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8 hours ago

Clement Park is in Littleton, CO. Butted up against the park is Columbine High School and the memorial. Great park with lots of fun shops nearby too. Grab a cup of coffee/tea and go for a stroll. Fun birding too!

9 hours ago

* walked dogs all around the perimeter in 40 minutes, no hurry.
*traffic all around.It's a busy place around here.
*nice safe place, though for a world within a busy world.

10 hours ago

very benign, deceivingly beautiful and peaceful, and exceptionally accessible trail running:. a dense suburban Oasis. for a quick 2.2, 4.4, or 6.6 mile run (1,2,3 loops) it is the best trail for time constrained trail runners (if u r nearby). love this trail. nothing technical, but NO pavement - mix of packed gravel, dirt, wood chips , grass ran 500 times and will run 500 more.

trail running
1 day ago

My go to pavement trail run spot. nicely lit up at night, never over crowded unless there is a game happening. And And on top of that, everyone is super kind.

Very pretty and lightly trafficked.

1 day ago

Nice trail to walk right by the river, can watch the boats pass and see the historic city.

create a bike only-pedestrian only lane for safer riding and walking.

It actually goes much further north

on Rockaway Beach Walk

mountain biking
1 day ago

1 day ago

This is such a wonderful example of the repurposing power of landscape architecture. It's a very flat walk for all ages, skill levels and elevators provide universal access for all to enjoy.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Nice, easy trail for biking. Mostly flat and all paved. Starts out at Cross Point towers in lowell provides a pleasant, mostly shaded ride with a lake/beach along the way. Bring a lunch and relax at the picnic tables, or grab a slice of pizza at Zesty’s along the way in Chelmsford.

road biking
3 days ago

I’ve parked at both ends and loved the ride both ways. More like 10miles from Harbor Park to Hermitage. Once you get used to where the signs are they are easy to spot. Have to think like a walker and sometimes they are on the opposite side of the road. Lots of water views, beautiful flowers and trains and boats. Definitely helps to download the map first to get an idea of where you are going.

Always Awesome!

4 days ago

Used to live a block away from this park. It was a really nice place to go walking. There were a lot of paths their so you could make the walk longer or shorter as desired.

As nice as it is, I considered this a nice local park. I don't see it as a destination I would drive far to in order to go for a walk through it.

Awesome trail with something for everyone. Really neat wooded nature section with pretty side trails. Saw Eastern Grey Squirrels, Tree Swallows, Northern Flickers, Bluejays, possibly a Great Crested Flycatcher, and more. In addition to the nature area, this trail passes a half pipe and bike jump course, basketball courts/baseball diamond, playgrounds, large trees, and more. Really diverse and always something to see. So glad I keep finding these cool places in the middle of urban/neighborhood areas. Nice thing about the mile loop is that you can keep track of your miles manually every time you "pass go". Unfortunately you do not also get $200. Haha! Had a great time.

There are a couple high grade hills on this trail that are good for sprints or intervals. There are High Grade signs so you know it’s coming. You’ll have to do a couple loops to make it worthwhile.

Good, quick hike right outside of San Francisco (South SF). Probably the quickest way up to the top to Mt. Bruno Ridge trail from the very bottom; the first third of the trail is straight up the hill. Probably a difficult rating for the first third, but its over quickly so the overall trail is fairly moderate.

Easy fun trail with great views

Beautiful for slow stroll in a crowd. Not sure it qualifies as a trail any more than mall walking does. What kind of trail is rated by lots of shopping, dining and drinking?

This is a terrible running route and should be called Rolling Hills Horse Poop. The first mile had me fooled because it’s gorgeous with a nice soft trail and lots of shade. At mile 1.5 you realize this route is totally Frankensteined together with some trail, lots of road, private property, and a lot of narrow horse poop littered trail. Literally the entire last half mile is 6” deep horse shit because you’re running along a stable fence line and the people who live there are just dumping horse poop over the fence.

It was a pain in the ass to navigate. If you’re trying to maintain any kind of pace, just run on the roads the whole time. This trail took me 30% longer to run just to figure out where I was supposed to be going.

I commend whoever recorded this for cobbling together a route out of what was available, but these trails are better left for horses than runners.

As mentioned earlier, not a great area. Also, not really a hiking trail, just a paved loop around the lake, which does offer some nice views.

6 days ago

Nice quiet greenway, can be accessed on Hwy 54 near Northwoods Elementary at the intersection of Hwy 54 and Boundary St. or a better access is next to either the Godbold Park Dog Park (paved) or behind the Godbold tennis courts and playground (dirt path off the circle). Goes behind neighborhoods and features a couple of bridges.

Great trail! Paved path along creek. Great water views.

Great trail clean

Great place to walk and talk.

8 days ago

Very nicely done by the city of Sacramento! Maybe a 3+ but too flat and too little to see for anything higher. Did see what looked like a Peregrine Falcon but a Falcon for sure and not a hawk. Two miles of sidewalk through at least 3 city parks and a couple of schools. Clean and well taken care of... No homeless like Modesto and Manteca. Connects up with other trails on both ends...

8 days ago

First hike since moving to Denver so I don't have anything to compare it to (and all with a 3 month old puppy). It was a nice hike with great views and nothing extremely challenging.

awesome and easy

9 days ago

Obviously crowded but Palm Drive is a nice semi quiet section. Great evening walk and seeing campus highlights.

very kid friendly nature walk

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