and the amount of hills that are required to climb to get to the lake.

Did this hike in July on a clear day. Left at 0200, reaches the summit at 0830 and returned to the car by 1430. Views are awesome. The views before the keyhole were cool and once you cross to the other side the views change and get even better. Some slippery areas, but very doable.

This has taken the top spot for my favorite hike in RMNP.. We hiked it on Oct. 9th. The Ranger Station there has been closed for the season for several weeks now. Decent size parking lot but even with the cold, snowy, slushy conditions there were quite a few cars there and people on the trail. We did not need our spikes this time. The scenery is breathtaking under fresh snow. Copeland Falls is .4 miles in. Take the side trail to lower falls and follow it to upper Falls. There, you can connect back to the main trail. About another mile or so is Calypso Cascades. The trail gets a little steeper from here up to Ouzel. When you reach Ouzel, walk to the left side before the bridge down by the big rock and step out to the right to get a better view of the top of the Falls. You can’t see if from the bridge. We read about the trail up to the top of the Falls but weather conditions did not permit us to locate it. We took our time going up and MANY photo stops. Ascended in about 2 hrs 20 min. Hung at Ouzel long enough to eat a bite of lunch (it was really cold) then descended in about 50 min.
Loved every minute of it.

12 days ago

Great hike and great weather. There was about 2" of fresh powder near the lake but no snowpack. I saw a giant moose near the trailhead and saw tracks everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled. Almost every time I come to the Wild Basin area I see a moose or two. I started my hike at 7:15 and got to bluebird lake at 9:45 (2.5hrs). Round trip took me less than 4.5 hrs. I've hiked this trail many times and keep coming back. Great trail!

13 days ago

15 days ago

Upper and lower Copeland Falls are a short easy hike less than half a mile in. Calypso Cascades is about 2 miles in and is slightly more uphill. Both are beautiful!! We arrived at the trailhead about 3:30pm and there were several spots to park. If you hike past Calypso Cascades about another mile you'll find Ouzel Falls. Much steeper and took about another hour up. Beautiful!! Took us about 3.5 hours round trip.

Upper and lower Copeland Falls are a short easy hike less than half a mile in. Calypso Cascades is about 2 miles in and is slightly more uphill. Both are beautiful!! We arrived at the trailhead about 3:30pm and there were several spots to park. If you hike past Calypso Cascades about another mile you'll find Ouzel Falls. Much steeper and took about another hour up. Beautiful!! Took us about 3.5 hours round trip.

I did this trail September 29,2018. It’s a steep hike with a good scramble to get to the top. Beautiful views are worth the work.

18 days ago

If you like mountain streams, this is the hike. Actual
Hiking time to Ouzel Falls and back was a shade over 4 hours. We spent another 90 minutes enjoying the views and talking to people. My wife and I are 52 and walking poles a good idea for this trail. You will need them to go to the top of the Ouzel Falls. You can get really close to where the falls spill over the mountain. We were there on a Tuesday in late September. Main parking lot was 80 pct full. Very popular.

19 days ago

Very cool falls.. had lunch on a big rock on a beautiful day.

dogs are only allowed on leash for the first 3.1 miles, before the trail cruises into Rocky Mountain Wilderness Area, where pets are not allowed at all. I was really looking forward to this hike, and thus, pretty annoyed when I arrived to the very clearly marked trailhead. the stream along the trail was completely dry in late Sept, not that surprising, but still disappointing. & there was little to no foliage along the trail that i COULD do with my pup, which I was looking forward to, but that's not the trail or AllTrails' fault that there weren't many aspens along the route. I wish I'd planned my day currently.

Amazing trail and hike. Well kept. Saw several moose. Was a perfect fall day.

Awesome hike. The rock after the keyhole is pretty darn worn from all the hikers. It was super slick even in completely dry conditions - wouldn’t recommend if any ice.

Challenging but well worth! Amazing views. The boulder climb at the top is unique and trying to stay on the correct path is a bit of a task. One of top 5 trails.

9/25 Extremely challenging with poor weather. Temps were well below freezing and winds strong from Chasm split through Boulder field. Sustained winds 35+ @ Granite Pass. Absolutely miserable. Took 5 hours to 6.5 mile Keyhole. 9 of 12 people turned around @ Keyhole. Not sure if any made it. Ice and strong winds stopped me there. Plus I blew my time window taking so long to Keyhole. Had a little AMS. I live at 800 ft ASL and had 2 days to acclimate. I’m an avid runner and in shape, but winds and cold kicked my butt. Still worth it; enjoyed the views. I will be back but in summer with lower winds. A guide said he was 2 for 5 on the year. Ranger said only 35% make their 1st attempt. I used all 4L of water and sandwich, cliff bars and Gu. Dressed same as snow skiing. Leave before 2am to arrive Keyhole by sunrise and snack/recharge. 13.2 miles to Keyhole and back. Good luck and watch the weather.

Got lucky with parking and beautiful day. if you like stairs you will love it.

9/25 Dense forest with very steep ending and lots of scrambling to summit the cone. No real 360 View without climbing around the top. Marked well. 4 hour hike with 2L of water/person. Great views regardless.

Great hike started at 315 stopped at the key hole very windy the morning I was there some were continuing on to the summit awesome views at sunrise at the boulder field go back next summer to try again

25 days ago

We made it to Ouzel Creek - it was about 5 hours RT for us. Gradual incline, but the last mile was rough. That said, incredible vistas at every turn make for lots of little pay-offs before the finish. Recommend.

Pretty trail, about 4 miles out and back. Lots of options to go further if you want to.

Absolutely gorgeous lake! I agree with others stating this trail is more moderate than “hard”. I’d say the first 3.5 miles is moderate and the last push to the lake is moderate+. You spend the majority of the hike on a tree lined trail but there are a few moments where you get a great view of Wild Basin. The trail is OK (for RMNP), the lake is worth the trek though! Also, aspens are almost done so get up here quick!

Absolutely beautiful hike! Recommend going early to beat the crowd. Would definitely do it again

We summited Long’s Peak yesterday 9/18/18. We started on the trailhead at 2:45am and made it back to the car at 5:15pm. This is an intimidating, grueling hike. My body hurts all over. My wife is 53 years old, I’m 54. We trained for this hike. We hiked Half Dome on Yosemite in June and wanted another challenge. This hike is much more challenging due to the altitude, exposure and weather. People were turning around at the keyhole saying it was too dangerous with the windy conditions. We almost turned around also. We decided to go a little distance on the ledges and the wind was less there, so, we continued on. The trough is very tough. It seemed to take forever. The narrows was frightening. Homestretch scary too. But, we made it. Incredible views on top! Worth it all! We didn’t see anyone our age on the hike. We were the old people. Best advice I can give you is take your time, every place you put step, make sure you are on solid rock, and hug the walls on the ledges and narrows, keep your balance and you will make it. One small mistake could very well be your last.

1 month ago

Loved this hike. It was my first hike in Colorado, so I definitely thought it was 'hard'. The ending at Sandbeach lake is beautiful and the hike along the way takes you through beautiful terrain. Highly recommend - especially coming from Denver.

1 month ago

Great trail with many great views of cascading waterfalls down a small mountain stream with a spectacular finish at Ouzell Falls. Copeland Falls was also better than expected. Ouzel Falls offers as good of a view as there is in RMNP in my opinion. We took the extra time to hike to the top of Ouzel Falls and it was well worth it. Great views of the aspens changing colors and sounds of running water as the trail follows a mountain stream throughout the hike. Also came across a full grown moose on the return trek. The trail took us just under 3 hrs including a 30+ minute detour to the top of Ouzel Falls. Highly recommended and easy enough for the entire family to enjoy.

We went on this hike Saturday. We started from the Allenspark trialhead, you can by pass the parking fees at RMNP. The first 1.8 miles is a steady climb with a couple of steep inclines, the forest is lush and dense and not a lot of scenery. At the junction you can go to the Wild Basin Station, Calypso Falls or continue onto to Finch and Pear lake. We continued into Finch Lake, the trail does level out in some places and in others you will have more steep inclines. The final push to Finch Lake will have you dropping several hundred feet before you reach the lake and then nestled in the trees is the lake, so peaceful and serene. There were only a handle of people at the lake and we had most of trail to ourselves.
It was a beautiful day with no clouds in the sky we just sat back and listened to the sounds of nature. We didn't allow time to attempt Pear Lake, that will be next time.

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